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Blog / Beginner's handbook / How to Integrate Gumroad with Printful

Beginner's handbook

Integrating Gumroad with Printful to Offer Physical Products

Integrating Gumroad with Printful to Offer Physical Products
Julia Gifford

By Julia Gifford

3 min read

Printful got together with Gumroad and teamed up to offer Gumroad users on-demand dropshipping for physical products, something unheard of previously for the digital-products-only platform.

What sets Gumroad apart from other ecommerce platforms is that it essentially takes away all potentially headachy moments from their users (like setting up a domain, hosting, setting up payments, choosing layouts, etc.). In its stead, you’re given a quite limited option of setting up, but you can be up and running in minutes.

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Selling with Gumroad can happen on 3 different fronts

The great thing about Gumroad is that you’re not limited to a “platform” as we understand the concept. Your sales can happy on multiple different platforms simultaneously.

1) Your “store”, landing page style

By uploading new products, they’ll automatically be visible in your “store”. This is a page that’s hosted by Gumroad, and also has a Gumroad domain. You can see all of your products and they can also be purchased here.

You’ll note that the landing page is slick and elegant, without frills. Gumroad’s main value could certainly be called “simplicity”.

Simple landing page "store"

2) Add the Gumroad “buy” button to any customized website

If you’re builiding your own website and want to be able to sell on it, then Gumroad is an excellent option. It takes out the need to program the shopping cart and check out experience, and you can place the buy button literally anywhere you want.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.36.44 PM

Best of all, clicking the “buy” button won’t take the visitor away from the site, there’ll be a lovely overlay where the sleek design makes the transaction happen right there.

Gumroad makes it easy to add the buy button anywhere you want by providing you with the code that you simply have to place where you want to see the button.

3) Grab the widget and paste it into any blog post

You can take Gumroad’s widgets, and sell your products wherever on the internet. You can copy the code into the website of your choice.

For an even more “no hassle” solution you can take the selling widget and embed it in any website, and even in any blog post. The widget automatically pulls in all the information about the product – the image you’ve chosen, then description, the price, and of course, the buy button. This way, you’ve effectively turned your blog into a sales tool.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.54.27 PM

Forget about the hard parts

Gumroad has gone out of its way to make the experience as fool-proof as possible, so that even the least tech-y creator would be able to run a successful online business. Here are some of the features, how they make it happen:

  • Pre-designed checkout experience
  • Host your files, manage your security
  • Built in messaging function to email your clients
  • Refunds button
  • bi-monthly payout

One of the great things about Gumroad is that for all returns, they take care of the credit card charges.

Pre-sell your product

One of the particularly intriguing options is to pre-sell your product – and your customers are only charged when the product is ready.

Bi-monthly payout

You get paid like a salary – twice a month, on your once set-up payment method (direct deposit or to your Paypal account).

Now integrated with Printful

For the first time Gumroad’s venturing into the world of physical product sales. We’ve partnered up to be their only current on-demand print fulfillment partner. So if you want to take advantage of Gumroad’s super simple selling interface, and use it to sell physical goods like t-shirts, mugs, totes, custom embroidered hats, and more, then you can try out the Printful-Gumroad integration.

Find out more about getting started with Printful and Gumroad.


By Julia Gifford on May 22, 2015

Julia Gifford