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High-Value SEO Keyword Guide for Black Friday Cyber Monday

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There are lots of things online businesses need to take care of before Black Friday and Cyber Monday come around, like:

But there’s one more thing you can’t afford to overlook, and that’s optimizing your website for search engines. To do holiday SEO, you need to rank for certain keywords. It’s also crucial to know which keywords you want to drive traffic from.

I know, SEO is tough and it can get tricky, especially if you’re new to it. But don’t let tricky cost you sales this holiday season. Instead, use the Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping craze as an opportunity to draw more attention to your brand and products.

Read on to find out what are the most valuable Black Friday Cyber Monday SEO keywords (there are more than 150). More importantly, learn how to use these keywords to increase valuable traffic and boost sales this holiday season.

Black Friday Cyber Monday search patterns

In 2020, 59% of consumers said they did more of their holiday shopping online than in brick-and-mortar stores. Due to the global pandemic, online stores became a safer and more pleasant alternative to in-person shopping.

The shoppers started looking up generic, non-branded Black Friday Cyber Monday (search queries like smartphone discounts, toy offers, clothing deals) deals in October. Searches become more specific only about two weeks before the US Thanksgiving weekend (search queries like biggest iPhone discounts, best Hot Wheels offers, cheap ASOS deals).

Gaining an online presence on search engines takes time. If you want to appear in the search results during Black Friday Cyber Monday, you’ll need to get started right now.

Holiday SEO keyword research

The very first step to content optimization is keyword research. To help you figure out which keywords to use and avoid pricey SEO tools, we did the holiday keyword research for you and grouped the keywords into 4 categories:

  • Black Friday keywords
  • Cyber Monday keywords
  • Printful product keywords
  • Buzz keywords

Each keyword table comes with useful metrics that’ll help you predict their potential value and competitiveness. Here’s a quick guide on what each metric means:

  • Search volume is a rough estimate of the number of monthly searches for a keyword. The higher the search volume, the more people Google it. We used US and global search volume data suggested by Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.
  • Difficulty score, on a scale from 0 to 100, shows how difficult it is to compete for a ranking spot in the search results. The lower the score, the easier it is to rank for the keyword.
  • SERP features are other types of info blocks that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs), all of which may draw traffic away from your organic links.
SERP features example
Example of SERP features

Pro tip: Focus your efforts on keywords that strike a good balance of high search volume and small competition.

And now, finally, let’s get onto the keywords!

High-value Black Friday keywords

This year Black Friday falls on November 26, which means you’ve got just a little over two months to get the attention of holiday shoppers.

Every year, online retailers start promoting their Black Friday deals earlier than the previous year, so you should do the same. It’s a strategic move that lets shoppers find deals and plan their purchases once the big shopping day comes around.

This year, businesses will start their Black Friday Cyber Monday craze as early as the beginning of November. Which just leaves you one thing to do: hurry up.

KeywordSearch Volume (Global)Search Volume (USA)Difficulty ScoreSERP Features
black friday sales122,00048,00083Site links, Related questions, Knowledge panel
best black friday deals91,00065,00088Site links, Related questions
black friday ads51,00049,00078Site links
black friday 202146,0005,70082Related questions, Site links
black friday angebote32,00015061Site links
black friday specials20,0003,10079Site links
black friday cyber monday deals15,00010,00072Site links, Related questions
cyber monday deals black friday13,00012,00072Site links, Related questions
best black friday tv deals12,00011,00051Top stories, Thumbnails, Related questions, Videos
cyber monday black friday deals11,0004,00078Related questions, Site links, Adwords bottom
black friday deals uk11,0006067Sitelinks
black friday deals canada10,00015033Site links, Image pack
the black friday9,9009,10089Site links, Related questions, Knowledge panel
black friday ad7,2006,90080Site links
black friday shopping6,6004,30090Site links, Related questions, Knowledge panel
best black friday5,4003,60081Site links
black friday online deals4,7004,20088Sitelinks, Related questions
black friday online4,6002,30086
best black friday sales4,5003,30085Site links
online black friday deals4,3004,10086Related questions, Site links

These are the 20 most popular keywords. Sign up for our blog newsletter at the end of the article to get the full list of high-value Black Friday keywords.

