Go all in with Printful and get shipping discounts

Maximize profit for the busiest shopping season

Get cheaper shipping for the rest of the year

1. Build a plan to reach 25% growth in September
2. Apply and get shipping discounts for September
3. Hit the goal and extend discounts until January

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Four reasons to only work with Printful

Order with discounts

Member-only pricing since August 1

Drive profits with your new Printful member prices, combining Printful’s premium product quality with discounts of up to 33%.

Shipping discounts

Shipping discounts for September

Apply below to automatically get lower shipping costs from $4.69 to $3.99 for shirts and from $8.49 to $7.99 for hoodies.

Product transfer help

Personalized product transfer assistance

Note the number of products you’ll switch to Printful, and our team will help you move your catalog under one roof for free.

T-shirt and hoodie shipping discounts

Shipping discounts for the rest of 2023

Transfer products to Printful and extend the shipping discounts until January, saving an extra $2 on every multi-item shipment.

Explore your new membership pricing

Maximize profit with large and stable savings


The fastest and easiest way to grow your sales

Transfer products and get shipping discounts

Get all products fulfilled with Printful

Move products to Printful

If you have products scattered between different suppliers, the fastest way to achieve an increase in sales is by transferring that volume to Printful.

There are already many reasons to use Printful as your only partner:

  • Giving your customers a premium experience with consistent product quality and branding, as well as top-notch customer support.
  • Making your life easier with everything you need in one place—order statuses, design tools, store statistics, and more.
  • Saving yourself at least $2 on shipping with each multi-item order.

And now there’s an important new reason! By moving products to Printful, you have an opportunity to save on shipping during the biggest selling season of the year.

Other ways to grow

Boost your growth in multiple ways

In addition to focusing on a single supplier, you can also grow by:

  • Reducing product prices or offering discounts
  • Investing in additional marketing and advertising
  • Launching new products or collections

Apply and we’ll do the rest

Moving your products feels time-consuming and complex? Our team can do it for you. Apply below to see if you qualify for free, personalized product transfer assistance.

How it works

Part 1

Fill out an application

Fill out the application below by August 31 to participate. All you need is your name, email, and growth plan!

Part 2

Get discounts in September

Once you apply, we’ll automatically grant you the shirt and hoodie shipping discounts for the entire month.

Part 3

Increase sales by 25%

To extend the discounts further, you need to increase your July sales of Printful products by 25% during September.

Part 4

Extend discounts until January

If you hit the sales goal by the end of September, you’ll keep the shipping discounts until the end of the year.

Applications closed

Thanks for your interest, but applications could only be sent in by September 5, 2023.