Sell products for personalization on Shopify

Enable Printful’s personalization tool and let shoppers customize your designs

Why product personalization?

Product personalizer

A personal touch

Online shoppers are on the hunt for products with a blank space for something exclusively theirs — initials, a motto, a personal image.

Custom products with personalizable designs

A growing trend

Product personalization, an ecommerce trend seen with major retailers and luxury brands alike, is as popular as ever.

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Design personalizer

A better customer experience

It’s an opportunity for your customers to interact with your brand, it increases customer loyalty, and boosts engagement.

Offer product personalization on your Shopify store

With Printful’s custom-built product personalization tool

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Our product personalization tool is currently available for all Printful + Shopify platform users, to give our customers the chance to reap the benefits of product personalization.

How to set up the Printful + Shopify product personalization tool

Watch our video tutorial for step-by-step instructions for creating products your customers can personalize

These are the basic steps:

  1. Before you get started, make sure your Printful + Shopify integration is set up
  2. Enable the personalization tool on your Printful Dashboard
  3. Create a product for personalization — the products available with this tool are DTG products and wall art
  4. Choose the design elements for personalization — texts, images, or both
  5. Push the product to your store
  6. Your customer personalizes your design and buys the product
  7. Printful fulfills the order and delivers it to your customer


Enable the Printful product personalization tool for your Shopify store

It’s a great way to create a new angle for your brand, attract new audiences, and discover highly shareable user-generated content for your site and social media.

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