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Blog / Style & trends / Team-Building Gifts: The Ultimate Catalyst for Office Chemistry

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Blog / Style & trends / Team-Building Gifts: The Ultimate Catalyst for Office Chemistry

Style & trends

Team-Building Gifts: The Ultimate Catalyst for Office Chemistry

Team-Building Gifts: The Ultimate Catalyst for Office Chemistry
Pauls Smiltiņš

By Pauls Smiltiņš

9 min read

A strong team is at the base of any thriving organization, which makes team building a vital part of its success.

Team building quite literally is the glue that holds the team together. 

It plays a pivotal role in developing strong bonds between employees, improving their collaboration and communication skills, which in turn increase productivity and overall spirit. Plus, team-building gifts are a fantastic way to demonstrate gratitude for your employees’ efforts.

Today, we’ll look at team-building gifts your employees will appreciate and use proudly on a daily basis. We’ll cover everything, starting with some classics and working our way down to a few more unusual gift ideas.

MerchShare: team-building gifts made easy

Getting gifts for every single person in the office can be stressful. The traditional approach of ordering merchandise for a bigger group often involves collecting a lot of details, such as sizing and shipping information, followed by a single lump-sum payment. That’s where Printful’s MerchShare comes in, streamlining the process of creating team-building gifts.

You can create custom product templates and design them with Printful’s Design Maker. Then, you can activate the sharing feature and decide whether you or the recipients cover the billing.

Sharing the link with the group is all it takes.

Each team member can select their preferred size and color, place their order in seconds, and have the product shipped directly to their doorstep. MerchShare truly simplifies the creation of team-building gifts.

MerchShare is a versatile solution that can be employed in a wide range of scenarios, making it the ideal choice for fulfilling all of your print-on-demand needs. Whether you’re running an online store, organizing events, or simply looking to customize merchandise for personal use, MerchShare has you covered. 

Need help figuring out how to start? Check out our complete guide on how to use MerchShare.

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16 team-building gifts your employees will appreciate

Source: Unsplash

Team gifts are an excellent way to show care and appreciation. However, finding the right one for your employees can prove to be a daunting task.

To make your choice easier, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that will leave your employees feeling appreciated and satisfied.

Team-building classics

Let’s start with some gift ideas that are considered classics. Although some of these might seem generic and overused, there is a reason why these custom goodies keep appearing in every gift basket.


Who doesn’t love a cozy hoodie?

Personalized clothing has stood the test of time, making it a fantastic gift option for your employees. That being said, it’s easy to overstep the mark and give away custom clothing that nobody wants to wear.

If you decide to go for custom hoodies, make sure the design is subtle enough so that it gets worn more than once. Often, team-building activities revolve around specific themes, which can spark creative hoodie design ideas. Don’t be afraid to embrace it.

Wearing a custom team hoodie offers comfort and instills a sense of unity, fostering camaraderie that resonates beyond the workplace.

When everyone’s rocking the same stylish hoodie, the company swag score goes through the roof.


Custom t-shirts have become a top choice for team-building activities. Similarly to hoodies, custom t-shirts provide a canvas for portraying team spirit, company pride, and unity.

With Printful’s customization options, you can explore endless t-shirt design ideas and create stunning tees that feature your company’s colors and characters, letting the final product reflect your team’s personality. These personalized t-shirts can be suitable for both work and play while reinforcing a sense of togetherness and enhancing teamwork.


Prefer to take team building out on the road in a sunny location?

Sounds lovely until somebody forgets about the sun. That’s where caps come in handy. They will protect your employees and serve as a walking billboard for your company.

Create custom caps with your company logo or a catchy slogan, and you’ll see them worn long after the team-building event is over. Caps and hats play a prominent role in today's fashion, and this is one of the reasons why good company swag matters.


While gifting a notebook isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it’s tried and true, much like that beloved sitcom you can’t help but binge-watch repeatedly.

Although the world has gone digital, you’ll always need a notebook for doodling in those super important meetings. Where else are you going to draw your ninjas and unicorns?

Notebooks serve as an essential office asset. They’re useful for taking notes, leaving reminders, and brainstorming ideas to unpack later. These simple gifts also give you total flexibility when it comes to design. Customize the cover with an office quote or company visuals, and you’ll be surprised how often your employees use them. 

Source: Printful

Team-building gift ideas for outdoor activities

Now that we’ve covered the classics, let’s delve into team-building gift ideas best suited for outdoor activities.

During the daily grind at the office, it’s easy to forget the refreshing power of nature. Offering outdoor-focused gifts can provide your team with a welcome escape from their desks. 


When planning outdoor team-building adventures, windbreakers will undoubtedly make an excellent addition to your team’s wardrobe. They will protect your team from unexpected weather without compromising on style.

Windbreakers are a good choice for various occasions, from brisk hikes to more active team-building challenges. Windbreakers will keep your team looking sharp and ensure your employees stay dry and warm.


If you decide to go for a warm-weather team-building excursion, custom company shorts can be a great choice. They not only provide comfort and freedom of movement but they’re also versatile gifts suitable for sports, beach outings, or other outdoor activities.

