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Your guide to Printful payments and pricing

Review Printful fees and learn how to price your products to make a profit

What happens when you get an order

When you connect your store to Printful, every time you get an order, two transactions take place

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1. How transactions work on your ecommerce store

Set up your retail price, and customers pay it using your store’s payment provider

Printful price

Take note of the base price, shipping costs, possible taxes, and any extra fees

Your profit margin

We recommend adding a profit margin that’s 30% of the base price

Retail price

Voilà, this is the final retail price!

Things to keep in mind

Consider various factors when setting your product prices

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Shipping price

Charge your customers enough to cover Printful shipping fees, but don’t go overboard—expensive shipping is the number 1 reason for cart abandonment. Consider flat-rate shipping or increase your product prices and offer free shipping instead.

Non-Printful fees

Consider all the extra costs of running a business. These include product listing fees, ecommerce monthly fees, and paid advertising. Sum up these costs, calculate the average cost per product, and add it to your retail price. 

How payments work on your store

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To accept customer transactions, you need to set up a payment service provider on your store. You can set up direct bank transfers, online payment systems like PayPal, credit cards, and more. Choose a payment service provider that your target audience is comfortable using.

Keep in mind that the money customers pay you won’t go directly to Printful. You’ll receive it from your chosen payment provider. Then you’ll have to pay Printful for your orders.

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2. How transactions work on your Printful store

Once an order is placed, we’ll charge you all the Printful-related costs using your selected payment method

What’s included in the Printful order price?

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Base price

The base price includes the cost of the product and standard product customization (one design for the placement of your choice). The price for the same product might vary slightly due to currency exchange rates.

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Shipping price

Shipping costs aren’t included in the product price and depend on various factors: the product amount, where the product is shipped from, and the order destination. To minimize costs, we always choose the fulfillment center nearest to the order destination. See our shipping fees here.

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Other fees

Some product customization has extra costs. For example, fees for large prints or embroidery, additional design placements (like inside and outside product labels), one-time embroidery digitization fees, and fees for using Premium Images in your design.

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The exact tax value applied to your order depends on the product, shipping origin, and shipping destination. If you submit your tax exemption documents, we won’t charge you tax. Find the overview of taxes that Printful charges in our guide.

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The final price might be lower if any discounts apply to you. You get bulk discounts when ordering 25+ units of the same product, free digitization if your order contains 25+ embroidery items, and periodic discounts when we have a sale for specific products.


The total price of products and fulfillment will be consistently lower if you’re a member of Printful Growth or Printful Business. You can purchase a monthly subscription or become a member for free by reaching yearly sales goals.

How payments work on Printful

Choose the best payment method for your business

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Payment methods

First, you need to set up a payment method on Printful under the Billing section of your Dashboard. We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, buy now, pay later programs such as Klarna, and even cryptocurrency. We’ll process your orders once they’ve been paid for.

Printful Wallet

Printful Wallet can help automate your payments and minimize the risk of reaching your credit card’s daily payment and transaction count limits. You can pre-deposit funds to your Printful Wallet and enable auto-recharge when your Wallet’s balance is lower than the fulfillment price for an incoming order.

Supported currencies

Printful supports different currencies like USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, and many more. You can customize your default currency in your Printful Dashboard.

Payment methods accepted by Printful

Choose from a variety of options, but note that payment methods available to you depend on your location and the type of transaction you’re making

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3. How much profit can I make?

Set up a retail price, test possible sales volumes, and see how much you can earn

Why Printful

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Bulk discounts

Get a discount when ordering 25+ product items. You can mix sizes, colors, and designs.

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International currencies

Use the currency your customers prefer, like USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, and many more, without losing money on the exchange.  

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Payment options

Pay safely with major credit, debit, or bank cards, online payment systems like PayPal, Klarna, and even cryptocurrency. You can save your preferred method and automate your payments.

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No order minimums

Avoid minimum order limits. Have your customers’ orders printed and fulfilled as they come in. 


Cut down the time spent working on my store

I really love Printful, it's been useful to cut down the time spent working on my store as I have a full-time job alongside this.




Printful has fulfilled over $100,000 in orders for me

I've been using Printful since 2017 and sold over $100,000 worth of print-on-demand products that they’ve fulfilled. I’m a big fan of them as a company and their support team is very helpful and quick to respond to any inquiries I’ve had.


Printful has been there since day one

My partner and I started Gay Pride Apparel in 2019 as a side business. After a year and a half, we quit our day jobs and decided to focus on our store full time. Printful has been there since day one. They have been our best partner by far.