Ultimate Cyber Monday keywords

After the Black Friday shopping craze, it’s time for Cyber Monday. Last year, Cyber reached a new record of $12.16 billion in sales.

If you want to boost your sales this holiday season, mark November 29 on your marketing calendar and start optimizing your website for valuable Cyber Monday keywords right away.

KeywordSearch Volume (Global)Search Volume (USA)Difficulty ScoreSERP Features
cyber monday637,00075,00078Related questions, Site links, Knowledge panel
cyber monday deals239,000201,00076Site links
when is cyber monday31,00022,00067Related questions, Site links
best cyber monday deals30,00028,00079Related questions, Site links
black friday cyber monday deals15,00010,00072Site links, Related questions
cyber monday sales14,00012,00076Site links, Related questions
cyber monday tv deals13,00012,00040Related questions, Top stories, Videos
cyber monday deals black friday13,00012,00072Sitel inks, Related questions
cyber monday amazon13,0005,00052Related questions
cyber monday laptop deals12,00011,00045Adwords top, Related questions, Top stories, Videos
cyber monday black friday deals11,0004,00078Related questions, Site links, Adwords bottom
what is cyber monday7,9004,50072Site links, Related questions, Knowledge panel
cyber monday chile7,50015015Site links
black friday deals cyber monday3,6003,60073Site links, Top stories, Videos
cyber monday monitor deals3,2003,20033Adwords top
cyber monday sale3,2001,80076Related questions, Site links
black friday cyber monday2,90060057Featured snippet, Thumbnails, Related questions, Site links
cyber monday argentina2,8003027Site links
cyber monday computer deals2,6002,50046Adwords top, Site links
cyber monday 20212,5001,40061Related questions, Site links

Get the full list of ultimate Cyber Monday keywords.

Every year, apparel and accessories take the cake as the top-selling product category during Cyber Week. And if your store offers any of these product categories, you need to make them search-friendly.

Here are the most important keywords your products should be ranking for this holiday season:

KeywordSearch Volume (Global)Search Volume (USA)Difficulty ScoreSERP Features
black friday clothing deals4,4003,00027Related questions
black friday clothes2,00080030Adwords top, Related questions
black friday deals clothes1,8001,30030Related questions
black friday clothing sales1,10070026Related questions
cyber monday clothing deals90080039Adwords top, Related questions, Adwords bottom
black friday clothes sale90035034Related questions, Adwords bottom
best clothing black friday deals70060021Related questions
best black friday clothing deals70050015Related questions
black friday mens clothes70020016Adwords top, Adwords bottom, Shopping results, Thumbnails
black friday poster7001501Shopping results, Thumbnails, Image pack, Site links, Top stories
clothing black friday deals60050030Related questions
clothes black friday60045037Related questions, Image pack
black friday clothes deals60045036Related questions, Adwords bottom, Shopping results, Thumbnails
baby clothes black friday5004007Site links
cyber monday clothing35030038Adwords top, Adwords bottom
black friday deals clothing35020035Related questions
black friday dresses35015012Shopping results, Thumbnails, Site links
black friday shirts3002500Image pack
cyber monday clothing sales30020038Related questions
black friday womens clothes30015019Shopping results, Thumbnails, Adwords bottom

Get the full Printful product holiday SEO keyword list.

The most searched buzz phrases

While you want Google to favor your website content, at the end of the day, it’s humans who will buy your products. This set of keywords will give you an idea of which buzzwords or phrases (even if they sound a little cheesy) you should focus on to drive shoppers’ attention to your store:

KeywordSearch Volume
Difficulty ScoreSERP Features
best black friday deals91,00065,00088Site links, Related questions
best cyber monday deals30,00028,00079Related questions, Site links
best black friday5,4003,60081Site links
black friday offers5,20090082Site links
best black friday sales4,5003,30085Site links
best online black friday deals3,0002,80085Site links, Related questions
top black friday deals2,5002,00081Site links
best cyber monday sales1,3001,10069Related questions
top cyber monday deals1,2001,20070
the best black friday deals90070088Adwords top, Site links, Related questions
black friday doorbusters80080086Site links, Top stories, Videos
black friday offer80025087Site links, Related questions, Image pack
biggest black friday deals70060082Site links
best cyber monday70060061Sitelinks, Top stories, Videos
best black friday clothing deals70050015Related questions
best cyber deals60060063Site links
best black friday offers4509087Site links
biggest deals cyber monday40040076Top stories, Videos
biggest black friday sales35020087Site links
best online black friday30025081Adwords top, Site links, Top stories, Videos

Full list of the most searched buzz phrases.

