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Blog / Style & trends / 55 Mom Shirt Ideas for the Best Moms in the World

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Blog / Style & trends / 55 Mom Shirt Ideas for the Best Moms in the World

Style & trends

55 Mom Shirt Ideas for the Best Moms in the World

55 Mom Shirt Ideas for the Best Moms in the World
Gabriela Martinez

By Gabriela Martinez

8 min read

Being a mom is a full-time job. And doing it in style while still feeling comfy is not an easy task. Maybe that’s why t-shirts are a staple for so many mothers—and one of the best gifts you can give them. Are you looking for mom shirt ideas to gift (or to sell)? Search no more. We've done it for you already.

More than essential pieces of clothing, t-shirts can be fashion statements, conversation starters, or even expressions of love. It all depends on the design you pick. And when it comes to mom shirts, the more specific the better. Nothing wrong with “I heart mom” tees, but there are definitely more original ways to show your mother how well you know her and how cherished she is.

Need some inspiration? We’re here to help! In this article, you’ll find cute, interesting, and funny mom shirts that’ll make the perfect gift for any mother. Trust me, I’m one of them!

By the end of this post, you’ll be ready to create t-shirts that’ll make your mother proud. 

Funny mom shirt ideas

Let’s start by saying that motherhood can be challenging. But it gets easier with some humor! These funny mom shirts are here to prove it—and to put a smile on your face. It’s the perfect way to start off this list.

Chill mom t-shirts

While teaching kids everything they need to know about life, moms also learn a lot along the way. And as much as every mother wants things to be perfect, sooner or later, most find out that things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes you just have to roll with it!

Here are some shirts for mothers who’ve already learned that lesson.

Wine mom t-shirts

Not everything has to be about milk or juice. As a mom and wine lover myself, these are some of my favorite tee ideas on this list. Cheers!

And if wine isn’t your cup of tea, how about a margarita?

margarita mom shirt

Source: The White Invite

New moms t-shirts

Welcoming a baby into the family changes so many habits, including the basics like showering and sleeping. It’s not easy but somehow we all miss it a little when they get older. In the meantime, use it as inspiration for a sweet t-shirt design. You can even match with baby bodysuits. Simply adorable!

mama and baby shirts

Perfectly imperfect moms

No one’s perfect, not even moms. And that’s totally fine! So what better way to help that incredible mom in your life remember that she’s perfectly imperfect than with a funny t-shirt?

Cute mom shirts

The best mom t-shirt is one that matches their personality and taste. They want to show pride for being a mom, but let’s be honest: they also want to look pretty wearing a cute mom shirt.

You can’t guess every mother’s preferences, but you’ll have a better chance of finding the right style if you explore unique, customized alternatives. Here are a few ideas.

mom shirt idea

Elevate your design with embroidered shirts. Source: Honey and Rose

happy mama shirt

Mix graphics with fun text or quotes. Source: Little Mama Shirt Shop

  cool mom shirt

Stay on trend with tie-dye shirts. Source: Katy Did

Sports mom shirt ideas

Another relatable topic for many moms is sports. The feeling of watching your team play is always a rush, but add some motherly love to the equation and you’ll double the excitement around each match. 

We’re sure every mom would love to have a special tee to show their support. 

Football mom shirts

Are you a football fan? Not more than a player’s proud mom! 

Pro tip: make your custom t-shirt even cooler by printing it on the front and the back.

baseball mom shirt

Source: Etsy

Cheer mom shirts

No one cheers for a cheerleader more than their mom. And yes, sometimes the “hip hip hoorays” can get pretty intense. Why not let everyone know where your loyalties lie with a fun shirt?

Pro tip: a fun font will give your t-shirt an original touch.

Basketball mom shirt ideas

Basketball is definitely one of America’s biggest passions. If you know a basketball mom who loves the sport, a sleek t-shirt would be a real slam dunk.

Pro tip: replacing letters with clipart gives your design a playful vibe.

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Baseball mom shirts

Make every baseball practice an opportunity to show how proud and stylish they are. You go mom!

Pro tip: people love t-shirts with original dictionary descriptions. Why not create yours?

Soccer mom shirts

The iconic soccer mom—often imitated, never duplicated. It’s no wonder that the most popular sport in the world produced this classic moniker. In fact, soccer mom shirt ideas are among the most searched for online.

I particularly love the examples below for two reasons: first, the funny quip, and second, the name printed on the left sleeve—such a cute detail!

Dance mom shirt ideas

Practice, competitions, costumes, hair, and makeup…oh my! A dance mom’s routine isn’t easy to follow. So of course they deserve a special spot on our list. 

And if your kids are part of a dance group, why not make all the moms a personalized t-shirt with the name of each child?

Multi-sport mom shirts

If you know any moms, I’m sure you’ve heard at least one comment about how much energy their kids have. So much so that sometimes one sport isn’t enough. Enter: multi-sport moms.

sports mom shirt idea

Source: Naokah Designs

Girl mom shirt ideas

Being a girl mom is a unique experience that creates a special bond. What better way to reinforce the strength that comes with raising strong, confident women than with a girl power message?

There are plenty of proud girl mothers out there willing to shout to the world how much they love their daughters. Here are just a few girl mom shirt ideas to get you started.

Girl mom t-shirts

Let’s start with the basics. To make your girl mom t-shirt original, go for creative lettering and colorful elements that’ll make your final result shine brighter.

