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No minimum

What does no minimum mean?

In ecommerce, no minimum means a purchasing option with no minimum order quantity required for a particular product or service. It means that customers can order as few items as they need without meeting a minimum quantity requirement.

What does no minimum mean in print-on-demand?

In print-on-demand, no minimum order quantity offers a significant advantage for businesses and individuals looking to create and sell custom-printed products like t-shirts. Print-on-demand services allow customers to design and customize products online—the items are printed and shipped only when an order is placed.

One key benefit of print-on-demand is that it eliminates the need for businesses to maintain a large stock of pre-printed items. Instead, the print-on-demand provider typically has a diverse range of blank products, like t-shirts in various sizes, styles, and colors, readily available for fulfillment in their inventory.

What are some examples of no minimums?

Regarding custom apparel, like custom t-shirts, some suppliers may have minimum order requirements (f.ex., a minimum of 2–5 shirts per order). But some companies offer no minimum custom t-shirts, allowing customers to order even just one t-shirt.

This concept also applies to promotional products. Some suppliers may have minimum order quantities for specific products. Others offer low minimum or no minimum promotional items, making it possible for small brands, businesses, or event organizers to order just a few items without meeting steep minimum order requirements.

Without minimum order quantities, businesses can scale slowly and test the market without committing to a large production run or inventory. It provides flexibility for small businesses and allows them to cater to the needs of their customers, especially for smaller events or promotional campaigns.

With no minimums, the production process may be adjusted to accommodate small quantity orders. Different factories or production facilities can handle smaller orders, ensuring a faster turnaround time yet maintaining good quality.

Niche market
Online marketplace

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