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How 100 Brands Marketed Their Cyber Week Deals in 2021

How 100 Brands Marketed Their Cyber Week Deals in 2021
Aleksandra Rosa

By Aleksandra Rosa

14 min read

Cyber Week 2021 was in full swing when I created this marketing campaign round-up. I knew that in 2022 many business owners would want to look for inspiration in last year’s BFCM campaigns, so this collection goes out to them—and anyone who simply enjoys looking at campaign visuals and language.

So let’s take a look at what 100 of the world’s leading fashion brands were up to during the most exciting shopping event of the year. I saw it all—from fast fashion brands to luxury fashion houses, and indie brands to industry titans.

Scroll through these Black Friday promos one by one or click straight to the brand that interests you the most!


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Black Friday marketing campaign examples (2021 and 2020)

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This slow fashion brand greeted visitors with a promo code and a sitewide sale.

black friday sales campaign 2020 by ABLE
Source: ABLE

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel sells “fashion basics for a sustainable future.” During Cyber Weekend 2021, the brand avoided discounts and promoted its new leisure collection instead.

alternative apparel black friday campaign

Source: Alternative Apparel


This popular clothing retailer welcomed shoppers with an adorable animated banner, and a sitewide sale.

anthropologie black friday campaign

Source: Anthropologie


The tech giant kept things classy with stylish visuals featuring Apple products. The deal advertised was an Apple gift card that the shoppers would get for purchasing eligible items. The offer was valid for 4 days, starting from Black Friday.

apple black friday campaign

Source: Apple


Armani went for a sophisticated color combo and invited visitors to browse the website for holiday gifts.

armani black friday campaign 2020
Source: Armani


Asos welcomed shoppers with bold colors and didn’t hold back in terms of their offer.

asos black friday campaign

Source: Asos

Bath & Body Works

The retailer stuck to classic winter holiday visuals and invited shoppers to mix and match the whole store, offering a “buy 3 products, get 3 free” deal.

bath & body works black friday campaign

Source: Bath & Body Works


Benefit looked pretty in pink and hosted a site-wide sale with a cheerful promo code.

benefit cosmetics black friday campaign

Source: Benefit

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Bobbi Brown

The skin and makeup brand’s website popped with a bold red banner offering a sitewide sale as well as a free gift for spending more than a certain amount.

bobbi brown black friday campaign

Source: Bobbi Brown


Boden made Black Friday its own by calling it Technicolor Friday Event. The offer was a sitewide sale with a promo code.

boden black friday campaign 2020

Source: Boden


The fashion retailer went into party mode with neon lights and bold typography. Boohoo offered a generous sitewide sale, and put a special emphasis on £1 product offers.

boohoo black friday campaign

Source: Boohoo


The luxury brand encouraged visitors to explore festive outfits and look for holiday gifts on its website.

burberry black friday website

Source: Burberry

Calvin Klein

This oldie-but-goodie brand kept things simple with clearly stated discounts and buttons leading to each of the product categories.

calvin klein black friday campaign

Source: Calvin Klein


The luxury brand greeted visitors with a futuristic video reel and promoted extended returns.

cartier black friday 2020

Source: Cartier


The skincare brand went for a classy single-color banner and offered a sitewide discount for the entire Cyber Week period.

caudalie black friday campaign

Source: Caudalie


Just like the majority of other luxury brands you’ll see on this list, Chanel didn’t offer price reductions. Instead, visitors were invited to discover the holiday collection and gift lists.

chanel black friday 2021

Source: Chanel


The Converse ad featured Chucks, their staple product, and offered a discount on selected styles with a promo code.

converse black friday campaign 2020

Source: Converse


Deciem, the umbrella company for beauty brands like The Ordinary, Hylamide, and NIOD, repeated what it did last year and closed their website and offline stores “for a moment of nothingness.” Although Deciem urged people to shop slowly, the brand didn’t leave customers without a deal—the discounts were available for the whole month of November.

deciem black friday campaign

Source: Deciem

Drunk Elephant

Nothing black about this Black Friday campaign. The brand used a beaming color scheme and offered a sitewide discount. It offered free shipping and promoted holiday gift kits.

drunk elephant black friday campaign

Source: Drunk Elephant

Eileen Fisher

This clothing brand offered no price reductions or special deals. Instead, the whole homepage was dedicated to curated gift selections for every taste. Eileen Fisher also promoted extended holiday returns.

eileen fisher black friday

Source: Eileen Fisher


The reusable water bottle brand went for a green design with an eco-conscious message, and offered a bundle deal with free shipping.

