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to United States is from 3 to 5 April


It takes us 2–7 business days to create your unique products.


Our average shipping time is 5-7 business days depending on the order's destination.

What is dropshipping?

Start your business with no inventory

What is drop shipping

Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell your custom products without having your own inventory. Printful as your partner and dropshipping supplier takes care of order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. You only need to cover the order fulfillment costs when the order comes in.

How to start a business with dropshipping

Part 1
Create a store

Pick your ecommerce platform or marketplace, create your online store, and connect it to Printful

Part 2
Start selling

Add as many products as you like and start making sales

Part 3
Let us do the rest

We'll take care of order fulfillment and shipping while you focus on the fun part of running a business

Dropshipping vs managing your own inventory

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Pros Cons
Lower inventory costs Others are selling the same product
Easy to switch up products Less control over fulfilment
No fulfilment and shipping hassle
No need to worry about maintaining stock
No huge investment needed
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Traditional inventory management

Pros Cons
Less competition Large startup investment
More control over fulfilment Risk of leftover stock
Higher profit margin Requires storage space
Complex fulfilment and shipping process

Start your own dropshipping business in Canada!

Get the most out of Printful dropshipping

Print-on-demand dropshipping

Start without inventory

Sell your custom products without investing in storage space or expensive printing equipment—we've got everything you need to build and grow your dropshipping business

Printful warehouse services

Use warehousing services in Canada

Store and sell Printful and non-Printful products together in our Canadian fulfilment centre for faster shipping in your country.

White label with Printful

Sell products under your brand

Create a unique brand experience—put your brand logo on your merchandise or personalize your customers' unboxing experience

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The Canadian fulfillment center is a game-changer

Our dream could not have come true without Printful, and the new Canadian fulfillment center will be a game-changer for our shop. This is great for our Canadian customers because we can offer them free shipping with even better delivery times than we had in the past.

Yoga yam

Shanti and Anukampa


Printful lets us keep our product lineup fresh

I love Printful’s wide range of high quality products and their responsive customer service. Teaming up with Printful lets us keep our product lineup fresh, and gives us the freedom to grow the business without tying up our money with 2,000 t-shirts in my garage.

Effin birds shop

Aaron Reynolds


Faster fulfillment for Canadian orders

Printful impresses with its platform integrations, diverse portfolio, design tools, product quality, and responsive support. The throw pillows are a hit with customers. The new Toronto-area facility will mean faster fulfillment for Canadian orders, as well as allowing my customers and me to support local jobs. That's a big win!

Tom Ratcliffe

YHM Designs

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