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Blog / Ecommerce platform guide / 10 Wix Ecommerce Templates Built to Turn Heads

Ecommerce platform guide

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Blog / Ecommerce platform guide / 10 Wix Ecommerce Templates Built to Turn Heads

Ecommerce platform guide

10 Wix Ecommerce Templates Built to Turn Heads

10 Wix Ecommerce Templates Built to Turn Heads
Giedre Kronberga

By Giedre Kronberga

7 min read

What do the best online stores have in common besides stunning products and friendly prices? They’re beautiful to look at and easy to get around. If you’re set on the first two, but are lacking on the website design front, we have a solution for you. 

Hint: it’s a three-letter word for a tool that most online entrepreneurs use to build remarkable websites without having to hire a developer and a graphic designer.

If you guessed Wix, you’re right!

What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that lets entrepreneurs create a professional website without any technical knowledge. The platform also offers free tools like Wix Logo Maker, Wix SEO Wiz, and Wix Video Maker. It’s basically a business owner’s wonderland.

Wix has more than 500 free, ready-to-use website templates that check all the boxes. They are:

  • Pretty to look at. Their designer-made templates are created in keeping with the latest design trends. Your business will look up-to-date and professional.
  • Easy to navigate. The sophisticated templates come with user-friendly elements that will make it easy for customers to browse your store and place orders.
  • Responsive. All Wix store templates are responsive, which means your website will scale to fit any device your customer is using to browse your store.
  • Fully customizable. Experiment with advanced web design elements like animation, hover boxes, scroll effects, and video backgrounds to create a unique website that represents your brand. 

Want to connect Printful to the Wix online store builder? We have a tutorial for you:

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Each Wix template is designed for a specific business, but they can be tweaked to suit almost any online retail store. Here are the 10 best Wix templates for ecommerce you can customize to make your own. 

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Pro tip: Any Wix website can be turned into a store by adding the Wix Stores app to an existing template and upgrading to the Wix Business Premium Plan. Wix ecommerce pricing ranges from $17 to $35 per month, billed annually.

1. Minimalistic store template

View template

This minimalistic online store template is ideal for clothing brands that believe in simplicity. A clutter-free layout guides the user through the page, putting the product and brand at the center of attention.

Upon entering your store, visitors are greeted by a homepage slider. Use it to showcase your products, promote ongoing sales, or paint a picture of what your brand stands for. Below the fold, there are three blocks that you can use to display popular items or new arrivals.

Each product listing comes with a Quick View feature that lets customers learn about the product without leaving the page. This template also has a built-in blog page.

2. Urban store template

If you’re looking for a website design that’s a real eye-catcher, this one’s for you. 

A split-screen layout divides the window into two vertical parts to guide the user to a specific section of the website. In this case, to Shop Men or Shop Women.

This template embraces Gen Z yellow, named to become “the natural evolution of millennial pink.” The vibrant hue stands for movement and change, and is much-loved by the next generation of creatives.

A couple of other stand-out features include full-width images for easy product showcasing, and an integrated Instagram feed to showcase your posts or UGC (user-generated content).

3. Vibrant store template

View template

This Wix online store template that welcomes visitors with a bright full-width image is a top pick for home accessory or jewelry brands. 

Don’t like the color scheme? Use the drag-and-drop editor to change the cover image, fonts, colors, and more.

The single-page design creates a seamless browsing experience, guiding  the customer through important sections of your store: Shop, About, and Contact. The About section has stylish icons that you can use to share facts about your products, like fabric specs or unique selling points.

The simplicity of the design is enriched with the parallax scrolling effect—a web design trick that makes the background of the web page move slower than the objects in front. This creates a 3D experience as visitors move up and down the page. 

4. Cozy store template

View template

Here’s another example of the split-screen layout used on the top fold of the page. Use it to show off elegant product photos and invite shoppers to browse the store.

The design is framed by a thick border that stays put while scrolling. The static frame holds the display menu and social media icons, allowing visitors to hop on your social accounts at any time.

