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Blog / Style & trends / 15 Sweatshirt Embroidery Ideas for Your Next Designs

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Blog / Style & trends / 15 Sweatshirt Embroidery Ideas for Your Next Designs

Style & trends

15 Sweatshirt Embroidery Ideas for Your Next Designs

15 Sweatshirt Embroidery Ideas for Your Next Designs
Ketlina Sarkisjane 

By Ketlina Sarkisjane 

6 min read

Did you know that embroidered apparel is one of the trending products to sell in 2024? You can tap into that market by selling embroidered sweatshirts—popular print-on-demand (POD) products that can be personalized and decorated with a variety of embroidered designs.  

When decorated with unique designs, sweatshirts become a fashion staple suitable for all seasons and different styles. They can be layered during colder weather or worn as a cover-up on breezy summer evenings. 

In this post, you’ll find different embroidery ideas that are perfect for customized sweatshirts. Whether you’re trying to design your first POD clothing item or have a dropshipping store that specializes in custom apparel, keep reading to get inspired.

1. Pet embroidery

An easy way to make a simple sweatshirt one of the favorites is to customize it with pet designs. While machine embroidery is a fantastic method for customizing sweatshirts, it has limitations when it comes to replicating real-life images. To use a picture of your furry friend for an embroidery design, it has to be simplified into clean and distinguishable lines to achieve a professional finish. 

If you’re good at photo editing—turn your skills into a business. You can offer customers the option to upload images of their pets and turn them into cute embroidered sweatshirts that showcase their love for their companions. You can also find ready-to-use clipart in Printful’s Design Maker that best resembles your furry friend and is suited for embroidery customization. 

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2. Phrases and quotes

Another popular design choice is using phrases or quotes when customizing embroidered sweatshirts. Whether fun or inspirational, quotes on apparel create aesthetic designs. Choose a font that best represents your style and write the message you want to share. 

3. Personalized initials

Personalizing a sweatshirt with your initials adds a personal touch and sense of individuality. Whether it’s a design with your own initials or matching sweatshirts with initials to exchange with someone special, such design choice transforms a basic sweatshirt into a meaningful keepsake. 

4. Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs are often incorporated into designs for different items. Whether the zodiac symbol is added to a pendant or a keychain, it’s a way to reflect on your astrological identity and each sign’s traits.

Besides accessories, zodiac signs can be used to add a personal touch to your sweatshirt. For example, you can showcase your sign’s constellation or opt for a fun phrase like “Total Aquarius” or “Proud Leo.” 

5. Logos

Logo embroidery is another design idea for embroidered sweatshirts. They make the perfect gifts for employees to proudly showcase their affiliation with the company. Whether worn casually in the office or while attending networking events, matching sweatshirts with the company’s logo will maintain a professional image and promote the brand’s identity. Moreover, they also serve as effective commercial tools when gifted to loyal customers. 

a man in a white shirtSource: Printful 

6. Clipart designs

Not all designs have to tell a story. Various clipart designs, chosen solely for their aesthetic allure, can enhance a simple sweatshirt into a stunning closet piece. Using online design tools like Canva or Printful’s Design Maker, everyone can find ready-to-use clipart that best reflects their style preferences. 

7. Nature-inspired designs

Nature is one of the best sources of inspiration. With the diverse landscapes, plants, and animals, each individual can find something to connect with. You can turn those passions into custom sweatshirts by creating a design that reflects your favorite part of nature. Whether mountains, the ocean, or your favorite type of flower, a sweatshirt like this will be a must-have when venturing into nature. 

8. Location designs 

Various embroidered location designs have gained popularity in casual fashion. And the most common apparel items they’re seen on are dad caps and sweatshirts. While location designs have been around for a long time, such clothing pieces were mainly found in souvenir shops. 

However, now they’ve become a trend and are widely offered by almost any fast-fashion retailer. Why not hop on this trend? Custom sweatshirts offer a unique canvas to embroider popular travel destinations. Whether solely for the aesthetic allure, to embrace hometown pride, or to reminisce on past travel experiences, this embroidered sweatshirt design will cater to diverse tastes and purposes. 

9. Foodie designs

If you share a special passion for food, why not turn your favorite delights into embroidered designs? Celebrate the flavors of your favorite seasonal goods, or embrace the love for sushi, pizza, and other culinary delights. All you have to do is decide on a food design and let the embroidery thread bring it to life. Whether a bright strawberry design or your go-to comfort meal, these embroidered creations won’t go unnoticed. 

10. Festive designs

Nothing compares to the joy of slipping into a festive sweatshirt when the season comes. Whether gingerbread men for the winter season or a cozy quote evoking the sense of fall, festive garments add warmth and seasonal cheer to your wardrobe. Design your seasonal sweatshirt with a clipart or quote that best captures the spirit of your favorite season. 

11. Special dates

Custom sweatshirts with embroidery dates are a way to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, graduation, and so on. By embroidering dates, a sweatshirt will hold sentimental value and serve as a reminder of meaningful experiences and happy moments. 

a black and white t-shirts with roman numeralsSource: Etsy 

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12. Matching designs 

Matching embroidered sweatshirts are an awesome design idea for couples, family members, or best friends. For example, you can create matching sweatshirts with a shared quote, like “Together Forever” that’ll make sense only when worn side-by-side. Or you can choose something that symbolizes your friendship while also cherishing your distinct personalities. Choosing matching designs for sweatshirts can turn them into heartfelt gifts that’ll bring joy and celebrate the unique bond with each wear.

13. Hobbies 

A special sweatshirt dedicated to indulging in your hobbies? Yes, please! Customizing your sweatshirt with hobby-related designs is a perfect way to showcase your passion for it in a stylish way. Whether it’s sports, biking, or reading, select a design that resonates with you and embroider it on your sweatshirt. 

Another embroidery design idea that’ll express your identity is your profession. Choosing to embroider something related to your profession on a sweatshirt is a way to showcase your pride and commitment to your chosen field. Whether for wearing at work or running errands, a sweatshirt like this will catch the attention and earn the respect of people around you. 

15. Activist designs 

Embroidery is an effective tool to raise awareness on various issues. If you’re a part of an activist group advocating for a cause, embroider sweatshirts with a message that unites your community. Additionally, selling activist-design sweatshirts can raise funds to support your campaigns. 

It’s your turn!

We hope these design ideas inspired you to create your custom embroidery sweatshirts. 

In our catalog, you’ll find multiple sweatshirt alternatives that differ in style and fabric. Choose one for yourself and get to the fun side of designing! 

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By Ketlina Sarkisjane  on May 21, 2024

Ketlina Sarkisjane 

Guest author

Ketlina is a freelance content writer. She's passionate about digital marketing and has experience working as a social media manager. In her free time, she enjoys going on long walks with her dog while listening to her favorite podcasts. 

Ketlina is a freelance content writer. She's passionate about digital marketing and has experience working as a social media manager. In her free time, she enjoys going on long walks with her dog while listening to her favorite podcasts.