Printful expands its ecommerce offering with Warehousing & Fulfillment service

Printful expands its ecommerce offering with Warehousing & Fulfillment service

Sep 20, 2017

Printful launches its Warehousing & Fulfillment service, where customers can send their inventory to Printful for storage and fulfillment. This is advantageous for online businesses looking for a third party to handle their inventory.  

Printful enables merchants to delegate operational tasks by offering print-on-demand and warehousing services, and solutions to automate order fulfillment, create designs, and publish new products. Printful integrates with some of the most popular ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, a top platform that powers over 500,000 businesses.

Maia Benson, Global Head of Shipping and Fulfillment at Shopify says, “Entrepreneurs and small businesses win when warehousing businesses are built for them and their unique needs – simple on-boarding, simple and predictable pricing, guaranteed service levels and always-on customer service. At Shopify, our partner ecosystem helps solve challenges for our merchants, and this shift is an exciting development that will ultimately benefit our community.” 

Printful Warehousing & Fulfillment launched in beta in May 2017. Since then, over three hundred sellers have applied to test the service. It is now available to all Printful customers, with warehousing options at Printful's facilities in Charlotte, NC, and Riga, Latvia.

“Warehousing and fulfillment is our biggest step toward our goal of offering more varied ecommerce services. Customers can now use Printful regardless of whether they sell print products – it lowers the barrier to entry for a wider range of ecommerce businesses,” adds Printful's CEO, Davis Siksnans.  

Founded in 2013, Printful has grown exponentially every year. It currently has over 300,000 registered users, a team of three hundred people, and over two million t-shirts printed.