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Blog / Style & trends / 37 Hoodie Design Ideas to Get You Inspired

Style & trends

37 Hoodie Design Ideas to Get You Inspired

37 Hoodie Design Ideas to Get You Inspired
Sandra Ķempele

By Sandra Ķempele

15 min read

Hoodies are essential wardrobe staples—they’re comfortable, versatile, and can easily become a canvas for your creative ideas. Styled with different textures, patterns, quality fabrics, and bold fonts, hoodies are great for showcasing your personality. 

The best part? It’s never been easier to make your own custom hoodie designs

If you’re looking for creative ways to spice up your wardrobe or searching for the perfect gift, we’ve rounded up 37 hoodie design ideas to get you started.

Hip aesthetic hoodie design ideas

There are many directions you can take when deciding on a hoodie design. What’s a popular choice right now? An effortlessly cool look inspired by minimalist trends and art movements.

1. Keep it minimal

Consider a simple design element you’d like to highlight—a no-frills line drawing or a one-word style. To channel the minimalist look, try going for beige earth tones or black-and-white print. 

This would be a good fit for those into a clean, uncluttered style that shows a love for simplicity and detail. 

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2. Star signs and horoscopes

One way you can personalize a minimalist design is by using star signs as the main design element. For example, you can create a decorative drawing of a zodiac and add quirky or whimsical lettering (like Scorpio) next to it.

Feel like your sign defines you? If you’re interested in astrology and want to rep your zodiac sign, this style was written in the stars for you.

3. Incorporate nostalgia

Vintage-inspired fashion is having its moment. ’70s styles are in right now and throwing it back to the Woodstock-era philosophy of rebellion, freedom, music, and love. If that’s your vibe, this next idea is really far out.

For a vintage look, incorporate retro prints, fonts, and warm colors into your hoodie design. Think of groovy, thick, and curvy retro fonts and vintage road signs—this is a surefire way to add a hint of nostalgia to your design.

retro hoodie
Source: HeyMountains

Also, keep an eye out for iconic designers and artists from past decades for design inspiration. For example, artist and activist Keith Haring rose to fame in the ’80s with artwork filled with energetic, colorful, and boldly outlined figures. His pop-graffiti aesthetic includes lots of cartoon-like characters of crawling babies, dancing men, and barking dogs.

Haring’s art has a timeless feel that’s recognized by brands like Urban Outfitters, which released a product line in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation. Think about incorporating similarly vibrant yet minimalist artwork in your own designs.

4. Get inspo from art

Popular art movements like Impressionism, known for its soft colors and reflective, calm subjects, also offer awesome design inspo for hoodies.  Whether you’re an art buff who wants to wear your favorite painters’ works, or you want to mimic their style, this is an original hoodie design idea that’ll definitely stand out. 

Just make sure that any works you use in your designs are in the public domain and you’re not violating any copyrighted material. Read this blog post to learn more.

When thinking of alternative art-inspired designs, look no further than 1980s New York and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The artist was part of a thriving underground scene of visual arts, graffiti, and hip-hop. Get inspired by his use of comic-like elements which feature short texts, poems, and drawings for a bold, unique design.

5. Geometric patterns

If you like a sophisticated, abstract look, you can’t go wrong with geometric patterns and block colors. It’s easy to create original patterns with a mix of geometric symbols like cubes, hexagons, and circles.

Patterns naturally add visual interest, and geometric shapes are versatile as design elements. Try experimenting with repeated shapes and symmetry to create more complex geometric patterns.

Offbeat hoodie design ideas

If you enjoy hoodies on the daily but are looking to step your game up with some cool hoodie design ideas that showcase your personality, we’ve got you covered.

6. Collages

A graffiti-inspired collage print captures that hip-hop, street-style feel that’s both casual and cool. Plus, it’s great for customization. Check out this playful hoodie design to see how you could overlay cartoon characters, typeface, and custom elements into a statement collage. One-of-a-kind streetwear designs never go out of style!

Graffiti hoodie
Source: Joom

7. Y2K designs

Y2K fashion is having its moment (again), so why not embrace the trend by pairing it with custom character designs? Manga and anime characters have a distinct aesthetic you can draw inspiration from when coming up with your own designs. Plus, the style translates well into modern-day fashion while honoring animation and Japanese pop culture. For anime fans, check out this e-girl goth-punk hoodie.

