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Blog / Beginner's handbook / 32 Best Things to Sell on Etsy in 2024

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Blog / Beginner's handbook / 32 Best Things to Sell on Etsy in 2024

Beginner's handbook

32 Best Things to Sell on Etsy in 2024

32 Best Things to Sell on Etsy in 2024
Sandra Ķempele

By Sandra Ķempele

18 min read

If you’re just starting your online business and wondering what to sell on Etsy—you’ve come to the right place. 

Etsy is a global marketplace known for items that customers may not find anywhere else, like handmade goods, jewelry, vintage items, and personalized gifts. If you’d like to sell custom products, you can sell a wide range of items on Etsy.

A good starting point is partnering with a print-on-demand service to produce items with your designs. As long as your designs are one of a kind, you can sell anything from home decor to eco-friendly items and apparel like custom hoodies.

If you’re eager to explore specific products right away, feel free to skip ahead. Otherwise, let’s dive into some burning questions that can help you decide what to focus on and how to structure your shop for success.

What is the best-selling item on Etsy?

Best-selling items on Etsy typically include personalized gifts, handmade jewelry, and unique home decor pieces. These categories consistently attract buyers looking for one-of-a-kind items not available in traditional retail stores.

What can I not sell on Etsy?

Etsy prohibits the sale of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, live animals, certain animal products, hazardous materials, hate items, illegal items, and pornography. Additionally, reselling wholesale items isn’t allowed under Etsy’s handmade policy.

Trending items on Etsy include eco-friendly and sustainable products, personalized home decor, and vintage clothing. There’s also a growing interest in digital wellness tools, such as printable mindfulness exercises and planners, reflecting a broader cultural focus on health and well-being.

Excited to learn about the best things to sell on Etsy? Let’s dive in! 

Customized clothing

Etsy is well-known for shops selling handmade items like craft supplies and wedding invitations. But in recent years, the Etsy marketplace has seen a rise in demand for customized clothing, like t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. 

1. T-shirts 

T-shirts are a go-to item in most people’s wardrobes, so it’s no surprise there’s an interest in original designs to stand out. With so many t-shirt styles, colors, and sizes available, you can easily offer various options to suit different customers’ needs. 

Custom t-shirts have become increasingly popular as branding tools for businesses and sports teams. But for individual shoppers, t-shirts with pop culture references and social causes are among the best-selling items

Need some inspiration to start designing? Check out our blog post with 50 t-shirt design ideas.

a person holding a shirt with a picture of the earth on it

Source: MonsensSchmonsens

2. Hoodies

When it comes to clothing, custom hoodies are among the most popular print-on-demand items in 2023, making it a lucrative market to tap into. You can offer different styles, like pullovers or zip-ups, to appeal to a broader range of customers.

Hoodies are excellent for casual loungewear, playing sports, or working. Regarding trends, a grunge-inspired look is taking hold this year with Etsy shoppers searching for Y2K hoodies. Eager to capitalize on this trend? Embrace the grunge aesthetic and the nostalgia of the 2000s for your hoodie designs. 

If you’re looking for the best things to sell on Etsy, it’s a good idea to start making custom hoodie designs

Read more: 32 Hoodie Design Ideas to Get You Inspired

3. Leggings

Sportswear, including sports jerseys, hoodies, and printed leggings, is another top-selling category for customized clothing. 

If you want to sell on Etsy, you can start by offering a leggings-only collection or design matching sportswear sets. Whether for yoga, gym, or lounging at home, you can create a custom pair of leggings for every occasion. 

Activewear is a growing market, so consider selling other sports items when building a niche store for custom sportswear. Besides leggings, try designing biker shorts, tracksuit trousers,  windbreaker jackets, and other items. 

4. Hats and caps

The demand for original and personalized hats will grow even more in 2024. So, what kind of hats should you sell? It depends on your style and target audience, but some popular options are embroidered hats, knit beanies, and bucket hats. 

Customers on Etsy love hats with embroidered details and a personal touch, so get creative with your design elements. Other Etsy sellers often add personalization options, like embroidered initials or custom names.