How to use Black Friday Cyber Monday keywords

So you know you need to optimize your store for search engines, and you have the most important holiday keywords at hand. What next? Here are the most important SEO elements where your keywords should go.

Page titles (title tags)

Your store’s page titles appear as links in search engine results pages (SERPs), web browser tabs, and social media post thumbnails.

Cut off SEO Page title example

When writing your page titles, make sure to include the most valuable keywords. Ideally, place the keywords at the beginning of the title to help you rank higher. It’s important to make each page title unique—Google doesn’t like repetitive content and may mark it as spam. Also, try to stay within 60 characters to avoid your page title being cut off as you can see in the example above.

Pro tip: Use tools like Google SERP Simulator to preview how your page titles will look in search results once published.

Main headings

The main heading appears in the body text of your website. Add a couple of Black Friday Cyber Monday buzzwords to your main heading to make your website rank on search results.

main heading example
Example of the main heading

Just like page titles, you want your main headings to be unique—don’t repeat the same heading over and over again on different pages. The main headings should also be optimized for the most valuable Black Friday Cyber Monday SEO keywords related to the page topic. 

Alt image tag and image file names

Since Google bots can’t see the images, they use alt image tags and file names to understand the content. An alt tag is a short and simple description of the image. Alt image tags are also used by screen readers for the visually impaired. So it’s crucial that whatever info you include in the alt tag is true to the image itself.

For example, a good alt tag for the image below would be: photo of a woman wearing a baseball cap. And a good file name for it would be: denim-baseball-cap.jpg

photo of a woman wearing a baseball cap

Pro tip: Make your alt tags and file names slightly different to have more keyword ops.


Keep your URLs short, simple, and include a focus keyword or phrase, as it helps search engines recognize what the page is about. If you’re planning to create a new landing page to promote your Black Friday Cyber Monday deals, choosing a URL that contains a valuable keyword is a must.

Anchor texts

Google uses hyperlinks to understand the relevance and value of pages on your site. Links can be:

  • internal—you linking to your own pages
  • external—someone else linking your pages on their website.

Think of each link, internal or external, as a vote—the more you have, the better. And while the link (or vote) itself is important, anchor text is what helps Google figure out what the vote is for.

An anchor text is part of the content where the link is added (or anchored) to. So, in a way, it hints at what content you’ll find in the link.

what is anchor text
Source: MOZ

Link your holiday-related pages in product categories, blogs, or other landing pages. Then use a keyword-optimized anchor text to direct customers to your Black Friday Cyber Monday offer page.

Pro tip: Google values in-content links way more than footer and sidebar links.

Long tail keywords

Some markets are more competitive than others. And if you happen to be competing with companies that have a large marketing budget and dominate search results already, ranking for generic keywords like “t-shirt” or “sports bra” will be difficult.

Your best bet is optimizing pages for long tail keywords. Here’s how a long tail keyword works:

generic keyword + specifications = long tail keyword

Since long tail keywords are more detailed, they get less search traffic but usually have a higher conversion rate and are easier to rank for.

So, let’s say you’re selling yoga leggings. Instead of targeting the yoga leggings keyword, try leopard print yoga leggings, or any other cool detail about your product.

Start optimizing your content for BFCM

Optimizing your content for higher rankings in search results is important all year round, but it’s crucial during busy shopping seasons like Black Friday Cyber Monday. Use this guide to identify the most valuable keywords and start optimizing your website with them in mind today.

What’s your experience with using holiday SEO to get the most out of the Black Friday Cyber Monday season? Share your wisdom in the comments below!

This article was originally published in October 2018; it has since been updated.

Una is an SEO content marketing specialist with a knack for SEO-friendly copywriting and building stunning landing pages. In her spare time, she's an avid reader and keeps close tabs on all things social media and mental health.


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