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Blog / Marketing tips / Virtual swag bags—a must-have for any company

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Blog / Marketing tips / Virtual swag bags—a must-have for any company

Marketing tips

Virtual Swag Bags—the Game-Changer in Remote Team Engagement and Brand Promotion

Virtual Swag Bags—the Game-Changer in Remote Team Engagement and Brand Promotion
Jana Magonova

By Jana Magonova

10 min read

In today’s digital landscape, remote teams have become the norm, and finding effective ways to foster team spirit, boost morale, and strengthen brand identity is more crucial than ever. 

Virtual events have revolutionized how remote teams unite, bringing coworkers from different locations under one digital roof. However, ensuring that team members feel connected, appreciated, and aligned with your brand can be a challenge. 

Company swag acts as a natural extension of your brand and creates a sense of belonging among team members, regardless of their physical location. That’s why good company swag matters—it serves as a tangible reminder of the company’s values and mission and creates a shared identity among teammates. 

Let’s explore swag ideas tailored to remote teams, events, customers, and more. From practical desk essentials like branded notebooks and mug coasters to techie gifts like mouse pads and laptop sleeves, you’ll have plenty of ideas for creating the best virtual swag bags. 

What are virtual swag bags?

Virtual swag bags are branded gift bags designed to enhance engagement and create memorable experiences in virtual settings. They can include digital goodies like gift cards, exclusive content, virtual event tickets, branded digital assets, and physical items where merch is shipped directly to recipients, like branded t-shirts, tote bags, and desk essentials. 

Whether through digital or physical gifts, swag bags offer an impactful way to engage, connect, and delight remote teams and virtual event attendees.

Packed with branded swag and personalized items, swag bags go beyond traditional gift bags, reaching a broader audience and strengthening brand identity. 

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What are virtual swag bags good for?

Virtual swag bags serve as a powerful tool for enhancing engagement, strengthening brand presence, and creating a memorable experience. 

Virtual events

Virtual swag bags act as tangible extensions of a brand’s identity, providing a unique opportunity to showcase products, services, and company values at virtual events.

By including branded merchandise, such as apparel, tech gadgets, and eco-friendly products, virtual swag bags allow event organizers to reinforce their brand presence and create a sense of unity among virtual event attendees. 

Additionally, they can include digital event gift bags with exclusive content, downloadables, and virtual event access, further enhancing the overall event experience.

virtual event team merch

Source: Printful

Remote teams

For remote teams, virtual swag bags play a crucial role in uniting the team, creating a sense of belonging, and strengthening brand identity. By sending physical gift bags directly to team members, companies can show appreciation for employees’ hard work. Branded merchandise, such as clothing, bags, and water bottles, can turn team members into proud brand ambassadors. Moreover, virtual swag bags can include practical items like notebooks, mug coasters, and calendars, enhancing productivity and organization. 

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Customer appreciation and loyalty programs

Virtual swag bags are an excellent way to show appreciation to customers and foster loyalty. By sending digital or physical gift bags, companies can express gratitude and reward their customers for their support. 

Personalized gifts, like coffee gift cards, branded merchandise, and digital downloads, create a sense of exclusivity and strengthen the bond between the brand and its customers. Virtual swag bags also serve as a reminder of the brand, keeping it top of mind and encouraging repeat business.

Team building and employee recognition

Swag bags play a vital role in team building and employee recognition efforts. By customizing the contents of the gift bags to suit individual team members’ preferences and interests, companies can demonstrate their commitment to their employees’ well-being and satisfaction. 

Companies like Printful offer brands opportunities to create employee merch stores or share branded swag through one link, so employees can order the merch they really like and want.

Thoughtful gifts, like a branded water bottle, t-shirt, shoes, and tasty treats, create a sense of camaraderie and appreciation, boost team morale, and foster a positive work culture. 

Additionally, virtual swag and goodie bags can be integrated into employee recognition programs, providing a tangible token of appreciation for outstanding performance and achievements.