5. Socks

Socks are an indispensable component of any wardrobe, which makes them a top-rated product to sell. With their cost-effective production, socks are easily accessible to a broad range of people, reducing costs for you and your customers.

Etsy buyers always look for original items, and a bold pair of socks is a terrific way to show off their personality and interests. For example, these music-themed socks are ideal for music lovers who enjoy retro vibes.

There are plenty of design options, but one way to keep your Etsy listings fresh is to release new products for fall/winter and spring/summer collections. Think orange, brown, and earthy tones for fall and festive socks for the winter holiday season. 

6. Baby clothing

With baby clothes, you can always count on a steady demand for new items. What’s an especially popular item? Baby onesies! They’re the equivalent of t-shirts for adults, but the difference for you as a seller lies in your design choices and target audience. 

To start designing, brainstorm ideas that suit kids, such as animals, ABCs, and colorful patterns. Equally, consider the parents shopping for baby clothing, and include funny puns they might enjoy, like this ’90s music onesie, “Ice Ice Baby.”


Accessories offer a fun way to try a new trend or elevate a casual look. Plus, for Etsy shop owners, it’s an opportunity to sell lightweight items that are easy to ship. Bags, hair ties, and tech accessories are some of Etsy’s best-selling items. 

7. Totes

Totes have been consistently popular over the years and have seen an increase in sales in the past year.

Tote bags are eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to clean. You can appeal to both fashion and eco-conscious consumers by offering authentic designs. With so many people using tote bags for everything from grocery shopping to going to the beach, you’re sure to find a market for them. 

a hand holding a white bag with drawings of sharks and text

Source: BronikowskiArt 

8. Bags

The vast range of bag styles and designs means you can offer customers various options, from fanny packs and clutches to backpacks and shoulder bags. Offering a collection of items that fit well together helps attract repeat customers who enjoy your style. 

What’s trendy right now? Crossbody bags! They’re seeing a 61% year-on-year increase in searches, based on this Etsy marketplace insights report. The trend connects to the ’90s nostalgia fad that’s currently in high demand for accessories, like bags, jewelry, and hair pieces.

Both crossbody bags and backpacks see a rise in demand when the back-to-school season hits, so plan ahead which items to sell and when’s the best time for a new product release.

9. Scrunchies

The hair accessories and scrunchies market has been expanding in recent years, so it’s another fantastic item to sell if the ‘90s trends inspire your Etsy shop.

Scrunchies—elastic hair ties covered with fabric—are trendy hair accessories for styling long and medium hair. They typically come in one size, but you can expand your product range by selling smaller scrunchies for kids and bow scrunchies for festive occasions.

10. Bandanas 

A headband, armband, necktie, bag accessory, or even a scarf for your pet—that’s how versatile a bandana can be! A bandana will be a great choice if you sell accessories but would like to broaden your customer base.

Bandanas featuring paisley patterns, stripes, or floral designs are in high demand. Bandanas are excellent for customization, especially when it comes to pet accessories. This Etsy seller offers personalized embroidered bandanas that double as name tags for cats and dogs. 

11. Embroidered patches

Embroidery is a booming business on Etsy, and the demand for embroidered patches has been consistently high for years. They’re used in many ways, from adding a pop of color to a jacket to customizing a plain-looking backpack. This versatility means that there’s a broad range of potential customers.

Many Etsy sellers are known for selling patches with niche jokes or funny sayings, animals, and floral designs. Note that they all have different audiences. Spring flowers like daisies and magnolias are fantastic for jazzing up a denim jacket. On the other hand, animal designs are cute additions to kids’ jackets and excellent pgifts for pet owners.

12. Phone cases

Did you know that the average American checks their phone 344 times a day? Naturally, our phones are always somewhere in sight, and so are the phone cases. Why choose a plain and boring phone case when you can have one that’s quirky and cool? 

