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Blog / Style & trends / The Most Popular T-Shirt Colors to Sell This Year

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Blog / Style & trends / The Most Popular T-Shirt Colors to Sell This Year

Style & trends

The Most Popular T-Shirt Colors to Sell This Year

The Most Popular T-Shirt Colors to Sell This Year
Dace Gribuste

By Dace Gribuste

9 min read

As a custom apparel business owner, you’ve likely been asked about the most popular t-shirt colors. It’s a common question when learning how to start a t-shirt business. Deciding on the perfect shade is tough since everyone wants something that looks good, matches the occasion, and is practical.

To help you offer the best guidance to your customers, we reviewed our popular Bella + Canvas 3001 t-shirt collection. We studied the colors that our sellers have been selling the most, taking into consideration a wide range of individuals and tastes.

In this post, we’ll share the most popular colors and links to the best quality t-shirts for printing. By knowing the top choices, you can help your customers make informed decisions.

While t-shirt trends and in-style color palettes change, some of our top bestsellers remain black, white, navy blue, red, and gray custom t-shirts. Except for red, all of them seem subdued. However, that’s their key to popularity in t-shirt printing—a neutral background lets a vibrant design shine.

Neon green and mustard yellow are often the least popular shirt colors in print-on-demand. It’s because their brightness overshadows many designs, and they don’t mix well with most wardrobes. The limited design colors and small end customer pool result in low demand.

However, these colors shouldn’t be discarded too quickly. Not every category is the same, and bright neons are still big hits in athletic and children’s clothing.

When it comes to t-shirt trends, some things are here to stay—like certain shades that have become timeless classics. Among them are black, white, black heather, and gray heather, all colors with enduring popularity.

Black apparel has long been a staple in closets everywhere (think the little black dress), and black t-shirts are no different. 

The color black is versatile and timeless, matching different shirt styles and occasions effortlessly. And it goes well with almost any outfit or accessory, which allows for endless fashion possibilities. 

Plus, the color black’s ability to absorb light makes printed designs or logos more visible and impactful. For instance, when printing on black t-shirts, the classic combo of black and white creates bold visuals, ensuring that every design detail stands out.

black t-shirt color

Source: Printful reviews 


The classic white tee is another wardrobe essential, embodying simplicity at its finest. In the past, wearing a white tee and jeans to a fancy event might have seemed odd, but things have changed. 

Now, the white tee is a core piece that goes beyond fashion trends. It can be dressed up or down and can be found in many different looks. 

And the great thing about white is that it goes well with any color, which is perfect when designing custom t-shirts.

a man wearing a printed white t-shirt with a basketball court illustration

Unisex Basic Softstyle T-Shirt | Gildan 64000

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You might be wondering about the distinction between black and black heather, and why black heather is one of our most popular t-shirt colors. The difference lies in their appearance and fabric composition. 

Black is a solid, opaque color without any visible texture. In contrast, black heather has a distinctive heathered effect, featuring subtle variations in color and texture.

photo comparison of black and black heather colors in t-shirts

Black vs. Black Heather t-shirt (Unisex Staple T-Shirt | Bella + Canvas 3001)

All heather colors in the Bella + Canvas 3001 t-shirt collection are 52% combed and ring-spun cotton, and 48% polyester. This blend combines the natural softness and breathability of cotton with the strength and wrinkle resistance of polyester. It offers a balance of comfort and durability, making it suitable for everyday wear.

black heather tee

Source: Printful


It’s easy to imagine why dark gray heather is the ultimate go-to for t-shirt printing. Picture this: a slightly different shade that effortlessly enhances any design you throw at it. With its dark gray hue (but still neutral vibe), it serves as the perfect backdrop. But it’s not just about the color—practicality is another reason to love dark gray heather. It wears well and doesn’t show many imperfections.

dark grey heather t-shirt fabric

Source: metrotextilesnyc

T-shirt printing is never boring, but it’s definitely more interesting when you’re in on the latest trends. It’s all about staying ahead of the game! We’ve got you covered with a list of all the latest trending colors you can use.

