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How to Promote Your Printful Affiliate Link

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Affiliate marketing is the term used when you (typically bloggers) promote a company’s product or service and receive commission for sales made from your referral. The worldwide affiliate marketing industry is currently worth about $6.5 billion, so it can be lucrative for both the companies and the affiliates.

Whether you’re thinking of getting started with affiliate marketing, or you’re just trying to expand your affiliate network, we have something for you!

Printful’s Affiliate Program

We recently launched our very own affiliate program. When you link new customers to Printful, you’ll earn 10% commission for every sale they make for 9 months after they begin using Printful. All you have to do is sign up as an affiliate, get your unique link, and start promoting. Your earnings are automatically transferred to your PayPal account, where you can withdraw a minimum of $25 at a time.

The affiliate program is great for us because it brings in a new flow of customers and an audience we might not have access to otherwise. It’s great for you because for a bit of your time, you get cash rewards. Plus, if you’re already a Printful fan and recommend us to friends, you might as well get paid for it!

So You’re an Affiliate – Now What?

So you’ve decided to become an affiliate. How do you promote Printful and start bringing in revenue? Here are some tips to get the ball rolling. The amount of time and effort you want to put in is completely up to you – you can do as much, or as little as you want. While Printful is used as an example, this advice can be applied to any company with whom you are an affiliate.

1. Don’t just sell

Remember that you don’t just want to sell to people, you want to recommend a service your audience will actually be happy to use. Keep this in mind as the base for all your efforts, and make sure that whatever you’re recommending will be of interest to your audience.

2. Write a blog post

Create a blog post about Printful. This is probably the easiest thing you can do to promote your affiliate link. Some ideas for you to write about:

  • Your personal experiences using Printful
  • A comparison with other dropshipping or printing services
  • A tutorial on how to integrate your store with Printful
  • Which dropshipping products are easiest to start with
  • Why you recommend Printful

It doesn’t have to be just one post – spread it out over the course of several weeks or months. Regardless of what you write about, include your unique affiliate link at the end of the post, and promote through social media and email.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials help build credibility and trust in your audience, so include a few on your site. Once you’ve referred a few new Printful customers, reach out and ask them for a short review of our services.

4. Social media

Social media is a great way to promote your affiliate link, but remember that not every platform is affiliate-friendly, and it’s also easy to come off as spammy. It’s best to share indirectly. For example, you can Tweet about a recent blog post that includes your affiliate link somewhere in the post.

Facebook is a great platform for promoting your affiliate link. Share your blogs, and include your affiliate link on your own Facebook page for free. Or if you feel like shelling out some dough, create Facebook banner ads. Make sure you comply to Facebook’s guidelines and make your ad hyper targeted to reach the right audience.

5. Email

Got friends and acquaintances in the ecommerce space who would be interested in Printful? Send them an email! Either send a direct email about your affiliate link, or mention Printful when you send out an email promoting your blog posts. You can also make this targeted to specific segments of your email list.


Affiliate marketing can be effective for every party involved if it’s done properly. Don’t expect sales to come rolling in as soon as you get your affiliate link – promote it in ways that’ll be relevant and interesting to your audience. Ultimately, though, the amount of work you want to dedicate up to you!

Click here for more info on Printful’s affiliate program, or email [email protected].

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Nora has been part of the Printful team since 2015. She has spent the last several years writing content, coordinating communications projects, and helping customers learn about ecommerce. Now as Printful's Brand Manager, she gets to use her experience and knowledge in new and challenging ways.


  1. Lakshman Gobburu

    Thanks for your insights on affiliate promotion methods. Any blog owner can follow these simple steps to promote affiliate page.

    Blog content and reviews.
    Product tutorials.
    YouTube videos.
    Banner ads.
    Social media posts.
    Email marketing messages.
    Digital products (i.e. eBooks, online courses).



    I received my affiliate ID and the link to send to potential customers however, when one of my customers tried to use the link it did not work . What Am I doing wrong?
    can I have a step by step on how to link my affiliate link please?

    Kind regards

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey, we just checked and from our side, the link works fine. What may be the issue here is cookies—the registration might not work if the person you have referred has declined cookies. If you ever encounter similar issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by [email protected]—we’ll look into it and help.

  3. Chris

    Hey, does Printful offer a custom campaign ID in the ref link to determine where the link was promoted for eg cid=xxx – Let me know.

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey, I’m not too sure about this, and such details would probably be discussed after our team has looked into the application and approved it.

      1. Chris Sylvester DeSouza

        This is not bout the application. Most affiliate software has this feature. It just tracks where the link was promoted. I am still awaiting info on this.

        1. Daniela Bergmane

          I checked in with our colleague to confirm, and we don’t have such a possibility built-in. However, it’s possible to use Google url builder, which should help to track traffic source.

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