People love expressing themselves through phone cases, whether with a bold, colorful design or by adding customized text. With so many different phone models available, there’s a large market for custom phone cases

Customers might get multiple phone cases to keep this must-have accessory fresh. So, start with a sample offer, identify your best-selling items, and design a collection around them.

etsy custom phone case

Source: thecatchingrainbows


13. AirPods cases

If you’re looking for a trendy product to sell on Etsy, custom-designed AirPods cases should be at the top of your list. AirPods have taken the tech world by storm and have become a status symbol for many people, making custom cases a highly sought-after product. 

Another advantage? Earphone cases are small and lightweight, making them easy to ship and store. With designs ranging from animal prints to retro-inspired patterns, this is an excellent product to sell if you enjoy designing patterns and want to showcase your creativity.

14. Laptop sleeves

As flexible workplace arrangements become more popular, people are increasingly on the go with their laptops. Consequently, there has been a growing demand for laptop sleeves and custom cases that offer protection against scratches and add a touch of style.

There are generally two design directions for laptop sleeves, either monochrome (black, gray, white cases) or more detailed, elaborate prints. When selling on Etsy, the latter takes the cake.  For design inspiration, check out these Etsy sellers offering gold and navy colors for an artsy look or adding a touch of greenery with botanical illustrations.

Home & living

Spending more time at home has shaped customer shopping habits, and many are looking to refresh their home decor, drinkware, and home office setup. If you’re curious about what to sell on Etsy, look at these best-selling items that help make your house a home.

15. Mugs

Coffee and tea lovers are big fans of mugs and often swear by having an extensive mug collection. So why not start selling mugs with designs that celebrate the hot drink morning ritual? Check out this stylized coffee mug with funky colors and a game-like design that boasts +3 points for energy and +1 point for health and speed! 

To dig deeper, think of how most people use mugs. For example, they often bring mugs to the office, so try selling job-specific designs like this computer programmer mug

Read more: 37 Mug Design Ideas to Sell and Gift

16. Coasters

If you’re selling mugs, consider adding coasters to your product offer. Your customers might be browsing for drinkware and decide to get a matching coaster! 

Coasters protect tables and bar surfaces from water rings and prevent any scratches from moving the drinks around. You can ensure a beloved coffee table is protected in style with your original designs. 

For design inspo, look at this Etsy seller offering David Bowie inspired cat designs on a matching mug and coaster set. Other sellers typically list coasters in sets of four or eight to a pack, but that depends on your product offer. 

custom mug and coaster

Source: PopArtUKShop


17. Water bottles

If you’re looking for popular eco-friendly items to sell on Etsy, water bottles with custom designs are an excellent option. Not only are they useful for staying hydrated on the go, but they’re also chic accessories.

And there are plenty of design options—from quirky and fun to elegant and sophisticated. You could add names on the water bottles to personalize them or design a clever hydration tracker.

With more people looking for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, reusable water bottles are in high demand. So, if you want to sell something functional and fashionable, custom water bottles might be the perfect addition to your Etsy store.

18. Wine tumblers

Etsy has a large, engaged audience interested in unique wedding accessories and bridal party items, making it a suitable platform for selling custom wine tumblers.

Personalized items can add a touch of style and fun to social events like bachelorette parties and weddings. Plus, they’re a practical way to keep drinks at the right temperature and avoid spills.

Custom wine tumblers also make excellent personalized gifts for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions. People love having something just for them, and custom wine tumblers fit the bill perfectly.

Source: CupCheers

19. Stickers

Custom stickers can be super versatile and appeal to a broad range of people, making them a popular product to sell on Etsy. They’re a fun way to show off personality and add flair to cherished personal items like water bottles, laptops, and even bikes! 

Etsy shop owners also pay attention to bullet journal and planner trends, which have become increasingly popular. As a result, stickers have become a top choice to personalize notebooks and organize to-do lists.

Stickers are cheap and easy to make. There's no need to worry about heavy packaging or high shipping fees. With all these perks, it’s no wonder stickers are among the trending products on Etsy.

Read more:

stickers on a bike

20. Notebooks

From gorgeous bullet journals to school notebooks, providing people with a space for their thoughts and ideas is a booming business on Etsy. 

