New cut & sew fulfillment center

We’re opening a new cut & sew location in Mexico and lowering our prices

Why Mexico and why now?

We’re catering to customers all over the world and working on opening new locations, with Mexico as our next step forward.

Access to a skilled workforce
The demand for our cut & sew products is growing rapidly, so we had to look for ways to expand. We turned our eyes to Mexico, a country where sewing is a well-established industry with more options to find talented people.
Shorter fulfillment times
The new location helps us increase our production capacity and fulfill incoming orders for cut & sew products faster. Shorter fulfillment times means happier customers who will receive their orders more quickly.
Easier to add new products
The increased production capacity means we can experiment with new products more. The fulfillment center in Mexico helps us add new products to our catalog much faster.
Shipping won’t change
Products made in Mexico ship to customers in the US – every day, we deliver shipments from Tijuana to San Diego and mail them to end addresses from there. Shipping rates and times are the same, and you don’t have to worry about customs.

We’re expanding globally

The new fulfillment center is located in Tijuana, Mexico


What do we fulfill in Mexico?

We'll be gradually adding all-over print products for fulfillment in Mexico. Here’s the big bonus: we’re lowering the prices of these products for stores that route orders to Mexico!

How can I get lower prices?

In your account settings, there’s a new box "Order fulfillment centers"—currently, you’re automatically opted-in to all fulfillment centers.

  • If you leave the "Fulfill my orders at MX fulfillment center" checkbox marked, your orders may be routed to Mexico, and lower prices will apply to you regardless of where the order is fulfilled (US, Europe, or Mexico).
  • If you uncheck the "Fulfill my orders at MX fulfillment center" box, we won’t route any of your orders to Mexico, but the discounted price won’t apply to you.
 mexico cut and sew services

Top-notch quality in all fulfillment centers

We make our leggings with care in all locations – the US, Europe, and Mexico

cut and sew quality example

The same vibrant colors

Durable fabric

Intricate, high-quality prints

Careful, precise stitching

Comfortable fit

Smooth and stretchy

Check out the new location

The new location operates just like our other fulfillment centers – we use the same cutting-edge technology and work with the best materials.

Meet our employees

Get to know our team in Mexico


Production manager


Seamstress lead

We maintain the same, high standards across all of our fulfillment locations! Our team in Mexico enjoys fair wages, comfortable working conditions, and benefits.

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