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Blog / Style & trends / 12 Recruiting Swag Ideas to Acquire t

Style & trends

12 Recruiting Swag Ideas to Acquire the Best Talent

12 Recruiting Swag Ideas to Acquire the Best Talent
Pauls Smiltiņš

By Pauls Smiltiņš

9 min read

When you think of career fair giveaways, what comes to your mind? If it’s all about pens and branded candy, you might have to think again.

Career fairs have become an important platform for recruitment, providing a unique opportunity to connect with motivated and skilled job seekers. With numerous companies competing for the same talent, setting yourself apart is integral.

Nowadays, people expect more than just generic freebies—they want meaningful connections and memorable experiences with brands that care. Offering fresh company swag is your chance to engage the target audience and leave a lasting impression.

Finding the perfect gift may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through it all. Today, we’ll explore practical and fun career fair giveaway ideas that will elevate your recruitment game.

Ready to explore the best recruiting swag ideas? Let’s dive in.

Why are career fair giveaways important?

Before we dive into the job fair giveaway ideas, let’s discuss the benefits of career fair swag.

Who doesn’t like gifts? They make you feel appreciated and cared for. During the career fair, gifts make you stand out from the competition whilst helping to shape potential hires’ perceptions of your company values. That said, there’s a thin line between gifts that make potential employees excited about working with you and gifts that just take up space in participants’ bags.

What are the benefits of career fair giveaways?

  1. Engaging with candidates: Job fair giveaways are effective conversation starters, clearing the way for more profound discussions about your company’s mission and the roles you’re seeking to fill.

  2. Company values: The choice of career fair swag reflects your company’s culture and values. For instance, offering eco-friendly totes shows your commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

  3. Demonstrates appreciation: Beyond their promotional value, recruitment giveaways express appreciation to attendees for investing their time and interest in your company. This gesture creates a positive connection with your brand.

  4. Brand awareness: The impact of your giveaways goes beyond the confines of the career fair, reaching a wider audience when attendees use your gifts in public.

  5. Memorable impression: Career fair giveaways allow for memorable impressions of your company. The nature of career fair gifts ensures that your company stays on top of job seeker’s minds when reflecting on their experience.

Remember that it’s not as simple as giving away cheap merchandise. It’s crucial to steer clear of distributing low-quality, generic items as they won’t contribute to your branding efforts.

However, this doesn’t mean you must break the bank to make a lasting impression. Instead, focus on the creative aspect when selecting branded items your audience will value.

12 recruiting swag items to capture the attention of the best talent

Whether you want fun, creative, or practical swag, here are 12 standout career fair swag ideas, designed to attract potential candidates.

1. Tote bags

Tote bags have proven to be practical and eco-friendly gifts that won’t break the bank.

Create chic totes by incorporating your company’s branding or playful graphics related to your company’s swag. Tote bags are useful for various situations, from work and groceries to picnics and beyond, acting as constant reminders of your brand’s values.

a black bag on sandSource: Instagram/company.concentric

Given their adaptability, tote bags unquestionably stand out as a cost-effective choice when seeking budget-friendly giveaway ideas for career fairs.

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2. Notebooks

Surprise your potential employees with a high-quality notebook that aids their career planning experience. This practical giveaway, ideal for job fairs, serves as a useful writing companion for swiftly capturing ideas or documenting valuable insights from potential employers.

Notebooks are outstanding promotional products due to their portability and versatility. Their compact size allows individuals to carry them on the go effortlessly. Notebooks are well-known for their durability and high degree of customization.

a person holding a notebookSource: Printful

3. Stickers

Speaking of customization, it doesn’t get much easier than custom company stickers.

Although simple and small, custom stickers are an impactful gift that allows you to showcase your company swag. One of the main benefits of giving away stickers is that your potential employees can combine them with other gifts or daily items such as notebooks, laptops, or even water bottles.

a hand holding a cardSource: Instagram/melliedesignco

Just because they’re small and simple doesn’t mean they’re not meaningful.

4. Laptop sleeves

If you’ve got a corporate job, there’s a high chance your everyday life involves computers. It’s also possible your company allows remote work. If that’s true, engage potential candidates with a gift that’ll serve them daily—a laptop sleeve.

If you want to customize with more than your company logo or slogan, try a sentence or quote that showcases your field or type of work. If you’re a tech company, include a funny quote or a saying that represents the daily challenges of tech workers.

That said, for a more visually striking impact, opt for the classic logo or slogan presentation, showcasing a more formal approach. Whatever you decide on, make sure your chosen customization method aligns with your brand values, creating a cohesive and visually appealing impression.

a laptop case with a logoSource: Printful

5. Water bottles

Seeking a career fair gift that combines sustainability with a healthy lifestyle?