Many people love blue, making it a safe choice and a true classic. Maybe it’s because different shades of blue evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. Whether it’s a true royal blue, a bold navy, or a refreshing turquoise, each hue holds a special magic.

5. Navy

a woman leaning against a wall

Unisex Organic Cotton Tee | AS Colour 5001G

People love navy because it’s versatile, works well with many styles and colors, and it’s practical—darker shades hide sweat marks and stains. Plus, as a dark backdrop, your logo on a navy blue t-shirt would stand out prominently wherever it’s placed.

6. Heather midnight navy 

Heather midnight navy combines dark navy blue with a subtle heathered look, resulting in a visually appealing blend. It’s a versatile and highly favored option for print-on-demand clothing because of its unique look. For a winning result, consider pairing it with white, yellow, or light blue designs.

7. True royal

a blue shirt with a cartoon on it and a hat and sunglasses

Men’s Fitted T-Shirt | Next Level 3600

With its rich and intense shade of blue, true royal blue is downright captivating. It’s a lighter tone than navy blue, and has regal beginnings. The title of this shade traces its origins back to England—the color was created for a competition to design a dress for Queen Charlotte. So, whether you seek a luxurious look or a simply bold pop of color for your custom design, true royal blue is a great choice. 

8. Light blue

a woman in a blue shirt

Women’s Fashion Fit T-Shirt | Gildan 880

Light blue is a popular t-shirt color because of its muted, relaxed look. Unlike darker shades of blue, which can come off as more intense, light blue is perfect for pairing with tons of different designs. Because it’s easy on the eyes, the shade is great for larger surfaces (like t-shirts) as a background color to show off your design.


No wonder off-white is at the peak of its popularity for t-shirts—it’s a subtle deviation from the classic white tee that offers a fresh take. For those still hesitant about moving away from pure white, the various shades of off-white may just make you a believer.

Colors like soft cream, heather dust, eggshell, or ivory show that off-white has a range of options to get into. These colors are suitable for all-season wear and provide an ideal blank canvas (with a twist) as a backdrop for bold designs.

Soft cream for a custom-printed t-shirt offers a subtle and refined look with timeless appeal that will enhance your print’s visibility. On the internet, you’ll find thousands of t-shirt design ideas for a soft cream tee—just look at what we came across: 

10. Heather dust

a man smiling with his hands in his pockets

Unisex Staple T-Shirt | Bella + Canvas 3001

While soft cream embodies a warm and inviting tone, heather dust exudes a cool, muted aesthetic. If your planned design or company logo features cold hues, choosing a t-shirt that matches that tone creates a cohesive look. Heather dust also adds a touch of originality to your tee, as compared to using a plain white t-shirt.

Our sellers have seen a steady rise in sales of gray shirts over the past few years. But you may be wondering: what’s so special about gray? Below, we share the gray shades that are soaring in popularity and why they’re in such high demand.

11. Athletic heather


a woman holding a purse

Unisex Staple T-Shirt | Bella + Canvas 3001

Athletic heather is great t-shirt color for printing, especially for sportswear and activewear. It camouflages dampness and offers the perfect contrast for bright designs. This shade in our Bella + Canvas 3001 t-shirt collection is crafted from a blend of 90% combed and ring-spun cotton and 10% polyester. Meaning, it brings together the cozy comfort of cotton with the added durability and strength of polyester.

Asphalt is like the cool cousin of a black tee—it’s modern, stain-resistant, but more original than just plain black. With its sleek look, this color goes well with any style and suits all skin tones.

asphalt t-shirt color

Source: Printful reviews

13. Ash

a man in a grey shirt

Men’s Classic Tee | Gildan 5000

Ash is an excellent t-shirt color option for printing. Its light, muted tone provides a versatile backdrop for designs, making them stand out with a subtle, sophisticated touch.