Anime hoodie
Source: Joom

8. Book quotes

Even if you’re not a big reader, childhood fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland can bring back memories and become a real conversation starter. Just take a look at this hoodie with the book quote “We’re all mad here”—it’s a cute idea that pays homage to a famous story. Plus, hoodie designs with popular literary quotes would also be a cozy literary gem for the book lover in your life.

Book quote hoodie
Source: LittleBDesign

9. Mythical creatures and fantasy

Maybe you’ve got a favorite fantasy series or game, or you grew up as a Greek mythology geek. You can use your outfits to embrace this fantastic world and its curious creatures. And what better garment to get lost in fantasy with than a cozy hoodie?

For your designs, think all things mythology, dark academia, and fantasy characters.

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Funny hoodie design ideas

Imagine you’re having an off day and just want to throw on a pair of joggers and your favorite cozy hoodie. It’s soft and comfortable, but what’d make it even better? A design that makes you laugh.

10. Jokes

If you enjoy sarcasm, you’ll naturally take to puns or witty jokes like this Not a Good Sign hoodie. Opt for a joke that shows off your fun side to lighten the mood at work or make your friends laugh when you’re hanging out. After all, isn’t laughter the best medicine?

Joke hoodie
Source: Etsy

It could also be fun to customize your hoodie with an inside joke or a clever nod to something you enjoy. A good example? This chemistry joke about sodium (for everyone who knows their periodic table elements). As a bonus, it’ll definitely get you talking to people with shared interests or a similar sense of humor. 

chemistry joke hoodie
Source: StagandPeachCo

11. Funny images or memes

Here’s another fun idea: jump on the bandwagon and include popular memes in your designs. If it’s trending online, it’ll definitely be a fan favorite.

We all have our top memes or funny photos that are instant pick-me-ups, so why not use them on a hoodie? Weaving pop culture into fashion is nothing new, and funny memes or slogans are now finding their way into meme fashion. Check out this viral Zoom cat meme hoodie for inspiration.

meme hoodie
Source: TheDreamStory

12. Funny parents

Never underestimate the power of a good design. Check out this Boss Baby zip-up hoodie that truly achieves another level of great parenting. If you’re into pranks and want to have fun with your style, this is the design inspo for you. It’s perfect for parents using a front-facing baby carrier and wanting to draw that extra attention to the little one. Think about how you can have fun with all the ups and downs of child-rearing in your designs.

boss baby hoodie
Source: Funnyism

Hoodie design ideas for school, college, and uni

Hoodies are the perfect comfy leisure look for the school corridors or any university campus. In fact, they’re a wardrobe staple among high schoolers and college students alike. 

At this point, almost every college has its own branded hoodie with a logo and university name printed across the chest. But there are ways to rep your school or the uni experience without using any official emblems. Read on for some custom design ideas that stand out.

Maybe you’re a proud law student and want this loyalty to be part of your personal brand. Or perhaps you know that students everywhere need that extra reminder that late-night studying will all be worth it. Opt for a motivational study-related university hoodie that’ll hit the spot for learners of all ages.

14. Hometown skyline

If you’ve moved away for college, wearing a hoodie could be a cozy reminder of your hometown. Rocking where you’re from with pride pays tribute to your roots, and brings back happy memories whenever you’re feeling homesick. Take a look at this San Francisco skyline example for inspiration. 

hometown hoodie
Source: KozyVibes

15. Hoodies for final-year students

A final-year student might also want a little motivation to keep going, and this “Degree Loading” hoodie could be the perfect gift. Make sure to customize it by adding a subject field and a name like “Amy’s Music Degree Loading.” Students gearing up to graduate in the next year are sure to love it.

16. Hoodies for recent graduates

Congrats are always in order for college grads. If you know a soon-to-be or recent graduate who appreciates humor, try designing the perfect graduation gift: a fun hoodie that announces their accomplishment. Need inspo? Check out this Hotter by One Degree hoodie design. Celebrate their hard work with a graduation gift that’ll make them smile and perhaps even decide to pursue another degree. (Don’t worry, that gives you time to design their next graduation gift!)

degree hoodie
Source: ParTeeDesignCO

Hoodie design ideas for couples

There are many ways to show your love and appreciation, and designing a pair of custom hoodies for both of you will sure make for a nice gift.

