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RGB vs. CMYK: Guide to Color Spaces

RGB vs. CMYK: Guide to Color Spaces

Imagine a color, any color. It could be bright and vibrant or dark and dull. You’ve probably seen it somewhere, maybe in your favorite movie or on a cool poster hanging in your office. Combine enough colors, and soon you’ve got an impressive design. If you’ve ever wanted to put that design on something and sell it, you’ve probably tinkered with design software like Photoshop. The print file you get out of Photoshop and the image as it appears on your t-shirt might be different, though. Often, the difference has to do with color spaces and why there’s a difference between how colors appear on our screens and how they look in real life. In this post, I’ll go in-depth about one of the trickier color-related topics—RGB vs. CMYK color spaces. I’ll answer some of the most important questions: What are RGB and CMYK color spaces, and when do we use them? RGB vs. CMYK, what’s the difference? What’s the most suitable color mode for printing? Is CMYK better than RGB? Learning about color spaces is important for the success of your business. This article will help you to understand how to create designs the right way so the products come out just as you expected them to. 

Jun 6, 2023


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