equa black friday campaign

Source: Equa


The luxury brand featured a model wearing a chic black outfit and offered a voucher code for selected items.

escada black friday deal 2020

Source: Escada

Estée Lauder

The skincare brand opted for a festive red-and-gold look to its visuals and kept things simple with a sitewide sale and a themed voucher code.

estee launder black friday campaign

Source: Estée Lauder


Everlane—a fashion brand known for its sustainable wardrobe staples and pay-what-you-want sales—skipped Cyber Weekend. The website promoted seasonal must-haves and first-order discounts.

everlane black friday

Source: Everlane


The luxury brand didn’t advertise any discounts on its page, but invited visitors to browse the holiday gift guide.

fendi black friday 2020 campaign

Source: Fendi


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna went for sparkly animated visuals to promote a sitewide sale. Free gifts were also available with certain purchases throughout Cyber Week.

fenty black friday campaign

Source: Fenty


The cult sportswear brand offered a discount on selected products, advertised in small print.

fila black friday campaign 2020

Source: Fila


Instead of launching a sale, Fjällräven promoted their fall/winter collection and put a special emphasis on product customization.

fjallraven black friday campaign

Source: Fjällräven

For Love & Lemons

The Los Angeles fashion brand launched a sitewide sale. It’s also the first one on this list to use a countdown timer to build urgency.

for love & lemons black friday 2020

Source: For Love & Lemons

Free People

This boho clothing brand invited visitors to make a “purchase with a purpose” and pledge to donate proceeds to a non-profit organization.

free people black friday campaign

Source: Free People

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French Connection

The retail fashion brand offered a sitewide sale, free shipping on certain orders, free returns, and a chance to win back your Black Friday spending.

french connection black friday campaign

Source: French Connection

Function of Beauty

This personalized hair, body, and skincare brand used neon colors in its ad and offered a sitewide discount.

House of Versace

The luxury fashion house invited shoppers to discover Versace’s holiday gift guide and offered complimentary shipping and returns.

versace black friday campaign 2021

Source: House of Versace


The clothing and accessories retailer offered free shipping for some orders, free returns, and a generous sitewide sale.

gap black friday campaign

Source: GAP


Gen Z’s beloved makeup brand launched its “only sale of the year” and stuck with the color black for the ad.

glossier black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Glossier


No price reductions were offered. The brand promoted bags as the ultimate gift for the 2021 holiday season and doubled down on the campaign with a recognizable brand visual.

gucci black friday 2021

Source: GUCCI


Gymshark’s ad celebrated life in motion and offered shoppers generous discounts in addition to curated gift guides.

gymshark black friday campaign

Source: Gymshark


Hermès’ video reel created a winter fairyland starring the brand’s products.

hermes black friday 2021

Source: Hermès



The retail giant kept things simple, offering a sitewide discount on the website and in offline stores, plus free shipping on certain orders.

H&M black friday campaign

Source: H&M

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss used shades of gray and black in its Black Friday Event visuals, and promoted extended returns and free shipping.

hugo boss black friday campaign

Source: Hugo Boss 

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Kat Von D

The vegan beauty makeup brand steered away from their signature dark and deep color palette and invited shoppers with a vibrant ad, a sitewide discount, and free gifts for certain purchases.

kat von d black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Kat Von D

Kate Spade

The luxury handbag brand greeted the holiday shoppers with a classy black banner over a confetti-sprinkled background that pushed a daily deal on top of a sitewide sale.

Kate Spade black friday campaign

Source: Kate Spade 


The skincare brand showcased their Black Friday deal with vibrant colors and offered a sitewide discount.

Kiehl’s black friday campaign

Source: Kiehl’s


Kosas offered three levels of discounts for different order minimums and was the only brand among the 100 listed here to use emojis on their website.

Kosas black friday campaign

Source: Kosas 


Lancôme offered discounts and gifts for various purchase minimums, nudging shoppers to sign up in order to receive all the perks available.

Lancôme black friday campaign

Source: Lancôme


Levi’s was yet another brand to rename Black Friday. Their “Indigo Friday” event offered half off hundreds of styles.

levi's black friday marketing campaign 2020 indigo friday

Source: Levi's

Louis Vuitton

The luxury brand sought to elevate shoppers’ spirits and surrounded the holiday campaign around the “journey home.”

louis vuitton black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Louis Vuitton


The athletic apparel retailer decorated its promo visuals with festive gold foil lettering.

lululemon black friday campaign

Source: Lululemon

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs offered no markdowns and promoted a gift selection with a fun confetti-filled product video.