17. Matching hoodies

Couples that wear hoodies together, stay together. For a cute couple look that’s begging to say it’s a match, this classic Salt & Pepper combo provides great design inspo. Or do you have a shared passion? Tailor your look to your interests. For example, this Player 1 & Player 2 hoodie design is perfect for couples who love gaming. You can wear it going out to see friends, for game night, or just playing together at home.

couple's hoodie
Source: 4LovebirdsShop

18. Anniversary date

If you’d like a more classic hoodie design that can be customized as a special anniversary gift for your other half, consider embroidering anniversary numerals on a sleeve to mark your special date.

Learn how to create personalized embroidery designs with Printful.

19. Monograms and couples initials

Embroidered monograms also never go out of style. Choose the perfect font and get your initials embroidered on a hoodie to show your love for one another. Dress it up with a cute little love heart or other romantic designs to give it that personal touch.

20. Family crest

Perhaps you’re more into a bold statement design that reps your origins. How about a family crest to recognize your heritage? For some families, the design has been passed down through generations and carries an extensive family history with it. 

Don’t have one? Design your own! This proud display of a family crest and a coat of arms could be exactly the inspo you’re looking for.

family crest hoodie
Source: HouseofCelts

21. Wedding merch

This comes in handy for couples’ fits, bridesmaid swag, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or guest gift bags. The most common wedding hoodies have text-based designs with elements like:

  • “Wifey”

  • “Hubby”

  • “Maid of honor”

  • The couple’s names and initials

  • The couple’s last name

  • Wedding date

You can also reuse the wedding invitation design, add clipart elements, or use customizable templates like the ones below.

Causes and social awareness

Hoodies can be more than just a cozy fashion choice—they can be a canvas for your statement to the world. Think about the causes you want to support and would like to highlight in your designs.

22. Climate activism

This climate activist hoodie raises awareness about the current climate crisis. It calls for immediate action with the text “There is no planet B” and a scruffy image of a world map. Designs like this help draw attention to an important message, especially when you’re involved in the movement or working on projects that promote environmentally-conscious practices.

23. Animal rights

Three simple words in a bold typeface can  convey a strong message for an important cause like animal rights. Think of a phrase or a slogan that sums up your stance on animal advocacy, like go vegan, be cruelty-free, or save the bees. It’ll show where you stand on an issue and may be just the ticket to get people thinking about animal rights. For some minimalist design inspiration, check out this hoodie “For the animals.”

animal rights hoodie
Source: magicalgadabout

24. Disability awareness

Having a statement hoodie can also be a way to celebrate and be proud of who you are. This Autism Mom hoodie raises awareness and aims to normalize families of kids with autism. Other designs could explain something about the wearer that’s not visually recognizable. 

disability awareness hoodie
Source: NewNormTees

For more design ideas, check out the inspirational story of ND Renegade, a family-run clothing brand on a mission to promote neurodiversity.

25. LGBTQ+ and allyship

Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and promote inclusivity with custom hoodie designs that celebrate diversity. Incorporate rainbow colors, pride flags, empowering slogans, or symbols of love and acceptance. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or are an ally, wearing an LGBTQ+-themed hoodie is a way to express your solidarity, and spread love and equality.

Pronouns hoodie


Source: Popwink

Hobbies and occasions

Hoodies are a popular style for casual moments like grocery shopping, hanging out, or doing chores. But they can definitely be more versatile than that. You can design hoodies for whatever you’re up to—be it camping in the woods or relaxing after a surf session at the beach. 

26. Camping

When looking for a good hoodie for a hiking or camping trip, consider a design with earthy tones and an outdoorsy theme like this light green hoodie with a black cabin design.

Camping hoodie
Source: AmericanBearCub

27. The beach

Evenings on the beach can get a bit chilly, so stay warm while watching the sunset with a beach hoodie that shows your love for the sand and sea. If you’re into surfing, beach volleyball, or sailing, a beach-themed hoodie is the perfect extra layer for cooler weather.

