Printful announces its integration with popular ecommerce platform Tictail

Printful announces its integration with popular ecommerce platform Tictail

Aug 25, 2015

The popular ecommerce platform Tictail launches its integration with on-demand print fulfillment company Printful to offer print-on-demand services to Tictail individual online retailers. This news comes promptly after Tictail announces their series B funding.

This step will make on-demand printing available to all of Tictail's users, as it will be the first POD (Print on Demand) integration available on the ecommerce platform. Users will be able to create online garment and print product stores without having physical access to the product, as everything would be fulfilled and dropshipped by Printful.

Update: Tictail has been acquired by Shopify and as of April 2019, is inactive.

This further strengthens the notion of the developing microniche ecommerce economy, giving the people the necessary tools to manage and develop their own online stores with little to no upfront investment. This also allows the people to cater to a specific audience, a departure from the typical mass-marketed apparel industry.

Printful is an on-demand print fulfillment company founded in 2013 by Lauris Liberts, and is one of the many startups in the Draugiem Group. The Draugiem Group is based in Riga, Latvia, however Printful is based in Chatsworth, California. Printful is completely bootstrapped, having received no external investment.