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Why This 7-Figure Ecommerce Shark Partnered with Printful

Why This 7-Figure Ecommerce Shark Partnered with Printful

This blog post is based on a video interview with the founders of Match Kicks. Subscribe to Printful on YouTube to never miss a video! Sneakers are no longer just for sports—they’re the fashion statement of the moment. They’ve become highly sought-after collectible items, with fans eager to purchase the latest drops and branded celebrity collabs. In fact, it’s predicted that the sneaker market will reach $120 billion by 2026.  With the sneaker boom in full swing, there’s also demand for clothing that matches the most popular models. This demand is what inspired the launch of Match Kicks—an online store where customers can find apparel and accessories that match their sneakers.    Kody and Jose touring our Westlake facility We invited Jose, Match Kicks’ Chief Visionary Officer, and Kody, their Chief Technical Officer, to visit our facility in Charlotte. While we showed them around, we got to talk about their success and how Printful helped their business innovate and grow.  

Dec 8, 2022

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