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Elevate your designs with unlimited color embroidery

Bring your art to life with almost every color you want using innovative embroidery technology

Use unlimited colors for designs and sell premium embroidered products

Launch your embroidery business inventory-free with Printful

Take advantage of fast 2–5 day fulfillment time with competitive shipping rates

Check out this new technique

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We’ve got more colors available now than ever before!

Access thousands of colors and create high-quality embroidery designs with almost no thread color limitations.

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Create designs with diverse and captivating colors

  • Keep designs simple and expand your catalog by offering various color options for each product


  • Create branding and logo designs hassle-free with true-to-life embroidery colors


  • Show off complicated and colorful art with light and shadow effects in embroidery color gradients

Create gradient embroidery designs with almost every color imaginable

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Get started selling products with one-of-a-kind embroidery designs

Part 1

Choose your product

in the Design Maker, pick from the products available with unlimited color embroidery.

Part 2

Pick the embroidery technique

Select the Embroidery option, then choose Unlimited color. Create new designs or upload your existing ones.

Part 3

Order your item or sell it online

Start selling or order an embroidery product for yourself.

Bestsellers available with unlimited color embroidery

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Coloreel—the embroidery industry leader

Coloreel’s Instant Thread Coloring Unit is the first machine of its kind to enter the embroidery industry in almost 30 years.

This new unit dyes a single thread and then passes it to the embroidery machine. The coloring happens without any breaks or needle head switching.

This technique produces top-of-the-line color transition effects while the embroidery backing remains neat and clutter-free.

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Embroidery and sustainability—a match

By coloring the thread during production, we eliminate water consumption. This is due to the instant color application while embroidering, as no water is used to predye threads.

Unlimited color embroidery mainly uses 100% recycled polyester thread from recycled post-consumer PET bottles. Learn more about Coloreel’s sustainability practices.

Disclaimer: For certain design areas with single, solid colors (for example, a large black area), we use the regular threads of standard embroidery instead. This adjustment allows us to create thinner and less stiff embroideries, while maintaining the superior quality Printful is known for.

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How digitization works

All files need to be digitized to a format embroidery machines support. Each embroidery design requires a separate digitized file. This is a one-time fee that costs up to $6.50 per design, depending on the type and placement of the design. 

To get your graphics ready for embroidery, upload your design and our specialists will change it into a format the embroidery machines recognize. 

Afterward, we’ll embroider the design using the Coloreel technology. Make sure to follow our unlimited color embroidery design guidelines to get your desired result.

Take advantage of everything Printful has to offer you

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Free designs and art

Create products using free design elements and learn how to design using Printful’s free video courses

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Custom branding

Represent your brand on product labels and add custom pack-ins to leave a lasting impression

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24/7 customer support

Get answers to your questions from our support team any time

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Complete automation

Don’t worry about monitoring your store—just set it up and have your orders fulfilled and shipped automatically

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No minimums

Save money and avoid leftover product stock—we’ll create each product after we receive the order from your store

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Reliable quality

Impress your customers with embroidered products that they’ll be proud to wear

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