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Blog / Marketing tips / 7 Halloween Campaign Ideas + Free Visuals

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Blog / Marketing tips / 7 Halloween Campaign Ideas + Free Visuals

Marketing tips

7 Effective Halloween Campaign Ideas for 2017 + Free visuals

7 Effective Halloween Campaign Ideas for 2017 + Free visuals
Elina Bumbiere

By Elina Bumbiere

3 min read

Yikes! It’s almost Halloween. I would make a skeleton joke, but I don’t think you’ll find it very humerus. Ok, there was a pun and now we can officially move on. Turns out, Halloween is possibly the most underrated holiday for commerce. This year the retail spending is projected to be $9.1 billion. That’s a new record. So is the number of people celebrating at 179 million.

Source: National Retail Federation

So whether you’re a die-hard Halloween fan, or simply follow statistics, this is a holiday that can be maximized to bring in a few extra bucks, and kick off the first round of holiday sales. Here are some creative ways to take hold of the Halloween spirit and turn it into a great product visibility, marketing, and loyalty-building tool.

Select product sale

Put all of your “scariest” products in one category and put them on Sale. In 2015 Startup Vitamins had all of their black products on sale.

Source: Startup Vitamins

Play a game

For the 2015 Halloween season, set up a landing page asking their visitors to either choose a trick or a treat. One results in a discount code, the other results in free shipping. Clever!


Better yet? They used Facebook retargeting to make sure that people who visited the landing page went through with the game.



Halloween-ify your store items

Give your store items a Halloween costume makeover. You can pair products together for a costume bundle (bundles are set up differently for each platform. This explains how to do it on Shopify) or launch a new line of spooky items. Be creative with the product titles. Puns will certainly come in handy. Here’s what Wayfair did last year.


Learn More: Halloween Shirt Ideas to Creep It Real This Fall

Host a contest

FACT: According to Antavo, during Halloween season, 30% more customers enter contests & sweepstakes.

Facebook is a great platform for it. Go the traditional route with a costume contest or try something new like a recipe or short story one. Take a look at what Value Village did last year.

Source: Value Village

Design what’s trendy

Google Trends developed a really cool feature last year for Halloween that can help you out this season. By clicking on this link you’ll find the most popular Halloween costumes for people in a particular area. Tailor your design to fit what they’re looking for and let the sales roll in.

Source: Google Trends

Add personality

Customer engagement is a two-way street! A personal touch is important when building a community for your brand. Don’t be afraid to show your team’s true spirit. Share what you’re wearing for Halloween!


One of our guys showed his unique personality with a creative Halloween costume last year.

Create a Halloween-specific web page

Why? It attracts shoppers who are already searching for these products which means they are more likely to purchase your items. You can create a new product line with Halloween designs, combine your existing products that suit the theme, or show off some of your best sellers. Tipsy Elves have already done it for this year’s costumes.

Creating a landing page is not that difficult, but make sure you give yours a heading and page title that matches the theme (Halloween/ pumpkin designs/skeleton t shirts etc). Once that’s done, give your products unique titles with the keyword included and optimize the meta description. To wrap it all up, edit the url to include the relevant theme/halloween keywords.

Source: Tipsy Elves

The stats show that creative Halloween campaigns work. Even if they don’t end up bringing in a ton of sales for you this year, they provide relevant content for your customers. So rely on the data and do something special this Halloween. It’s not just a bunch of Hocus Pocus. 


By Elina Bumbiere on Oct 4, 2017

Elina Bumbiere