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Blog / Customer success stories / 6 Online T-Shirt Business Success Stories

Customer success stories

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Blog / Customer success stories / 6 Online T-Shirt Business Success Stories

Customer success stories

6 Online T-Shirt Business Success Stories

6 Online T-Shirt Business Success Stories
Cloe Ann Montoya

By Cloe Ann Montoya

14 min read

Success, like a perfect t-shirt design, is not born out of thin air. It’s crafted carefully, with a pinch of inspiration, a dash of determination, and heaps of knowledge. And believe me, these t-shirt business success stories we’ve lined up are bursting with all three.

Success stories are like cheat sheets—except above board. They’re that “look behind the curtain” that allows you to learn from others who’ve been there, done that, and found success. Learning from high-earning t-shirt brands also lets you avoid common mistakes, hear real strategies, and save yourself some gray hairs (unless you’re going for that distinguished look, of course).

So, grab a coffee, get comfy, and put on your favorite t-shirt! You’re about to dive into a pool of stories loaded with inspiration, triumphs, and pics of more tees than you can shake a lint roller at. These tales show you that your dream of starting a t-shirt business is possible—and that there are many ways to succeed.

Time to get reading and find out how you can break into the t-shirt industry.

Got Funny

This t-shirt store offers a clever collection of humor-infused shirts—all designed to make people laugh and feel positive. A treasure trove of funny apparel, the ecommerce business sells designs that include puns, jokes, and sassy remarks. Overall, the brand reminds shoppers there’s a lighter side to life through laughter! 

But Bryson Oppermann didn’t just find success out of the blue. After trying with his first clothing brand, his second attempt with Got Funny and Printful’s services saw him hit the ground running.


Source: Got Funny

What Got Funny is doing great

Got Funny has a knack for tapping into modern humor. Bryson quickly adapts and regularly updates t-shirt designs based on trending jokes, memes, and humorous quotes. Got Funny’s got its finger on the pulse of popular culture, meaning their t-shirts and other products stay fresh and relevant for shoppers. That doesn’t mean the brand doesn’t take anything seriously. Combining his personal interests and work, Bryson’s passion for leaving an impact on the world motivated him to do various collections and donate funds to causes that mattered to him.


Source: Got Funny

Another winning point for Got Funny is its high-quality product range. They provide comfortable and durable t-shirts that fans can wear with pride, knowing they’ll grab attention and perhaps make someone’s day a little brighter! 


Source: Got Funny

Lastly, Got Funny doesn’t ignore customer engagement. Their social media platforms aren’t just promotional spaces, but hot spots for social interaction, laughter, and community-building. This t-shirt company encourages followers to engage and interact with humorous content. Plus, Bryson regularly engages with customers. How? One great way is by releasing new t-shirt designs based on ideas followers share in the comment sections of Got Funny’s social media platforms.

What you can learn from Got Funny

Got Funny demonstrates the importance of understanding your target audience and staying updated with their interests. Also, cultural knowledge about your target market can help guide design ideas for your t-shirt brand.

Got Funny prioritizes product quality, even if the business is based on a light-hearted theme like humor. Customers remain loyal to t-shirt companies that consistently deliver high-quality products. So, pay attention to what you sell and test sample products!

Want to sell t-shirts online and run your own business?

Lastly, the business emphasizes the importance of community engagement. All t-shirt businesses benefit from community building, as it encourages customer interaction and connection. Not only does having a sense of community increase customer loyalty, but building an engaged following promotes organic brand growth through word-of-mouth and shared experiences. So think about ways to get involved with your customers and how you can communicate with them.


Even Got Funny’s site footer is completely on-brand | Source: Got Funny 

Overall, Got Funny offers valuable lessons in understanding your audience, prioritizing product quality, and community-building.

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Dominic and Aleks’ brand started out as a social media page based on their passion for internet culture and funny memes. Over time they grew a large international following. Thanks to their fans, they were able to start a t-shirt business they aptly named Dogecore.


