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What is cut-and-sew?

Cut-and-sew is a manufacturing process where raw fabric is cut and then sewn together to create garments. Cut-and-sew manufacturers use this process to produce higher quality garments, compared to mass-produced garments made through other manufacturing techniques.

Cut-and-sew apparel is made by custom clothing manufacturers and clothing lines, using industrial sewing machines to sew garments from scratch. This process allows for more unique designs and customization options, as well as the use of knit fabric, which can’t be used in other manufacturing techniques.

What is cut-and-sew apparel?

Cut-and-sew apparel refers to the process of creating a garment from raw fabric using sewing techniques. Cut-and-sew manufacturers often use this process to produce fully custom clothing unique to a particular fashion industry brand. The cut-and-sew process involves cutting the fabric into pattern pieces, which are then sewn together using industrial sewing machines to create the final garment construction.

Cut-and-sew apparel allows for greater control over the garment sample and produces higher quality garments than simply purchasing existing garments and adding a design using sew services. This technique is commonly used in the clothing manufacturing and clothing industry.

What are examples of cut-and-sew garments?

Examples of cut-and-sew garments include higher quality clothing such as dresses, jackets, and suits, as well as sewn t-shirts and knitwear made from knitted fabric. In the cut-and-sew process, a paper pattern is created and used to cut the fabric into pieces, which are then sewn together to create the garment.

This process allows for creative control and custom label placement, which is especially important for independent designers and those building a clothing line. With print-on-demand and other modern production methods, it’s easier than ever for designers to create custom cut-and-sewn garments and bring their visions to life.


Custom products
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