Another trendy idea is to explore embroidery techniques. Check out how delicate embroidery on the chest can create a cool minimalistic look.

girl mom embroidered shirt

Source: @stitchthejoy

Matching mom and daughter t-shirts

This is for sure one of the most popular mom shirt ideas on this list. Not only are matching mom and daughter looks adorable, but they’re the perfect opportunity to increase your sales, especially at certain times of year. 

Raise your store’s profitability by offering kids and youth t-shirts or hoodies and sweatshirts as a special pack.

cool mom and cool kid shirts

Source: Pink Lily

Raising girls shirts

Many moms like to think their daughters are like wildflowers: free, brave, and beautiful. This sweet feeling has the potential to become a bestselling design. Explore illustrations and different clipart, and go all the way with the colors.

For other moms, raising girls can be a t-shirt-worthy adventure. And this inspo is for them.

raising girls mom shirt

Source: @thesaltyseastudio

Girl mom quotes

If you’re a girl mom (or any mom, really!), you may be familiar with this picture: your living room covered with darling toys and handmade doodles, and your little one running around. They probably have a fun hairdo, and are proudly wearing your clothes, shoes, or accessories. How about a t-shirt that explores this feeling with a rhyme?

mom quote shirt

Source: Etsy 

Girl power shirt ideas

Another great idea? Creating empowering messages that’ll inspire girl moms and their daughters, expressing strength and making their voices heard. Here’s some inspo:

Girl gang shirt

Now, for the moms out there that don’t only have one, but multiple daughters to celebrate, a “daughter squad” or a “girl gang” shirt is a cute and playful way to show off your clique. You can create matching shirts for everyone!

girl gang t-shirt

Source: Amazon


Songs about daughters

And here are some less common approaches to the girl mom theme. Think of song lyrics about daughters or even other pop culture references (movies, TV series, or books) with iconic mother-daughter duos.

If you want to celebrate motherhood while creating versatile looks, this is the way to go!

let's go girls shirt

 T-shirt inspired by the lyrics of “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain. Source: Little Mama Shirt Shop

Did you know that Stevie Wonder wrote the song “Isn’t she lovely” to celebrate the birth of his daughter? All this love and appreciation can also inspire a t-shirt. What other songs can you think of?

isn't she lovely mom shirt

Source: TeePublic

Boy mom shirt ideas

And let’s not forget about boy moms! Boys bring a special set of wonders to the table, so let’s give these champion moms some credit—and some cool t-shirt ideas too. 

Boy mom quotes

Boys are often really close with their moms, and appreciate all they do. Let’s celebrate that!

Matching mom and son t-shirts

Yes, boy moms need matching outfits too. And it’s the cutest thing—just look at this custom baby tee for mama’s little boy. Lovely!

mamas boy baby shirt

Source: Little Mama Shirt Shop


It’s a…boy! Again! We all know one of these moms, right? There should definitely be a t-shirt for them.

Mom-to-be shirt ideas

When you’re expecting, most new moms can’t wait to share the news. How can you do it? With an adorable tee. 

And cute mom-to-be t-shirts can make memorable photoshoots. Plus, t-shirts are comfy and dress well—the perfect go-to piece for new moms to show off that pregnancy glow. Check out these ideas.

Funny mom shirts for pregnancy

The arrival of a new family member is a happy time, and what better way to celebrate it than with some humor. There are endless funny pregnancy-related lines you can go for. Here are some examples.

Arrival date

Just like when you see a positive pregnancy test, the birth itself is a transformative moment for any mom. Those who are expecting a child will live life in countdown mode. Offer designs that celebrate this with your baby’s arrival date.

mom to be shirt

Source: Etsy 

Matching pregnancy shirts for the family

It only gets better if the whole family is involved. Consider getting matching shirts that read “mommy-to-be,” “daddy-to-be,” or “big brother” and “big sister.”

Want more t-shirt design ideas? Read next: 50 T-Shirt Design Ideas for Every Occasion   

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Create your perfect Mother’s Day gift

Mom shirts are a fun and fashionable way to celebrate motherhood. Think about offering this product in your store to create a more personal connection with your customers. It’s also a great opportunity to increase your seasonal sales on Mother’s Day. 

But if you’re unsure about adding this type of product to your catalog, print-on-demand is the perfect way to try it out. With this fulfillment method, you can test as many ideas as you like without worrying about having to hold stock on hand. There are also other benefits like:

  • Low upfront cost. No need to invest in expensive equipment or inventory. Create your store online and integrate it with a POD partner like Printful for free.

  • No minimums. Order for yourself or sell in your store and experiment as much as you like.

  • Free to use. You only pay for fulfillment and shipping after an order is placed.

  • Responsible fulfillment. Creating custom products only when customers make a purchase helps avoid leftover stock and product waste.

Design your mom shirt for free with Printful’s handy online tools, connect the product with your store, and start selling today.


By Gabriela Martinez on Apr 1, 2024

Gabriela Martinez

Guest author

Gabriela is a creative copywriter, professional blogger, and passionate content marketer with experience in publicity agencies and international companies. She loves sharing her ideas and new trends to bring inspiration to everyone around her.

Gabriela is a creative copywriter, professional blogger, and passionate content marketer with experience in publicity agencies and international companies. She loves sharing her ideas and new trends to bring inspiration to everyone around her.

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Gabriela Martinez

By Gabriela Martinez

8 min read Apr 1, 2024

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