How Payments Work

Calculate pricing and profits for your ecommerce store

What happens when you get an order

Part 1

Your customer pays you

Someone makes a purchase and pays your set retail price and shipping.

Part 2

You pay Printful

Printful charges you for fulfillment, shipping, and applicable taxes.

Part 3

You make a profit

You set your own retail prices for every product, so you know in advance how much you'll make from each sale.

Pricing strategies

Consider various factors when setting your prices

Design costs

Compensate yourself for the time you or your hired graphic designer spend creating designs for your business.


Make sure you charge your customers enough to cover what Printful charges you for shipping. Consider flat rate shipping or increasing your prices and offering free shipping.

Ecommerce platform fees

Your ecommerce platform will charge you a flat monthly fee or a variable fee. They might also charge additional transaction fees, so keep these costs in mind.

Other fees

When pricing your products, take into account any extra money you spend to run your business including subscriptions to other services, advertising, and even your internet bill.

How do payments work on my ecommerce store?

In order to accept transactions from your customers, you'll need to set up a payment processor on your store. Depending on your platform, you can set up direct bank transfers, online payment systems like PayPal, credit cards, and more. It's a good idea to choose a payment processor that your target audience is comfortable using.


Keep in mind that money from your customers comes from the payment processor you set up on your storefront, never from Printful directly.

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How do payments work with Printful?

We make it easy and give you options to pay for order fulfillment

Payment methods

You'll need to set up a payment method on Printful under the Billing section of your account. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. We'll process your orders once they've been paid for.

Printful wallet

Printful Wallet is Printful's internal payment system. You can pre-deposit funds for your order fulfillment to your Printful wallet by going to Dashboard > Billing > Printful Wallet.

Supported currencies

Printful supports multiple currencies like the USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, and more. Customize your default currency in your Dashboard > Billing > Billing methods.

Calculate your profit

Why Printful?

Monthly discounts

The more you sell, the more you save on fulfillment. You get monthly discounts of up to 9% based on your previous month's sales volumes.

Bulk discounts

You're eligible for a discount if you order at least 25 of the same product. You can mix product sizes, colors, and designs.

International currencies

Your customers can pay in their preferred currency. We accept USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, and more.

Options for payment

Your customers can pay with most major credit, debit, or bank cards as well as online payment systems like PayPal and Sofort.

No order minimums

You never have to order a certain number of products at a time. Because Printful is a print-on-demand supplier, we print and fulfill your customer's orders as they come in. 

No monthly fees

You save money because Printful doesn't charge monthly or startup fees. We only profit when you or your customers make an order from your store.

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