You can start selling custom notebooks on Etsy by designing original covers. One way to do so is by turning your handmade drawings or digital illustrations into printed covers, like this Etsy seller illustrating notebook covers with unique drawings.   

With shoppers increasingly looking for customization options, it’s also a good idea to offer personalized additions, like the owner’s name or the purpose for your notes. Think about notebooks for traveling, studies, or a personal diary.

custom notebook design on etsy

Source: MoonDrawDesign

21. Postcards

Postcard sales depend on the season. So, one way to approach selling postcards is to lean into holiday trends and sell postcards for occasions like winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. 

People tend to send postcards when traveling abroad, so selling travel-themed postcards is a safe bet. Plus, travel postcards are often featured in photos, allowing your shop to get some exposure on social media.

For design inspo, explore current trends to see what’s popular. For example, now you can find many postcards with pets, photography, and original artwork. Once you’ve landed on a theme, pick a niche and go for designs that are funny, cute, retro, or perhaps something unexpected!

22. Art prints

Many people look for beautiful pieces to decorate their homes or office spaces on Etsy.

For artists, it’s never been easier to start selling prints with original artwork using a print-on-demand provider. Printful also offers giclée printing—high-quality digital reproductions suitable for art prints, so you can easily turn your designs into prints and start selling on Etsy.

art print on etsy

Source: AndMash

23. Canvas

If you’re a photographer, using canvas to display your work is an excellent product fit. Canvas wall art is a bold interior choice perfect for a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Landscape photography and personalized portrait canvas are among the bestselling items on Etsy. Plus, there are plenty of niche markets to explore, from abstract wall art and pop art to vintage photography.  

canvas print on etsy

Source: WallArtCanvasArt

24. Print flags

Perhaps you’re already selling well-loved home decor items like canvas prints and posters, but maybe you want to spice things up? Flags with custom prints are gaining popularity as modern tapestry pieces, especially to decorate kids’ spaces.

All-over print flags work well as the main decor centerpiece or a subtle way of tying up the whole living space. Experiment with abstract, geometric shapes and inspirational sayings for minimalistic designs.

25. Throw blankets

Throw blankets are a cozy addition to any home decor, making them desirable products on Etsy. 

Regardless of your preferred style, a wide range of design options are available to match customer taste, whether they prefer rustic, boho, or modern decor. Throw blankets are also popular as gifts for weddings, birthdays, and the holiday season. 

Another plus? The variety of fabrics and designs available for throw blankets means you can cater to a broad audience. You can sell anything from bold, boho-style blankets to elegant cotton ones, making it easy to tailor your product line to the specific tastes of your customers.

a pink and green blanket on a couch

Source: GrafikaPrintCo

26. Candles

If you’re in the home decor market, you know that Etsy shoppers appreciate cozy items that double as chic interior pieces. But not all customers are ready to make big purchases. That’s where candles come in! 

Candles are practical and help create a relaxed home environment. But, with customized print labels, candles can become cute additions to home decor or personal gifts for loved ones.

Here are a few ideas for cute candle prints:

27. Holiday decor

If you plan to sell seasonal items on your Etsy store, then holiday decorations are a good choice for your online store. It’s a chance to tap into a seasonal market, showcase your creativity, and offer customers long-lasting, trendy, and festive decor options.

Custom wooden ornaments are a top choice for creating a warm, rustic, and cozy feel in any home during the festive season. From snowflakes and reindeer to a classic “Happy Holidays,” you can choose from plenty of options to build a holiday collection.

Wood is a durable material, so the ornaments can be used year after year, making them an excellent investment for customers. They are lightweight, so the shipping costs can be kept low, making them more appealing to buyers.

printful christmas ornament

Source: Printful

Crafts and vintage goods

28. Vintage clothing

Selling vintage clothing on Etsy taps into the sustainable fashion trend, appealing to buyers looking for unique, quality pieces with a rich history. 