28. Sports-inspired designs

Embrace your love for your favorite sport—whether you’re a fan or an active participant. Use your hoodie designs to express support for your favorite teams, and showcase your sporty hobby.

For inspiration, here are some common elements in sports-themed designs:

  • Varsity-style fonts

  • Photos or vector images of athletes in motion

  • Teammate numbers

  • Significant dates like championships

  • Sports equipment like skateboards, sports balls, etc.

  • Team mascots, logos, and chants

  • Motivational quotes and puns

  • Medal, trophy, and pedestal motifs

29. Travel and nomad life

Create a personalized hoodie as loungewear for your next flight or long road trip. Whether jet-setting around the world or embarking on an epic adventure, your travel-inspired design will keep you comfortable and spark conversations with fellow travelers.

Embrace wanderlust with world map illustrations, compass motifs, favorite destinations, and serene nature scenes. From van life enthusiasts to urban explorers, find the perfect design for your nomadic soul.

On the job

Casual Friday at work? Looking for a gift for someone who absolutely loves their job? Read on for some cool hoodie design ideas for work.

30. Designs for particular fields

Wearing a hoodie with a nod to your profession can be a great way to show off what you do. For example, this hoodie design with a medical insignia, heartbeat, and a heart with a name above it makes for the perfect gift for a doctor or nurse. Or, this hoodie with a calculator design is a fun look for anyone working in the field of accounting and finance.

31. Humor

If you can wear a hoodie to work, why not make it more fun and rep your field with an inside joke. Check out this coding design hoodie or a plumber pun like this one saying fixing sinks is draining. These are perfect if you don’t take yourself (or your job) too seriously.

32. Design elements

Try picking a centerpiece element that instantly evokes the most emblematic aspects of your work. For example, this acoustic guitar as the main design on a black hoodie is a great idea for musicians and music lovers.

33. Work definitions

No matter what your job description says, defining what you do in your own words can be a powerful and inspiring act. This teacher (noun) hoodie packs a punch with phrases like “world changer,” “lives to inspire,” and “educational rockstar.” Create your own definition of what you do and design a fun hoodie to show it off.

Holidays and seasonal inspiration

Make the most of the changing seasons and let the upcoming holidays inspire your design ideas.

Holidays are also a time when lots of people are looking for the perfect gift. So if you’re eager to try selling your designs to others, this might be the best time. Below we’ve gathered some seasonal inspiration to get you started.

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34. Halloween

If dressing up for Halloween is not your thing, but you still want to be holiday-appropriate, try watching a scary movie to get your creative juices flowing. Seek inspiration from the on-screen characters that give you nightmares, like this Halloween horror movie killer hoodie design.

halloween hoodie
Source: GraphicTeePoint

Read more: 12 Halloween Shirt Ideas to Creep It Real This Fall

35. Thanksgiving

What’s better than a big, snuggly fall hoodie to curl up in when meeting family and friends for Thanksgiving? Go for large letters and some popular fall colors like this maroon hoodie with a “Happy fall y’all” slogan printed across the chest.

36. Christmas

Cold winter evenings are the perfect time to dig up a holiday-themed hoodie that’ll get you into the Christmas spirit. 

For a trendy look, check out this Christmas text in neon letters, or go for something that brings out the yuletide spirit like this winter hoodie that says “I just want to watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate.”

37. New Year’s Eve

Ring in the New Year with style while still being comfy and warm. Pick a hoodie design with gold or silver tones to match the occasion—like this Happy New Year hoodie in white and gold. It’s the perfect outfit to celebrate a low-key NYE at home or with friends.

Start designing hoodies

Whichever direction you choose, make sure to experiment with different designs, colors, and prints. Seek inspiration from everywhere around you, choose quality fabrics, and be unique with your hoodie design choices.

Learn More:

Don’t forget to let us know which looks you liked the best in the comments!


By Sandra Ķempele on Aug 4, 2023

Sandra Ķempele

Guest author

Sandra is a freelance writer and educator with a background in art and communication. She holds an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies, and in her free time enjoys reading, museum visits, and outdoor adventures.

Sandra is a freelance writer and educator with a background in art and communication. She holds an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies, and in her free time enjoys reading, museum visits, and outdoor adventures.