Now offering screen printing by Printful

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As business grows, we all need to adapt. You've been growing, and receiving bigger amounts of orders. We've noticed the need for printing high volumes of the same kind of design.

We're excited to introduce screen printing as a tool to grow your business.

Why screen printing?

So far all of our printing has been “Direct-to-Garment” (DTG). That let us create one-off t-shirts at a good price for you.

On the other hand, screen printing is a method that lets you quickly and easily print many of the same kind of design, which makes it cheaper than DTG for bigger orders. If you have a need for many of the same design of print, then it's very possible that screen printing will be the more financially effective option for you.

Do you meet the criteria?

Screen printing might be for you if you meet this criteria:

1. You're looking to make a large order of t-shirts at one time.
2. Your t-shirt order all would be the same design
3. The t-shirt design doesn't have many different colors in it (the more colors, the more expensive)


Download our pricing here. This pricing is subject to change.

Take a look at our screen printing guidelines for more info on preparing your order.

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