Ideal items include retro dresses, classic outerwear, vintage t-shirts, and designer pieces from iconic brands. Source your inventory from thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets to find items worth selling at low costs. When listing vintage items, ensure your descriptions are detailed, noting the era, condition, and unique features. 

  a woman in a dress

Source: EvaVintageShop

Selling vintage clothing on Etsy allows you to tap into a niche market passionate about fashion and sustainability. With the right strategy, you can turn your love for vintage into a profitable business that also contributes to reducing the fashion industry’s environmental impact. 

29. Downloadables

Etsy is a popular platform for selling digital products, offering sellers the chance to earn passive income from downloadable items. Popular choices include digital art prints, printable planners, crafting patterns, and custom-designed invitations. These products give customers instant access and eliminate the need for physical inventory and shipping.

Digital products on Etsy provide a scalable, low-maintenance business model. By focusing on quality, clarity in your listings, and customer needs, you can create a successful storefront that requires minimal ongoing management while offering significant growth potential.

a screenshot of a calendar

Source: CreativeDreamersCo

 30. Craft supplies 

Etsy is a thriving marketplace for craft enthusiasts, making it an ideal platform to sell craft supplies. These products cater to a wide audience, from amateur crafters to professional artists, fueling their passion for creating handmade items. Popular craft supplies on Etsy include specialty yarns, original beads, custom fabric prints, scrapbooking materials, and jewelry-making kits.

To stand out in the crowded craft supplies niche on Etsy, focus on offering items that can’t be found at standard retail outlets. Consider catering to specific trends in the crafting community, such as sustainable and eco-friendly materials or supplies for popular techniques like macramé and pottery.

a row of gold beads

Source: MadameJeannette

 31. Handmade jewelry

And why not sell your own handcrafted items? Handmade jewelry is a standout category on Etsy, offering shoppers unique options that can’t be found in mainstream stores. 

This segment includes everything from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings crafted from diverse materials like metal, glass, leather, and ceramics. Personalized jewelry, such as custom-engraved pendants or birthstone rings, particularly resonates with customers looking for meaningful gifts.

When selling handmade jewelry on Etsy, presentation and detail are key. Take high-quality photos that capture the intricacy and color of each piece, and add thorough descriptions.

Sharing the story of how the jewelry is made, the source of your materials, or the inspiration behind your collections can create a deeper connection with customers. This engagement is often what distinguishes successful Etsy shops, turning occasional buyers into repeat customers who value the craftsmanship and narrative behind the jewelry.

a pair of earrings with leaves

Source: SilkPurseSowsEar

 32. Ceramic items

Ceramic items, including pottery, planters, vases, and decorative pieces, cater to a broad audience, from home decor enthusiasts to those seeking special, handcrafted gifts. 

When listing ceramic goods, it’s important to emphasize the craftsmanship and the story behind the creation of each piece. High-quality images that show the texture, color, and detail of the glaze are also crucial.

a small ceramic mushroom dish

Source: CeramicMartArt

Selling ceramics on Etsy involves careful packaging and shipping considerations to ensure that these fragile items reach customers safely. To reassure customers, you can offer a guarantee for damages incurred during shipping.

Ready to start selling on Etsy?

Over 81 million active users turn to Etsy to buy exemplary items. The Etsy marketplace is vast, so expect other online sellers to offer similar things. 

To set yourself up for success, ensure your Etsy business sells good quality items and authentic designs. Pick a niche and start to connect with your audience to gather feedback. Next, learn how to optimize Etsy listings using Etsy SEO and how to market your own Etsy shop to stand out from the competition. 

Customers love seeing creativity and original ideas, so don’t hold back! Try out trending products and styles, experiment, and enjoy the ups and downs of running an Etsy business. Below, we’ve answered frequently asked questions that will help you get started. Good luck and have fun!  

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By Sandra Ķempele on May 23, 2024

Sandra Ķempele

Guest author

Sandra is a freelance writer and educator with a background in art and communication. She holds an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies, and in her free time enjoys reading, museum visits, and outdoor adventures.

Sandra is a freelance writer and educator with a background in art and communication. She holds an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies, and in her free time enjoys reading, museum visits, and outdoor adventures.