Source: Dogecore

Since becoming an official apparel and t-shirt business, Dogecore has stayed true to its fans. The store offers a wide range of products, each featuring designs born out of funny memes or clever quips.


Source: Dogecore

What Dogecore is doing great

Dogecore made the most of its existing popularity on social media. They used platforms like Instagram and Facebook to start selling t-shirts online. Also, they engaged with users, replying to comments and building relationships through their online activity. Thanks to their popular online presence, selling t-shirts online allowed them to offer and sell products in a space where they already had fans. 


Source: Dogecore 

Dogecore also used print-on-demand (POD) to strategically reduce inventory risks, sidestep upfront costs, and cater to their global (online) audience. POD works well for their business because trending memes come and go at the speed of light, and using POD allowed Dogecore to experiment with t-shirt designs quickly. They can release new products within hours and be the first to offer trending memes as buyable merch.


Source: Dogecore

Last but not least, Dogecore’s marketing strategy has consistently included humor since their founding. They’ve built a successful brand that focuses on their community and following by consistently delighting fans through humor.

What you can learn from Dogecore

There’s a ton to take away from Dogecore’s story. So far, you’ve heard about their focus on customer needs, reliance on POD, and their consistent inclusion of humor. Well, there’s more!

  • Stay original and actively communicate—Dogecore’s success stems from being themselves, staying true to fans, responding on social media, and offering products fans want to wear. For aspiring entrepreneurs, strive to create a unique brand voice and discover what resonates with your target audience.

  • Leverage existing popularity—if you have a following on social media, take advantage of the opportunity to sell to customers already familiar with you or your brand.

Dogecore’s success stems from its dedication to authenticity, niche online humor, and the use of platforms already trusted by fans. As a result, they have their own website and a successful clothing brand with a solid reputation.

Match Kicks

The sneaker market is currently worth $72.2 billion in 2023. That’s a ton of sneaker enthusiasts out there, and Match Kicks does a great job of taking advantage of the market. The business surpasses the 7-figure mark. How’d they do it? With custom tees, of course.


Source: Match Kicks

The t-shirt business, founded by Kody and Jose, focuses on a unique niche. They target shoppers seeking clothing to complement trending sneaker models. 


Kody and Jose | Source: Match Kicks and Printful 

Customers can buy products from the brand and enjoy wearing matching outfits with t-shirts based on their favorite shoes. Pretty neat!

What Match Kicks is doing great

Match Kicks prioritizes adaptability and innovation. Initially, they managed their entire business in-house. But the brand soon realized operational challenges were getting in the way of growth. 


Making a unique tee for each shoe is time-consuming | Source: Match Kicks 

Instead of sticking it out and trying to manage everything alone, they sought an external solution to optimize their process. After discovering Printful and outsourcing shipping and fulfillment, they turned their attention to optimizing their offering and streamlining their business with technology. 


Source: Printful

Match Kicks worked hard to automate its processes. Relying on Printful’s API, they managed to offer a staggering 120 million SKUs (unique products) in their store. For the average store owner with a handful of employees, managing inventory at that size is nearly impossible.


Source: Match Kicks 

However, Match Kicks was able to build a custom site, take advantage of their expertise in technology, and figure out how to autogenerate product listings. This lets them offer a vast collection of authentic products without significantly increasing their workload!

What you can learn from Match Kicks

This apparel company is doing a lot of things right, so let’s dive in!

  • Identify a specific niche: Match Kicks’ long-term success stems from their ability to identify and cater to a unique demand in the market—matching apparel and accessories for popular sneaker models.

  • Stay flexible and adaptable: Business models shouldn’t be set in stone. Match Kicks realized that in-house printing was not the best route for their t-shirt business, so its willingness to change was crucial for growth.

  • Take advantage of your strengths: Automation was a key aspect of Match Kicks’ strategy. Their strengths in technology allowed them to find a better way to handle an impressive amount of products, freeing up time for other responsibilities.

  • Focus on core competencies: Match Kicks realized that their strengths lay in technology, not printing. By working with a POD company, they’ve been able to focus on their passion and drive their business forward in areas Match Kicks already excelled at.