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Benefits of a virtual swag bag

Virtual event swag bags strengthen brand identity, foster engagement, create lasting connections, and offer numerous other benefits.

Boosts engagement

Digital gift bags can boost engagement in various ways. Companies can create excitement and anticipation by providing participants with personalized and curated digital or physical gifts. 

Free goodies can motivate people to actively participate in virtual or physical events and spark conversations, fostering a deeper connection between the audience and the brand.

Shows appreciation

A virtual goodie bag offers an excellent opportunity for recognition and appreciation. By tailoring the contents of the digital gift bag to individual preferences and interests, companies can show their gratitude to customers, employees, or event attendees. 

Recognizing their support and contribution through personalized gifts demonstrates that the brand values and cares about its audience, strengthening the relationship and building loyalty.

Showcases brand values 

A swag bag naturally extends a brand’s values and identity. For example, companies can showcase their commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness by including eco-friendly products. 

Branded merchandise like t-shirts, water bottles, or tote bags adorned with the company logo reinforces brand recognition. It helps spread brand awareness, aligning the audience with the brand’s core values.

Grows connections

Event swag bags can facilitate networking opportunities in virtual and hybrid events. By including contact information or networking tools within the gift bag, participants can easily connect with other conference attendees, fostering professional relationships and collaborations. 

Branded items can also serve as conversation starters, helping to break the ice and create meaningful connections.

Improves motivation

Digital goodie bags can serve as a motivational tool for remote teams. Companies can boost team morale, motivation, and productivity by recognizing their achievements and milestones with customized gifts. 

These rewards act as symbols of appreciation, inspiring team members to continue delivering excellent performance and reinforcing a positive work culture.

Creates exclusivity

By offering exclusive content, discounts, or access to limited resources within digital swag bags for virtual events, companies provide a sense of exclusivity and make participants feel valued.

This exclusivity enhances the perceived value of the virtual event bags and strengthens the bond between the brand and its audience.

Provides memorable experiences

Virtual event bags create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on the audience. By incorporating carefully curated and high-quality gifts, companies create a sense of excitement and anticipation, making the event or interaction more memorable. 

These positive experiences contribute to brand recall and increase the likelihood of future engagement or business opportunities.

team event swag

Source: Printful


Virtual swag bag ideas

When it comes to creating a virtual swag bag, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking to impress your virtual event attendees, engage remote teams, or delight customers, including a diverse range of these swag ideas can take your gift bag to the next level. Here are some exciting ideas to spark your imagination.

Techie gifts

Embrace the digital world with practical and stylish techie gifts. Consider including items like branded mouse pads, laptop bags, earphone cases, USB flash drives, or wireless charging pads. These tech-savvy goodies are practical items used daily, so they’ll serve as constant reminders of your brand.

Eco-friendly swag

Show your commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness by including eco-friendly items in your digital swag bags. Consider reusable water bottles and shopping bags, bamboo utensils, or seed bombs for a touch of greenery. These eco-conscious gifts not only promote environmental values but also resonate with customers who prioritize sustainability.

Desk essentials

Help your remote team members create a productive and comfortable workspace by including desk essentials in their virtual swag bags. Think branded notebooks, calendars, stylish pens, desk organizers, or wireless Bluetooth speakers for a touch of music during work breaks. These practical items can elevate the work environment and reinforce your brand presence in their day-to-day activities.

Clothing and accessories

Make a fashion statement and promote brand loyalty with clothing and accessories. Consider branded t-shirts, hoodies, caps, or sunglasses that reflect your brand’s style. You can also explore custom-designed socks,  shoes, or backpacks for a unique touch. Wearable swag gives your audience a sense of belonging and turns them into walking brand ambassadors.