While it’s a less common choice for team gifts, personalized shorts can pleasantly surprise your employees. 

Source: Printful

Sports jerseys

Team bonding reaches a whole new level with custom sports jerseys. They will not only make your team look stylish but also increase the competitive aspect of the event.

These personalized jerseys will allow your employees to quite literally wear their team spirit on their sleeves. They’re the perfect fit for sports-themed team-building events, creating a sense of unity and encouraging friendly competition.

Source: Printful

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Fun team-building gifts

Little laughter can go a long way, especially during team-building. Here are 4 team-building gift ideas that will make bonding more fun. 


Amidst all the activities, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated. While water bottles might be the go-to, don’t underestimate the value of the classic tumbler.

They’re just as simple to personalize yet exude a more festive vibe. Feel free to pour in your preferred beverage and relish a refreshing sip while on the move. Customize these tumblers with your company logo, slogans, or even individual names, adding a personal touch to your team’s drinkware.

Read also: Tumbler Design Ideas to Get You Inspired

Whether you stay in the office or go outside, custom tumblers are a statement piece that also serves as a practical and reusable gift.

Fanny packs

You don’t have to follow fashion trends to know that fanny packs are an everyday essential. This makes it an excellent choice for stylish team gifts.

Fanny packs combine nostalgia and practicality. 

Customize them with quirky designs, slogans, or your company logo. Your team will love the convenience of carrying their essentials close, whether during outdoor activities or even just running daily errands. Fanny packs add a touch of humor and retro charm to your company swag.

Bucket hats

Going all in on fashion? Bucket hats are known for their style and fun appeal.

Bucket hats are an excellent choice for team-building gifts. These hats offer sun protection while adding a playful edge to your team’s overall look. They’re easy to customize with unique patterns, colors, and logos that represent your company identity.

Whether planning an outdoor picnic or a casual team outing, bucket hats will not only shield your employees from the sun but also serve as a trendy addition to their wardrobe. 


Vibrant and playful socks can’t get enough attention. They’re cozy, comfy, and most importantly, fun!

You can go absolutely crazy with custom sock designs. Forget the simple shapes that cover just the top of the sock. Go all out on all-over prints, and make your employee’s feet stand out.

You won’t believe how many conversations start because of fun, quirky socks.

Inexpensive team-building gift ideas

When weighing up gift ideas for your employees, sometimes you just want to keep it simple and avoid breaking the bank. 

These cost-effective team-building gift ideas might be just what you need.


Who doesn’t like a coffee break?

Custom mugs are a budget-friendly option for team-building gifts. Though admittedly not the most creative choice, mugs are incredibly versatile.

There’s a reason why every big company provides their employees with custom mugs. They just work!

Printful offers various mug styles, allowing you to personalize them with company logos, motivational quotes, or even individual team member names to add a personal touch.


You can’t talk about mugs and leave out coasters. Although not everyone’s bothered by water stains on their furniture, coasters are an excellent gift for office employees.

Coasters are practical desk items that keep your workspace tidy while adding a touch of elegance to your morning brew.

Water bottles

Looking for a gift that’s environmentally friendly and practical?

Look no further than a reusable water bottle. They encourage your team to stay hydrated while reducing single-use plastic waste. When you add company branding, these bottles create a sense of unity and commitment to a healthier, more eco-conscious workplace.

Plus, hydration is vital for fostering innovation and deep work. With personalized bottles, you’ll enhance your brand image while promoting creativity and a healthy lifestyle.


Although simple, custom stickers are small but impactful gifts that allow your team to showcase their collective spirit.

Custom stickers provide you with endless design possibilities. You can create stickers featuring your company’s logo, office inside jokes, or inspiring quotes.  You can combine stickers with other gifts such as water bottles, notebooks, and even laptops, serving as constant reminders that your employees are a part of the best team.

Just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they’re not meaningful.

Tote bags

Tote bags are practical and eco-friendly gifts that won’t break the bank.

Design stylish totes with your company’s branding or fun team-related graphics. These bags can be used for work, groceries, picnics, and more, constantly reminding you of your team’s shared experiences and goals.

Being so versatile, tote bags are a no-brainer when looking for wallet-friendly gift options.

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Wrap up your gift basket 

In the business world, it’s important to let your employees know you appreciate their hard work. Team-building gifts strengthen friendships between coworkers while also showing admiration for your team’s efforts. 

Printful’s MerchShare makes creating personalized gifts for your team a breeze. From classic apparel to fun and budget-friendly items, there’s a team-building gift for every occasion.

What are you waiting for?

Start building a stronger, more united team today with these fantastic gifts! Your employees will appreciate the gesture, and they’ll have something to remind them of the team they’re a part of.

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By Pauls Smiltiņš on Nov. 23, 2023

Pauls Smiltiņš

Guest author

Pauls is a content writer with a background in the radio. He has a degree in communication sciences, and in his free time, Pauls loves to entertain crowds by playing live music on stage.

Pauls is a content writer with a background in the radio. He has a degree in communication sciences, and in his free time, Pauls loves to entertain crowds by playing live music on stage.