Marc Jacobs black friday 2021

Source: Marc Jacobs

Marks & Spencer

Home goods and fashion retailer M&S brought all the holiday vibes with wintery visuals and snowflake decals. The brand invited visitors to explore a variety of offers in different product categories.

Marks & Spencer black friday campaign

Source: Marks & Spencer


Morphe Cosmetics went for a simple (but impressive) discount for select items and added free shipping for a variety of orders as the cherry on top.

Morphe black friday campaign

Source: Morphe


Moschino knew what most shoppers are after and went for a classic Black Friday ad + an offer without any fluff combo.

moschino black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Moschino


The skincare brand offered a sitewide discount with a free gift for orders that met a purchase minimum.

murad black friday campaign

Source: Murad

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal went all in with a generous discount on most popular product categories, an additional discount for app users, and a selection of daily deals.

Nasty Gal black friday campaign

Source: Nasty Gal


The sportswear and athleisure giant went for neon lights and the inspo: “outshine your excuses.” Notice how Nike reminds shoppers to place orders asap to receive them in time for gift wrapping.

nike black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Nike


The skincare brand offered a sitewide discount, free shipping, free samples for certain purchases, and wrapped the offer up with a gold bow.

Neutrogena black friday campaign

Source: Neutrogena


The department store displayed a happy Thanksgiving message at the very top of its website, and then went on to promote a 50% off sale.

Nordstrom black friday campaign

Source: Nordstrom 

The North Face

The North Face ran a 4-day discount campaign and added a sense of urgency by mentioning “while supplies last” throughout the website.

The North Face black friday campaign

Source: The North Face

Old Navy

The clothing and accessories retailer offered half off online purchases, free shipping on certain orders, and special in-store deals. 

Old Navy black friday campaign

Source: Old Navy 

Ole Henriksen

The skincare brand launched “the juiciest Cyber Week ever” with a sitewide sale.

Ole Henriksen black friday campaign

Source: Ole Henriksen

& Other Stories offered shoppers the option to pre-select their shopping bag, which is a great way to hook their attention, and give customers time to browse the catalog. On Black Friday, the brand launched a sitewide sale to seal the deal.

& other stories black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: & Other Stories


The sustainable clothing brand Pact ran a sitewide sale and promoted sustainable gift giving.

Pact black friday 2021

Source: Pact

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Instead of launching a sale, the brand urged shoppers to “give a damn”—shop responsibly, repair existing clothing pieces, and donate to good causes.

patagonia black friday campaign

Source: Patagonia


The skincare brand greeted visitors with juicy colors and an eye-catching product display as well as a sitewide sale with a promo code.

peach & lily black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Peach&Lily

People Tree

This sustainable clothing brand was yet another one to rename Black Friday. People Tree’s Fair Friday offered a sitewide discount and showed examples of eco-friendly gift wrapping.

people tree black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: People Tree

Pixi Cosmetics

Pixi Cosmetics welcomed visitors with a buy-one-get-one deal, a timer to motivate shoppers to seize that deal, and an on-brand color scheme.

pixi cosmetics black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Pixi Cosmetics


Prada dressed in black and showcased its holiday gift catalog.

prada black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Prada

Pretty Little Thing

The fashion retailer renamed the biggest sales event of the year to Pink Friday and offered a curated selection of “steals”—items under £8.

pretty little thing black friday deal

Source: Pretty Little Thing


Puma wass the only brand on this list to specify the exact discount range.

puma black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Puma

Ralph Lauren

The luxury brand gave a nod to the holiday season with a pine tree background, and promoted a single deal to all shoppers.

Ralph Lauren black friday campaign

Source: Ralph Lauren 

Ray Ban

Ray Ban combined a generous sitewide sale with the brand’s sustainability message, stating: “When you buy a timeless original you love it forever, not just because it was on sale.”

Ray Ban black friday

Source: Ray Ban


The sustainable clothing brand offered a sitewide sale, free shipping, and reminded visitors to shop responsibly.

reformation black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Reformation


Similar to other eco-conscious brands, REI shut the door on Black Friday and invited visitors to #OptOutside instead of going on an online shopping spree during Cyber weekend.

REI black friday

Source: REI 


The fashion brand stuck to black and offered impressive discounts that followed a generous pre-sale.

revolve black friday campaign

Source: Revolve

River Island

The fashion retailer didn’t experiment with colors and made its ad clear and to the point.

River Island black friday 2021

Source: River Island


The tech giant offered a selection of 6 Black Friday deals that were valid exclusively during Cyber Weekend.

