Your products, packaged your way: print-on-demand with custom packaging

Build an unboxing experience for your customers

Showcase your brand from the first moment your customer sees their order

Add color and character to your packaging for a fun unboxing experience

Stand out from competitors and turn first-time buyers into loyal customers

Stock and use custom packaging for a stand-out brand experience

Gift customers premium packaging and get increased loyalty in return

Choose your perfect packaging

Find the ideal look and materials when outsourcing your packaging—go for understated, eco-friendly mailers or wild, colorful designs

Dazzle your customers with bold branding

Use your brand colors and take the “white” out of white-label

Inspire sharing on social media and repeat orders

Leave a lasting impression with striking, Instagramable packaging

Jam pack your customer’s unboxing experience

Combine custom packaging with packaging inserts and a sweet packing slip message for a fully branded order

Get inspired by these packaging designs

How print-on-demand with custom packaging works

Part 1
Pick your packaging

Order your branded mailers in bulk from a supplier

Part 2
Send us your custom packaging

Submit your packaging for approval in the Warehouse section of your Dashboard and then mail it to us

Part 3
Get orders sent with custom packaging

We’ll pack single-item orders in your branded packaging and ship them to your customers

Start your search for customizable packaging

Check out our top 3 recommendations for branded mailers

Storage and fulfillment pricing

Make your brand memorable with custom packaging

Key things to note


Currently, custom packaging is available for single-item orders. Your branding packaging can be used for all products except drinkware, wall art, structured hats, stationery, jewelry, and keychains, as they have specific packaging to ensure safe delivery to your customers.


To make sure products are packaged in your custom mailers, check that your branded packaging fits all the items you sell. You can stock multiple sizes of packaging. 

If your packaging isn’t the right size for a certain product, is out of stock, or isn’t available at the location where your products are fulfilled, your orders will be sent out in our white-label packaging.


Keep your packaging close to where your customers are based. We offer custom packaging at the following fulfillment centers: 

  • In Europe—Riga, Latvia (both facilities), Barcelona, Spain
  • In the US—Charlotte, NC (both facilities)
  • In Canada—Toronto, Ontario

We don’t offer custom packaging at our partner facilities in Australia or Japan. Learn more about where to send your packaging.

Where you can have your orders fulfilled with custom packaging

Packaging warehousing map

Recommended mailer packaging sizes for Printful products

Delight your customers with special packaging

Create the full package with custom packaging slips and inserts

Think outside and inside the box to highlight your brand


Personalized packaging slips

Upload a design with your logo and write a custom message—we’ll add them to the packing slips and stick them to the outside of your packages for free.


Branded packaging inserts

Surprise your customers with customized pack-ins such as stickers, postcards, or flyers. Just like with custom packaging, you mail us your pack-ins, and we’ll slip them in your orders.

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