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Gay Pride Apparel: A Journey of Pride and Success

Gay Pride Apparel: A Journey of Pride and Success

Established in 2019 by Jesus and Sergio, Gay Pride Apparel is a space for LGBTQ+ people to find pieces that truly represent them. The brand was born from a need to keep Pride alive all year round, especially in areas where it wasn’t even present during Pride month.  “We saw that, as of July 1, Pride would literally get washed off the sidewalks. So we thought there should be a place for people to buy items they’re proud of and show their pride year-round.” Years later, the brand has reached mainstream recognition. More than just a clothing line, it’s a movement, celebrating diversity and self-expression. Gay Pride Apparel donates 10% of all profits to a variety of charities that promote queer visibility, support LGBTQ+ youth, and fight for LGBTQ+ rights. They also support various organizations with free merchandise, social media partnerships, or by sponsoring events free of charge. Their Instagram page has amassed 75K+ followers, and it consistently promotes content about acceptance, love, unity, and equality. With such a powerful community, their story is one to celebrate and learn from. Source: Gay Pride Apparel We’ve covered the brand’s success in interviews before, even in its earlier days as a small business. Sergio was also featured in an episode of our podcast, discussing big wins like getting Gay Pride Apparel products sold at Walmart stores during Pride Month 2023.This time, we talked to Jesus to learn about the brand’s growth journey and challenges, especially during last year’s biggest sales periods. Dive in to see why Gay Pride Apparel is the premier LGBTQ+ pride shop for year-round pride.

Jan 11, 2024

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