This template also comes with an integrated Instagram feed at the bottom of the page.

5. Lively store template

View template

An asymmetrical layout, lots of white space, and pastels are the elements that make this template stand out. 

The straightforward homepage design has clickable banners to guide visitors through your product collections. Exploring the product page is smooth sailing as users can sort items by price and color.

At the bottom of the homepage you have a UGC section that works wonders for social proof—customer posts tagged using branded Instagram hashtags. There’s also a newsletter subscription form so visitors can stay in the loop.

6. High-end store template

Here’s a simple yet sophisticated template for brands that would describe themselves with these two words. White space and gliding elements put all of the attention on your products.

To minimize distractions during browsing, this template comes with a hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top left corner of the page that opens website navigation. On the left side of the homepage you’ll find social media icons that don’t leave the visitor’s field of vision as they move down the page.

See that As Seen On icon on the top right corner? Hover over the eye, and it’ll wink at you! Apart from being cute, it directs visitors to your press page you can use for gathering shoutouts and/or public announcements.

7. Refreshing store template

Originally designed for athleisure and activewear brands, this split-screen template with the video header is a great choice for any online apparel store. 

The clean lines and white space make this template easy on the eye. As visitors scroll, they’re introduced with three images that can lead them to the about section, the store, and the blog. 

Further down, users get to see the latest store additions, but feel free to customize this section to bring attention to your best sellers or goodies currently on sale. As your followers move up and down the page, your brand logo and store menu stay permanently displayed at the very top of the window.

8. Chic store template

This template is a blend of must-have business functionality and artistic expression. It’s a great pick for jewelry and apparel designers who sell fashion-forward products and rely on photography to market them. 

As the visitor scrolls, the layout changes from a sharp split-screen to a collage of full-screen images. Below, there’s a stylish Inspiration board in which you can exhibit your best-selling pieces or share photos. Those who click View More are directed to a page with posts from your Instagram feed. Your brand name (Ania Gaudin in the template) is permanently displayed in the center of the homepage.

Product images in the category pages have a hover effect that replaces flat lay product photos with lifestyle snaps, and vice versa. Every webpage comes with a newsletter signup form in the footer.

9. Colorful store template

If above all else you want your online store template to be effortless and elegant, this one could be the right choice!

The headline and call-to-action on the left stay put while the slider images act as a stage for showing off the different angles of your products. Further down the page, visitors get to see your best sellers. There’s also an integrated Instagram feed that displays 6 of your recent posts. 

The header menu of your website has two sections: navigation on the left and social media links on the right. The two are divided by your brand name positioned right where it belongs—in the center!

10. Cheeky store template

If you want your brand to be associated with happy colors and fun designs, you’ve found a template that will help you do just that.

Whether you’re selling clothing, home decor, or jewelry, this template has everything you need to offer a pleasant shopping experience for your customers. Greeted by a full-screen sliding image gallery with lifestyle photos, your customers are bound to continue scrolling.

Next on the page is the New Arrivals section. If visitors like what they see, they can dive into your shop by clicking Shop All. Shoppers can then sort products by collection, price, color, and size.

Create a stunning storefront

Now that Printful integrates with Wix, creating a professional storefront is easier than ever! Pick a template that resonates with your brand, edit it, and start inviting visitors to your store. Remember, the better time they have browsing your collections, the more likely they are to place an order and, eventually, become loyal customers. 

Have you ever wanted to try Wix or is it the first time you’ve heard about this website builder? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!


By Giedre Kronberga on Nov 26, 2019

Giedre Kronberga

During her time as blog manager at Printful, Giedre learned the importance of content localization. Now she uses this knowledge as International Content Marketing Manager to overlook Printful’s communications in all languages but English.

During her time as blog manager at Printful, Giedre learned the importance of content localization. Now she uses this knowledge as International Content Marketing Manager to overlook Printful’s communications in all languages but English.