How does Printful work?

The A–Z of starting your print-on-demand business with Printful

Part 1
Your online store

Connect your online store with Printful and add your products

Part 2
Anders from Sweden

Anders buys something on your store

Part 3
One of our fulfillment locations

Your order is automatically imported for fulfillment to our in-house or partner facility

Part 4
Your product

The finished product ships to Anders, all under your brand

Creating merch for the first time can be overwhelming, but I really love the Printful model, especially as an independent artist, because we don’t have to buy a bunch of merch, keep it in stock and ship it out when people order.

Laura Rizzotto
Laura Rizzotto

I couldn’t find shirts I was really excited about, so I looked for a print-on-demand supplier, and Printful really stood out. I saw that Printful is doing more and more to move toward a sustainable future, and that’s really important to me.

Vegan Savage
Vegan Savage

I started my online store because I wanted to create shirts for the Pride festival for me and my friends. We were sick of shopping for shirts at huge retailers. I partnered with Printful because I have a day job, and I didn’t have time or space to stock and fulfill all my products. It’s been a great partnership.


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