Personal care and wellness

Encourage self-care and well-being by including personal care items in your merch bags. Consider branded hand and body lotions, hand sanitizers, lip balms, stress balls, or essential oil diffusers for a touch of relaxation. You can also include fitness bands, resistance bands, or yoga mats to inspire healthy habits among your recipients.

custom company towel

Source: DelicateHome on Etsy

Fun and games

Inject some fun into virtual and hybrid events or engage remote teams with entertaining swag items. Consider customized puzzles, playing cards, mini tabletop games, or virtual game codes. These interactive goodies provide entertainment and create memorable experiences.

Food and drinks 

Treat your virtual event bag recipients to tasty treats and refreshing beverages. Include gourmet snacks, artisanal chocolates, a coffee gift card, or a food delivery coupon. You can even explore virtual cooking classes or wine-tasting experiences to add a culinary twist to your virtual event bags.

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Downsides of virtual swag bags

While virtual swag bags offer numerous benefits, it’s important to consider potential downsides. 

Lack of physical interaction and experience

One virtual swag bag’s drawback is the lack of physical interaction and tactile experience that physical swag bags provide. Not physically receiving and unwrapping items can diminish the recipient’s sensory appeal and excitement.

Additionally, virtual swag bags often rely on digital content, which may not resonate with all recipients, especially those who prefer tangible items. That can result in a decreased perceived value of the virtual swag bag and potentially limit its impact on engagement and brand recall. 

Limited accessibility

It can also be challenging to ensure your virtual swag bag is accessible to all recipients. Technical issues, internet connectivity problems, or compatibility issues may hinder the seamless distribution of digital gifts, leading to a less-than-optimal experience for some recipients. 

Shortened longevity

Furthermore, virtual swag bags may not last as long as physical items. While physical goods can serve as ongoing reminders of the brand, digital content can be easily forgotten or deleted over time. That can limit digital swag bags’ long-term impact and effectiveness in reinforcing brand presence and maintaining customer loyalty.

gift cards for swag bag

Source: Wealth of Geeks

High costs

Virtual merch bags containing physical items will have higher costs, like creating branded merch. Shipping branded merch to remote locations must also be considered, as it can add significant expenses to the overall swag bag budget. Moreover, the cost of creating and delivering digital content, such as exclusive downloads or virtual experiences, can also be costly.


While virtual swag containing only digital assets can be easily downloaded by recipients, physical merch bags must be sent out. That means someone has to gather all data (names, addresses, merch sizes) and then organize merch and delivery. The process can be pretty time-consuming.

A solution for creating virtual swag bags

Crafting effective merch bags can be difficult, but with proper planning and strategic implementation, it’s possible to overcome some of the challenges and maximize gift bag benefits. 

One such solution is MerchShare by Printful. It simplifies the process of creating group orders through one link. MerchShare lets employees, partners, customers, or event attendees order the branded item for themselves, and Printful will fulfill and ship the swag directly to recipients.

Embrace virtual swag bags

In the ever-evolving world of remote work and virtual events, virtual swag bags have emerged as a game-changing solution. With their ability to enhance engagement, strengthen brand presence, and create memorable experiences, virtual swag bags are a must-have for any forward-thinking company.

By leveraging the power of digital and physical gifts, virtual swag bags offer a versatile and impactful way to connect with remote teams, engage event participants, and show appreciation to customers.

While there may be downsides, like potential technical challenges and high costs, they can be overcome with careful planning and a balance between digital and physical elements. 

Embrace the power of virtual swag bags and unlock a world of endless possibilities—when it comes to creating branded digital swag bags, the world is your oyster!

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By Jana Magonova on Jun 29, 2023

Jana Magonova

Senior Content Writer

Jana is a Senior Content Writer at Printful with a background in creative writing and content marketing. She draws inspiration from all things creative and has a deep love for all things written, be it a book, a script, a quote, or a joke.

Jana is a Senior Content Writer at Printful with a background in creative writing and content marketing. She draws inspiration from all things creative and has a deep love for all things written, be it a book, a script, a quote, or a joke.