Printful’s latest integration gives customers fast access to Inktale, an easy-to-use online marketplace

Printful’s latest integration gives customers fast access to Inktale, an easy-to-use online marketplace

Apr 11, 2017

Printful has just unveiled its integration with Inktale, a new online marketplace that brings together artists looking to sell their work on custom print products, and shoppers in search for one-of-a-kind designs.

Inktale is an online marketplace that stands out from the crowd with its simplicity and attention to the sellers’ needs. Inktale takes care of their clients’ customer support and covers all operation and setup fees with product base prices, giving artists room for creative growth and maximum control over their margins. What’s more, the marketplace offers sellers the opportunity to see who’s buying their designs and reach out to them personally.

Printful has partnered up with Inktale to handle the fulfillment, giving Printful newcomers the chance to start an ecommerce business quickly and easily, while providing more experienced customers another multichannel ecommerce opportunity.

The added bonus is that Printful customers will be working with products and print quality they’re already accustomed to. On Inktale, store owners sell their designs on a hand-picked selection of high-quality Printful products, from apparel to accessories.

A key difference with Printful’s Inktale integration compared to other platforms is the store maintenance. From updating store information to order fulfillment and payment, everything happens on Inktale’s end, meaning that Inktale order information doesn’t appear on a customer’s Printful Dashboard. This minimizes back-and-forth operations between Inktale and Printful, keeping store maintenance as effortless as possible.

Printful offers print-on-demand fulfillment and dropshipping services for online retailers via the Printful API and integrations with top ecommerce platforms. Founded in 2013, the company has grown to a client base of 15,000 active users and a team of more than 300 employees across its two fulfillment centers in California, North Carolina and head office based in Latvia, Europe.

For more information on Printful’s integration with Inktale, please click here.