Reusable water bottles are what you’re looking for. They not only promote hydration among potential employees but also contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste. This gift idea boosts your brand image while encouraging creativity and endorsing a healthy lifestyle among job seekers.

a woman holding a bottle and a mugSource: Printful

6. Tumblers

Throughout the various activities, it’s easy to forget the importance of staying hydrated. While water bottles are often the go-to choice, the classic tumbler shouldn’t go under the radar.

a pair of hands holding up two glassesSource: Printful

Tumblers are easy to personalize and they give off a more festive vibe. Offer a fresh beverage at your stand and let the job seekers enjoy a rejuvenating sip on the go. Customize your tumblers with a company logo or a slogan, and let these nifty containers work wonders for your brand awareness.

7. Mugs

Is it just us, or are coffee breaks the best part of your day?

Custom mugs are a cost-effective solution for career fair gifts. Although not the most original choice, a custom mug will make for a practical yet simple gift.

a person holding a white mugSource: Printful’s Design Maker

It’s no coincidence that major corporations opt for custom mugs as gifts for their employees. These mugs simply get the job done!

8. Coasters

Talking about mugs without mentioning coasters would be a miss. While not everyone may be concerned about water stains on their furniture, coasters make for an excellent gift for potential employees.

They’re budget-friendly, simple, and practical. These desk items not only help maintain a tidy workspace but also, with a good design, add a touch of elegance to your daily routine.

a group of coasters with birds on themSource: Printful

9. Premium t-shirts

Custom t-shirts can surprise job fair attendees if done correctly. Unless you’re a widely recognized brand like Apple or Mercedes, you’ll have to put in some effort to make a job hunter excited about a regular tee.

When going with t-shirts, make sure they’re high-quality in terms of material and design. The premium feel shows you’re invested in and care about your future employees.

a man with his arms crossedSource: Printful

One thing’s certain—no one will want to wear a plain, regular tee with a small company logo. If you’re going to do this, make it count!

10. Caps

A practical solution that not only shields potential employees from the sun but also helps to promote your company as they wear it.

Offer custom caps with your company logo or a catchy slogan, and witness them being worn long after the career fair ends. Caps and hats have become integral to contemporary fashion trends, underlining the significance of impactful company swag.

a woman wearing a hat

Source: Printful

11. Socks

At first, you might think that this is a strange choice when considering job fair giveaway ideas. Frankly, this recruiting swag idea will blow prospective employees’ socks off. Forget the basic gifts that everyone else is going to bring. Take the unconventional route and surprise everyone with something exciting.

a group of socks and socks on a leafSource: Printful

Create custom socks with all-over print patterns or embroidery. It’ll not only make for a fun gift but also showcase your brand identity.

Do this right, and job fair attendees will remember you for having one of the best career fair giveaways.

12. Embroidered patches

With the increasing demand for customization, embroidered patches have become a hit in mainstream fashion. You’ll surprise quite a few career fair participants with these nifty accessories.

a person holding a backpackSource: Printful

Fabric patches refresh plain or worn apparel, adding color and personality. They’re versatile and simple, making them a great promotional product for career fairs.

Things to keep in mind during career fair giveaways

You now have several swag ideas for your career fair giveaway. But you should keep a few things in mind to avoid items that misrepresent your company’s mission and values.

Your branding strategy

Prioritize your branding strategy. A t-shirt featuring just a logo is standard. However, an eco-friendly tee customized with a slogan or an intricate design becomes a powerful tool for reinforcing your brand’s values. It’s not always about costly or unconventional items—the most effective swag communicates your brand’s purpose.

For example, if your brand exudes a fun, laid-back vibe, then humor-based designs and unexpected items like socks are the way to go. Rather than chasing trends, align your swag with your branding strategy and internal culture. Using this swag, make a statement that engages potential employees and makes them remember you.

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Quality comes first

It’s simple—quality over quantity. When considering career fair gift ideas, pick durable products that show your attention to detail and last long. Nobody wants a tote bag that’ll tear after the first shopping run. Your company’s swag value lies in leaving a long-lasting impression with high-quality items.

Cost-effective solutions

Strive for cost-effective solutions when creating exceptional company swag and consider print-on-demand as a fulfillment method.

With Printful, products are made to order, cutting out unsold stock and reducing waste. Printful streamlines logistics, processing, and delivery, saving you time, money, and unnecessary headaches. Enjoy flexibility with no minimum order requirements, allowing you to buy as many or as few items as needed while still benefiting from bulk order discounts.

Have fun with it

At the end of the day, if you’re having fun creating the gifts, it’s more likely that job seekers will enjoy them. Don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary. You’ll be surprised by how excited people can get about stylish yet simple company swag.

Remember all the tips that you’ve acquired here today, and we’re certain that you’ll create a memorable impression from the get-go. Here at Printful, we’ll help you through every step to ensure your wildest design ideas become reality.

So, how will you surprise job seekers at the next recruitment event?


By Pauls Smiltiņš on Feb 7, 2024

Pauls Smiltiņš

Guest author

Pauls is a content writer with a background in the radio. He has a degree in communication sciences, and in his free time, Pauls loves to entertain crowds by playing live music on stage.

Pauls is a content writer with a background in the radio. He has a degree in communication sciences, and in his free time, Pauls loves to entertain crowds by playing live music on stage.