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About Magento

Magento is the king of open-source platforms, with a robust toolset and dedicated user base. Their advanced features make it a perfect choice for growing business and enterprises.

For small and big business alike

Magento offers two options. Magento Open Source is perfect for a small, growing business looking for a free, professional, and flexible solution. Magento Commerce is their paid solution designed for those looking for an enterprise level solution.
Type Ecommerce platform
Setup time Slow
Price Magento Open Source is free + hosting expenses OR Magento Commerce, starting at $20,000/year
Best for Ecommerce experts
Products pushed to store Yes
Displays "out of stock" Yes
Live shipping rates No
Open source Yes

Magento + Printful for your business

    Small businesses

    Grow your print-on-demand drop shipping store

    • Printful + Magento offers an elegant solution for growing your business. Magento Open Source is free, just pay for hosting (check out providers like Siteground).
    • Use Printful's product push generator to seamlessly design and add products to your store. We also provide 24/7 customer support and in-house quality control to give you peace of mind.
    • Magento offers unrivaled out of the box solutions, with powerful tools like SEO optimization and precise analytics. Plus, Magento Open Source is completely customizable.
    • Whether you sell 10 products or 10,000, Printful + Magento is a scalable option designed to serve the needs of ecommerce experts.


    Use Printful + Magento to sell your merchandise stress-free

    • Printful seamlessly integrates with Magento's enterprise plan to provide the ultimate print-on-demand experience for your customers.
    • Printful lets you sell print and embroidery merchandise on your Magento Commerce store.
    • Our catalog includes products ranging from t-shirts, leggings, and swimwear to posters, hats, and beanbags.
    • We fulfill and ship every order on-demand at our in-house facilities in California, North Carolina, Mexico, and Europe.
    • Printful can also provide your customers with white-label customer support, so you can simply set and forget.
    • Interested in selling merchandise on your Magento Commerce store? Contact our sales team to see how Printful can help you.

    How Magento print-on-demand drop shipping works


    Connect Magento to Printful

    Create your store with Magento, then connect your Printful account by adding the Printful module to your store.

    Create your products

    Use our product push generator to add your design to a product and push it to your store.

    Set up billing and shipping

    Set up your billing methods and shipping rates so your customers can pay for their orders.

    Let Printful take care of the rest

    We'll handle printing, shipping, and fulfillment under your brand name, notifying you whenever you get an order.

    A few things to note

    • Printful's integration only works on Magento 2, not Magento 1
    • If you use Magento Open Source, you'll need to find hosting for your store. A popular hosting provider you can use is Siteground

    Why use Printful + Magento

    Open source software
    Magento is open source, so it's completely customizable
    Tons of features
    From Printful's Design Maker to Magento's SEO customizability
    24/7 Customer Service
    Printful is always here to help with 24/7 support whenever you need us
    Magento and Printful can fulfill any number of orders you receive
    Simple, intuitive interfaces make Printful + Magento easy to use
    White Label
    All products are shipped under your brand name

    Products you can drop ship on Magento

    Printed on-demand with custom branding and no order minumums

    Visit our product catalog to see more options

    Start drop shipping print-on-demand products on Magento

    Download the free Printful plugin on Magento today