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The Story of NAFO: Making Memes, Driving Donations, and Countering Propaganda

The Story of NAFO: Making Memes, Driving Donations, and Countering Propaganda

Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity. It can feel helpless when bad things happen in the world and you wish there was more you could do. Many of us have had this feeling in the wake of Russia's occupation of Ukraine, especially given Printful has offices in Latvia, not far from the war. That's why we were intrigued to interview NAFO, the North Atlantic Fella Organization. They’re dedicated to supporting the defenders of Ukraine, and have found an unconventional way to counter Russia’s efforts by fundraising through merch and memes.   “The mission of NAFO is to support the people of Ukraine. And we do that through fundraising and through countering disinformation that’s published on social media by the Russian government and the Russian government’s agents, meaning people who act on behalf of the Russian government, through whatever interest.” While NAFO’s tactics might appear light-hearted on the surface—they’re represented by doge meme avatars, after all—they do serious work. They’ve empowered regular people on the internet to support Ukraine and counter propaganda. To date, they’ve donated nearly $100,000.00 to organizations and defenders of Ukraine. I spoke to Matthew, a founding member of NAFO, about the work they do and why they chose print-on-demand to help them do it. 

Oct 25, 2023

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