Samsung black friday campaign

Source: Samsung


Sephora went for black with a splatter of color and offered shoppers a discount on selected products, a promo code, and free shipping.

sephora black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Sephora


Kim Kardashian’s brand renamed their Black Friday sale to “Bi-Annual sale” and offered savings on their best-selling collections, plus free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

skims black friday campaign

Source: SKIMS

Steve Madden

The company designed its Black Friday ad in the brand’s signature style and promoted a sitewide discount with a promo code. Steve Madden was also among the brands to promote afterpay.

Steve Madden black friday 2021

Source: Steve Madden 


Swatch skipped Black Friday altogether and highlighted its versatile product customization features instead.

Swatch black friday 2021

Source: Swatch


Tarte Cosmetics promoted Feel-Good Friday with the help of a sitewide sale, an additional sale on selected items, and—best of all—a cozy mug of hot chocolate and fluffy slippers.

tarte cosmetics black friday deal

Source: Tarte


The Japanese skincare brand invited shoppers to look for gifts for themselves and others with a sitewide sale and a promo code.

tatcha black friday deal

Source: Tatcha

Thought Clothing

This sustainable brand offered a deal that would warm most shoppers’ hearts—Thought Clothing donated 50% of Thoughtful Friday proceeds to charity.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. joined many other luxury brands in avoiding the Black Friday shopping craze. No special deals were advertised. The brand invited shoppers to explore gift selections and offered complimentary shipping.

Tiffany black friday

Source: Tiffany & Co.

Tom Ford

The clothing brand ran no promotions at all and only promoted holiday gifts.

Tom Ford black friday promotion

Source: Tom Ford

Tommy Hilfiger

Another brand that avoided any mention of Black Friday, yet still offered sitewide discounts. Tommy Hilfiger introduced a “Happy Thanksgiving” campaign during Cyber Weekend and offered a promo code to all shoppers.

Tommy Hilfiger black friday campaign

Source: Tommy Hilfiger


TOMS welcomed shoppers with “the merry everything Black Friday sale” that was sitewide.

TOMS black friday campaign

Source: TOMS

Too Faced

Bedazzled from head to toe, the Too Faced ad offered a sitewide sale and free shipping. Plus, it promised a new deal every day.

Too Faced black friday deal

Source: Too Faced

Ulta Beauty

The beauty store gave customers a heads up to keep their eye out for deals, and offered free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

Ulta Beauty black friday deal

Source: Ulta Beauty

Under Armour

The sportswear and athleisure brand chose a red and black color scheme and didn’t beat around the bush in their offer description.

Under Armour black friday 2021

Source: Under Armour

United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton greeted customers with a sitewide discount, vivid colors, free shipping, and extended returns.

benetton black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: United Colors of Benetton

Urban Decay

The makeup brand featured their iconic eyeshadow palette in their Black Friday ad, and offered a sitewide discount with no promo code needed.

Urban Decay black friday campaign

Source: Urban Decay 

Urban Outfitters

The fashion retailer welcomed shoppers with a one-day-only discount and went on to promote gifts in its signature boho photography style.

Urban Outfitters black friday marketing

Source: Urban Outfitters


Luxury brand Valentino invited visitors with a stylish illustration and guided them to the holiday product catalog.

valentino black friday marketing campaign 2020

Source: Valentino

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret used every opportunity to promote its loyalty program by offering members-only access to special deals and promo codes.

Victoria’s Secret black friday campaign

Source: Victoria’s Secret

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle went for a sitewide Buy 3, Get 3 Free deal.

Yankee Candle black friday campaign

Source: Yankee Candle 


The fashion retailer favored by Gen Zers offered three levels of discounts for different purchase minimums, a promo code, and a giveaway.

Zaful black friday marketing

Source: Zaful


Zara dressed in black for the occasion and offered a discount on selected items.

zara black friday sales campaign 2020

Source: Zara


The reusable ziplock bag brand went for the classic hues of black and red and offered a sitewide sale with free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

ziptop black friday sale campaign 2020
Source: ZipTop
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Which Black Friday promo stood out to you? What are your takeaways from these BFCM campaigns? Share in the comments!

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By Aleksandra Rosa on Sep 21, 2022

Aleksandra Rosa

Aleksandra is the editor of the Printful Blog. Coming from a background in communication studies, she's passionate about all things marketing. In her spare time, she runs her own print-on-demand business.

Aleksandra is the editor of the Printful Blog. Coming from a background in communication studies, she's passionate about all things marketing. In her spare time, she runs her own print-on-demand business.