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Dogecore: Success through Humor and Authenticity

Dogecore: Success through Humor and Authenticity

“Dogecore is an online internet-culture-based art project that grew out of the collaboration of two s**tposters on the internet,” explains co-founder Dominic Jackson. It’s also a highly successful ecommerce business that currently averages over 3K orders a month. Dominic, along with his friend and colleague Aleksander (Aleks) “have been posting dog memes on the internet for as long as social media has been around.” He goes on: “over time it’s evolved into creating our own stories and art based on our lived experiences.” Dogecore embodies the aesthetics and vibes of internet culture. How has this offbeat overture turned into a main act? We talked to Dominic about the growth of his brand and how staying true to your origins is at the heart of their success.

Jan 10, 2023


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