Printful invests $1 million to open its first fulfillment center in Europe

Printful invests $1 million to open its first fulfillment center in Europe

Jul 30, 2017

In a move to better serve its European customers and to break into a new market, Printful opens its first fulfillment center outside of the US in Riga, Latvia. This makes Printful one of the only print-on-demand dropshipping companies with in-house fulfillment centers both in North America and Europe.

Ecommerce growth in Europe is catching up with the United States. While the growth rate is different for each country, ecommerce revenue in Europe is expected to reach 250 billion euros in 2017 (compared to 131.6 billion in 2013). With its new location, Printful is ready to become an industry leader in Europe just as it is in the US – in dropshipping, software, and ecommerce services.

“Europe is readying for an ecommerce boom, and Printful is on the ground floor,” says the company's CEO Davis Siksnans. “The ultimate goal is to make it easier for our customers to grow their businesses in the European market.”

The new 15,000 sq ft facility is located in a historic manufacturing neighborhood in Riga. Latvia is a natural choice for the dropshipping company – it is the native country of Printful's founders and part of the team is already located there. Additionally, Latvia's geographic location allows for quick shipping to European destinations and its affordable labor market makes it financially easier to establish a business. Another benefit for customers is that orders fulfilled in Europe are exempt from customs duties in EU member states.

Printful has invested over $1 million to open this fulfillment center, and they expect to hire 150 local employees over the course of two years. Printful projects that the Europe location will fulfill 30% of the company's order volume as it continues to grow.