Printful launches German version of its website

Printful launches German version of its website

Aug 4, 2020

Charlotte, North Carolina—To better serve German-speaking countries in Europe, print-on-demand dropshipping company Printful now offers its website in German. This will provide a localized experience for Europe's largest economy and Printful's fourth-largest market, Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy. 

More than 95 million people in Europe speak German as a first language. Between 2019 and 2020, the Germany market alone has grown 198% year-over-year for Printful. Launching a German website will help Printful build trust with German-speaking customers. On the new website, customers will be able to reach out to German-speaking customer support representatives. 

Printful offers integrations with online sales platforms and marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and Wix, which also offer their sites in German. Printful customers who use these integrations will now enjoy a completely localized experience. 

Printful also launched its site in French earlier this year and added Spanish and Japanese in 2019. CEO Davis Siksnans stresses that offering customers in popular markets a localized experience is important.

“We’re excited to offer this experience to our German-speaking customers,” Siksnans says. “Despite the challenges of Covid-19, this was an update we prioritized because we anticipated the European market would bounce back faster than anywhere else. Going forward, we hope to continue to add localized experiences for our global customers. We’re always looking ahead and considering which markets to prioritize next.”

About Printful
Printful is one of the largest custom on-demand printing and warehousing companies in the world. It has fulfilled more than 20 million items since its launch in 2013. Printful fulfills and ships products like clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses. 

Printful currently employs 1,000+ people across six locations in California, North Carolina, Latvia, Spain, and Mexico, and partners with fulfillment centers in Australia.