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What is a Printful Wallet?

Printful Wallet is a billing and payment method offered by Printful used by online store owners. With the Printful Wallet, users can deposit money using a credit card or PayPal account, which is then automatically billed for each submitted order.

That helps to streamline the billing process and avoid transaction errors, resulting in faster order processing and delivery. Printful’s billing system works by deducting the cost of each order, including shipping costs, from the Printful Wallet balance.

There are no monthly fees to use the Printful Wallet, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for online store owners looking to outsource their order fulfillment.

Can you take money out of your Printful Wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw funds from your Printful Wallet. That’s useful for online store owners who want to transfer funds from their Printful Wallet to their bank account. To withdraw funds, log in to your Printful Dashboard, go to your Wallet, and click Withdraw funds. 

Funds added to your Printful Wallet via a billing method can be withdrawn as long as they haven’t been used to pay for order fulfillment. If you want to add money to your Printful Wallet, use a billing method such as a credit card or PayPal.

Print-on-demand (POD)
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