All things nature inspired are pretty popular, including for colors and fashion. Unsurprisingly, green has emerged as one of the most popular t-shirt colors this year. Let’s take a look at the top shades. 

14. Forest 

a woman stretching her arm

Unisex Performance Crew Neck T-Shirt | A4 N3142

Printing on a forest green t-shirt just screams earthy vibes. This deep, rich hue is associated with freshness and the environment. It’s ideal for designs related to sustainability, outdoor activities, or nature. Pair it with a contrasting color in your design (like red) to give it vibrance.

15. Heather Deep Teal

a long sleeved shirt on a table with flowers

Unisex Long Sleeve Tee | Bella + Canvas 3501

With its blend of green and blue undertones, Heather Deep Teal is a fan favorite. Not surprising, given its visually soothing look and ability to pair well with many different designs. This versatile color will add depth and dimension to your printed t-shirts.

16. Kelly

a green shirt with a yellow face on it and straw hat and sandals Youth Staple Tee | Bella + Canvas 3001Y

The lively shade of Kelly green exudes energy and enthusiasm, making it perfect for creating attention-grabbing t-shirt prints. Named for a common Irish family name, it evokes the lush green Irish landscape. As a vibrant middle green, it’s great for fun, lighthearted designs.

17. Red

Some of the softest t-shirts in the Bella + Canvas 3001 collection are the more solid colors, like red. These t-shirts are crafted from 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, a fabric renowned for its exceptional softness, smoothness, and comfort. And the saturated red color? Just as special. Pair it with complementary colors for a standout design.

red t-shirt color

Source: Printful reviews

18. Pink

a woman wearing a pink shirt and a hat 

Women’s Crop Top | AS Colour 4062

Pink is often associated with love, sweetness, and creativity, making it an excellent option for designs targeting a specific audience or conveying a particular message. The versatility of pink allows for a wide range of design possibilities, from cute and playful to bold and expressive.

19. Purple

a woman with blue hair and a purple shirt

Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt | Bella + Canvas 3413

A purple t-shirt as the canvas for a print design is a distinguished choice. Often associated with nobility, luxury, and power, it’s sure to make any design stand out. Whether you opt for the striking contrast of white, the elegance of silver, the boldness of black, or a luxurious touch of gold, any choice will create a visually appealing design. 

20. Yellow 

a woman smiling in a yellow shirt

Unisex Staple T-Shirt | Bella + Canvas 3001

When it comes to t-shirt colors, don’t overlook the power of yellow. This vibrant color is associated with positivity, energy, and warmth, making it a popular and versatile choice. Since it’s light in hue, you have the flexibility to print different themes and designs on a yellow tee—anything from a fun graphic to a formal logo. 

21. Orange

a woman sitting on a white cube holding a bottle

Unisex Sports Jersey | SOL’S 11939

The current popularity of orange tees is tied to the resurgence of a ’90s aesthetic. The warm, bright, sunset-like qualities of orange perfectly capture the essence of the iconic designs from that era. This color also pairs well with many different design styles. 

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When it comes to selecting the best t-shirts for printing, color choice is often at the forefront. While it’s no surprise that muted and classic hues are among the most popular t-shirt colors, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your bright, bold, and sunny t-shirt design ideas. Vibrant and colorful tees are still very much on trend for the right audience and offer endless design possibilities.

bella canvas t-shirt color

Source: Printful reviews

Once you’ve decided on the color, take a look at our latest t-shirt design trends for more inspiration. Good luck, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


By Dace Gribuste on May 13, 2024

Dace Gribuste

Guest author

Dace is a freelance writer at Printful, with a background in content marketing and social media management. During her spare time, she indulges in reading and seizes every opportunity to backpack across Europe.

Dace is a freelance writer at Printful, with a background in content marketing and social media management. During her spare time, she indulges in reading and seizes every opportunity to backpack across Europe.