Printful Launches a New Marketplace Keyword Research Tool

Printful Launches a New Marketplace Keyword Research Tool

Apr 23, 2020

Disclaimer: The term ‘Etsy’ and other Etsy graphics are trademarks of Etsy, Inc. This article is not endorsed by Etsy. Etsy did not participate in the development of this tool.

Charlotte, North Carolina – Printful has just launched its new and free SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) software, Keyword Scout, in a public beta. Keyword Scout's main functionality is to help Printful customers optimize their Etsy listings and increase their search visibility and sales on the Etsy marketplace.

One of Printful's priorities is to help its customers succeed in ecommerce. To do this, the company is actively developing new software. Keyword Scout is one of the upcoming built-in tools that will assist Printful's customers with ecommerce marketing, optimization, and other processes. 

Keyword Scout offers SEO tips and keyword suggestions for the Etsy marketplace, and will be updated with more features in the future. With the tool, customers can analyze their listings and learn how to improve their Etsy SEO, like adding more images and product descriptions.

The keyword tool also helps customers find popular Etsy tags related to their niche. These tags can then be used to either optimize existing Etsy listings or find new product ideas.

Keyword Scout

Online marketplaces, including Etsy, are search engines and therefore require users to perform SEO in order to increase their store's visibility and sales. SEO for online marketplaces differs from that of Google, so it usually requires thorough knowledge of ranking factors for each individual marketplace. With Keyword Scout, Printful hopes to help customers better navigate the Etsy SEO process, and for other marketplaces in the future.

“One of our long-term goals is to provide an A–Z ecommerce service that goes beyond order fulfillment. We want to strengthen our position as a tech company and Keyword Scout is taking us a step in that direction,” says Davis Siksnans, CEO at Printful.

Printful currently employs a team of over 60 developers. The print-on-demand company is working on more tools like Keyword Scout to improve its customers' ecommerce journey and overall experience with Printful.

About Printful:
Printful is one of the largest custom on-demand printing and warehousing companies in the world. It has fulfilled over 17+ million items since its launch in 2013. Printful fulfills and ships products like clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses.

Printful currently employs 800+ people across five fulfillment centers in California, North Carolina, Latvia, and Mexico. Printful is the only print-on-demand dropshipper with fulfillment centers in Europe and both US coasts.