Printful adds custom packaging to its fulfillment services

Printful adds custom packaging to its fulfillment services

Jun 2, 2021

Charlotte, North Carolina—To help ecommerce store owners better showcase their brand, Printful now offers warehousing and fulfillment services for custom packaging in addition to the existing fulfillment and branding features.

So far Printful customers have been able to put their brand logo on merchandise by adding an inside or outside label printed directly onto the product. The company’s other custom branding options include branded pack-ins such as flyers, business cards, stickers, or custom messages on packing slips.

After surveying its customers, the print-on-demand company concluded that almost 60% of Printful customers would be interested in using custom packaging for their orders. Additionally, customers stated that they highly favor personalized packaging over other branding options. So to improve the customer experience, the company has now added an option to stock custom packaging to be used for store orders.

“Printful is a vertically integrated company and by adding a custom packaging service we'll help store owners personalize their customers’ full experience—starting from designing the product itself to adding custom packaging it comes in. Store owners will be able to add more color and character for a unique first impression and unboxing experience. The additional branding will help companies get ahead of their competition and turn first-time buyers into loyal customers,” explains Printful Head of New Product Development & Merchandising Elina Kruze.

In order to customize their packaging, store owners must order the desired packaging from a supplier and send it to Printful fulfillment centers. There the packaging will be stored and used for fulfilling future orders. The company will start by supporting poly mailers and bubble envelopes for single-item shipments. However, Printful is working on adding more custom branding features and improving the ones they currently offer.

About Printful
Printful is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products. The company fulfills and ships custom clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses. In 2020 the company hit a revenue milestone that exceeded $200 million and recently has been valued at over $1 billion making Printful the 1st Latvian Unicorn company. Since its founding in 2013, Printful’s been trusted to deliver over 33M+ items and has scaled to a team of 1,800+ people across eight in-house fulfillment centers around the world.