  • Prioritize quality over cost: Match Kicks understood that even though outsourcing increased costs, the move led to better product quality. The t-shirt business has seen fewer returns and higher customer satisfaction. These factors have improved their bottom line over time.

The story of Match Kicks and their partnership with Printful is a real example of how identifying a niche, leveraging technology and partnerships, and focusing on core strengths can lead to a successful ecommerce business.

The Philosopher’s Shirt

This t-shirt business is a treasure chest for philosophy geeks and bookworms alike. The founders, Markus and Alex, offer a fun range of custom t-shirts with philosophy memes and shout-outs to famous thinkers like Aristotle in their store.

In 2016, Markus, a philosophy and psychology grad, worked in marketing and noticed the growing graphic tees trend. He had a lightbulb moment: why not mix philosophy with fashion? 

And bam! The Philosopher’s Shirt was born.

Later, Markus teamed up with Alex, a creative graphic designer. Now they’re a dream duo, with Markus brainstorming ideas and Alex bringing them to life.


Markus and Alex | Source: The Philosopher’s Shirt

The Philosopher’s Shirt combines deep thoughts, fun, and fashion. They’ve also inspired a philosophy professor to use their ideas to make her classes more engaging. How cool is that?

What The Philosopher’s Shirt is doing great

Even though Markus and Alex stepped into a space with plenty of similar businesses, The Philosopher’s Shirt succeeded despite the super competitive environment. So what’s their secret recipe?

First, they don’t skimp on quality. While other philosophy-themed stores compromised on cheaper goods, Markus and Alex prioritized quality. Second, they used paid ads to generate buzz and create a presence for their brand. They focused on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Third, The Philosopher’s Shirt has customer service down to an art. They chat with customers like friends, making shoppers feel seen and appreciated. It’s no wonder they have a dazzling five-star rating on Trustpilot. Lastly, they knew exactly who they wanted to reach. They didn’t try to please everyone; they aimed at philosophy students and professors—those most interested in their brand’s theme.

What you can learn from The Philosopher’s shirt

For anyone dreaming of starting their own t-shirt business, this store has a bunch of neat lessons to learn from.

  • Prioritize quality: If you want to build a long-lasting brand and sell t-shirts online, cheap prices aren’t the way to go. This move might attract short-term shoppers, but they won’t stick around if the quality’s not there. 

  • Know your audience: If you can figure out exactly who your people are and what they want, you’re already halfway to success. Learn how to find your niche.

  • Don’t undervalue customer service: Chat with your customers, make them feel special, and they’ll keep returning for more. Ignore questions and inquiries, and they’ll likely not visit again. Don’t miss out on connections!

  • Stay in it for the long haul: Markus says, “You might feel like you’re rolling a stone uphill, but don’t quit. Success is always within reach, so keep pushing.” Slow and steady is the way to go, so don’t lose sight of your long-term goals.

Even when things get tough, keep learning, keep pushing, and never give up on starting your own t-shirt business.

Classic Dad

When he was a wee lad, Daniel Stone could always count on his dad for a chuckle. “I’m hungry,” Daniel would say, and his dad would reply, “Hey Hungry, I’m Dad.” Classic dad joke, right?


Source: Classic Dad

Fast forward to today, and Daniel is a dad himself. He’s not just serving up corny jokes at dinner, though. He’s turned his love for everything dad-related into a flourishing business, Classic Dad. Imagine if your favorite dad joke had a baby with your favorite t-shirt, and you’ve got Classic Dad.


Source: Classic Dad

What Classic Dad is doing great

While Classic Dad started off as a hilarious social media page loaded with dad memes, it didn’t stop there. When fans started begging for Classic Dad merch, Daniel and his team put their heads together and said, “Why not?”


Source: Classic Dad

And they didn’t just throw something together. They hunted for the best merchandise partners. Features like 24/7 customer service and the chance to play around with new, quality products—with no upfront costs and a free Design Maker tool to boot—made Printful their go-to POD partner.

Source: Classic Dad

Classic Dad didn’t stop at just t-shirts. They’ve got hats, mugs, aprons, and even a YouTube web series called Lawn Whisperers. However, they didn’t forget their roots: humor around dad life.

Learn more: Custom Dad Shirt Ideas for Father’s Day

What you can learn from Classic Dad

Classic Dad is more than just an online store—it’s a real example of how to build a successful business that connects with people on a personal level. Below are some key takeaways from Daniel’s journey.

  1. Don’t be afraid to start small: Classic Dad began as a social media page. Daniel didn’t have a grand plan from day one, but when fans started asking for merch, he saw an opportunity and went for it.

  2. Know your audience: Daniel knows his customers value quality. They wanted clothes that could withstand all the dad-related wear and tear, from yard work to baby spit-up.

  3. Embrace community: Classic Dad built a community of dads who love the brand. They’ve done this by encouraging user-generated content and engaging with their fans.

  4. Diversify your offerings: Classic Dad learned that it’s important to offer a range of products to cater to different tastes and needs. After all, fatherhood comes in many shapes and forms.

So there you have it. Classic Dad isn’t just selling shirts, they’re selling a dad lifestyle wrapped in humor, served with a side of community. And they’re doing a good job!

ND Renegade

Behind this brilliant online t-shirt brand is the resilient Sally Willbanks. A mother, artist, designer, and now entrepreneur, Sally launched ND Renegade in 2020. She’s a powerhouse of creativity, and her life’s journey is as inspiring as her mission.


Source: ND Renegade

ND Renegade is all about celebrating neurodivergent individuals. Sally wants her brand to spotlight neurodiversity, offering fashionable clothing that not only raises awareness but also reveals an aspect of the wearer’s identity that’s not readily visible.


Source: ND Renegade

It’s not just a business for Sally, it’s personal. She’s the proud mother of two neurodivergent children, known affectionately as Boo and Bear to followers. They’ve been part of the business, learning hands-on skills and coming up with their own t-shirt designs.

Learn how to develop a winning t-shirt business plan.

What ND Renegade is doing great

ND Renegade has mastered the art of authentic storytelling thanks to Sally’s hands-on approach and Instagram strategy. Initially, Sally posted product photos on Instagram but realized her page seemed off.


Source: ND Renegade

Sally reached out to an Instagram marketing agency, and their advice to make content more personal was a game-changer. By sharing the family’s journey, Sally humanized her brand, and her daughter Boo became an Instagram star, sharing her experiences as an autistic child with ADHD.


Source: ND Renegade

Their popular designs, like the “Woke up autistic again” t-shirt or the “Lining Up Cars” t-shirt inspired by autistic children’s habits, have struck a chord with customers who appreciate the brand’s sensitive and authentic approach.

What you can learn from ND Renegade

Aspiring entrepreneurs can get valuable insights from Sally’s journey. She values starting small and taking one step at a time: get a name, create a logo, and choose an ecommerce platform. 

Sally’s story reinforces the importance of authenticity in business. She succeeded by turning her personal experiences into a business that resonates with her audience. Sally’s dedication to the cause, her adaptability in the face of challenges, and her focus on staying true to her mission have paved the way for ND Renegade’s success.

Sally’s advice to other business owners speaks volumes about her approach: “If you have an idea that you can’t let go of—you just have to give it a shot!” With passion and resilience, ND Renegade has transformed into a successful online store with a profound impact—a lesson for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ready to start your t-shirt business side hustle?

By Cloe Ann Montoya on Jul 2, 2023

Cloe Ann Montoya

Blog author

Cloe is a former Content Marketing Specialist at Printful. Her educational background includes a Bachelors of Science in Management and Economics and a Masters of Science in International Governance and Diplomacy. She loves reading fantasy books and going for long hikes with her dog, a rambunctious jackadoodle.

Cloe is a former Content Marketing Specialist at Printful. Her educational background includes a Bachelors of Science in Management and Economics and a Masters of Science in International Governance and Diplomacy. She loves reading fantasy books and going for long hikes with her dog, a rambunctious jackadoodle.