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18 Cool Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Nice List

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This is prime time for gift buying. The Holidays are coming up fast and Thanksgiving weekend unleashed a frenzy of sales as consumers flocked to tick items off their wish lists. Consumers spent a total of $12.8 billion this Cyber Weekend and the National Retail Federation estimates that 44% of consumers shopped online (as opposed to 40% in store).

So hopefully you got customers buying gifts from you. But have you started thinking about your gift list yet? The pressure’s on to make like Santa’s elves and get your gifts ready. And if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got the list for you.

This is our gift list of unique products and prints that anyone would happy to get under the tree. It has a mix of everything – t-shirts, posters, mugs, totes, and more. It’s our compilation of some of the coolest stuff Printful customers have created.

T-Shirts: fun, vibrant prints

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt. It’s a classic staple in every wardrobe. These are some of our favorite prints.

1. Bugabaloo, Inc.


Because who doesn’t love a good nap? And after your holiday dinner, you’ll probably need one. No longer available. 

2. Danius


An interesting print for the person who loves a little mystery. No longer available.

3. Retrobitios


For your pal that loves all things vintage and misses the days of Pong. 

Home Stuff: posters, mugs, pillows

Posters, mugs, pillows… Instead of apparel, you can always opt for home decor to spruce up the homes of your loved ones.

4. Other Adventures


For the person on your list with eclectic taste. No longer available.

5. GrafoMap


GrafoMap is a little different from the other stores on this list because it lets you create a custom poster map of any city in the world.

6. Dave Conrey Art


Because being lazy won’t get you anywhere. 

7. His and Her Wine


Pizza + Wine = Yum.

8. Tomb Buddies


For your tea-drinking, pun-loving pals. 

9. George Glass


For your friends that like a little Nordic inspiration and a pop of color. 

10. NeonTalk


A little 90’s throwback for the Millennials on your list. 

Sublimation fun: leggings and dresses

For the fashionistas in your life – these all-over printed products are trendy and fun.

11. DogzPrinted


Comfortable leggings with a cute and festive print.

12. The Inked Elephant


A stylish dress with a subtle brushstroke print. 

Accessories: phone cases, totes, and hats

With these, it doesn’t matter what size you get or whether they match decor. These items are universally used and make nice stocking stuffers.

13. That Moxie Chick Studio


For all the doers, planners, and go-getters. 



For the person who eats, sleeps, and breathes code.

15. The Awkward Yeti


This store’s full of adorable, goofy, truthful designs.

16. The Sarcastic Nutritionist


For all the people in your ‘cad squad. No longer available. 

17. Startup Vitamins


For the entrepreneur that’s fueled by passion.

18. The Whiskey Pickle


For anyone who enjoys pickles and bright colors. No longer available.

Time to wrap it up

We hope this list gives you inspiration for your gift list and puts you in the giving mood! Bear in mind that order deadlines are looming – the last day to order with USPS economy is December 8th and after that it’s only expedited shipping. So if any of these items interest you, better move fast!

Happy Holidays!  

Nora has been part of the Printful team since 2015. She has spent the last several years writing content, coordinating communications projects, and helping customers learn about ecommerce. Now as Printful's Brand Manager, she gets to use her experience and knowledge in new and challenging ways.


  1. Joy

    How did “That Moxie Chick Studio” get the gold foil look on their tote bag? Is there a rgb value you recommend? Looks nice!

    1. Nora Inveiss Post author

      Agreed, it looks awesome! I’m not 100% sure how this store owner did it, but I know that it’s possible to create a gold foil effect through Photoshop. You can also reach out to Printful’s Design Services – our in-house designers can help.

  2. Irene

    In my opinion, the best are unique gifts. Nowadays, it’s lot of options. Last time I bought a star from kigdom of universe to my love as a symbol of our relationship. It shows that love will last forever and in any time and any place we see a sky full of star we will know that one of them is ours and remeber how deep is feeling between us. I reallly recomend gifts which have menings for gifted person.

  3. Matthew Jones

    GrafoMap is really an interesting thing, it would look seriously amazing hanged on a wall of the living room, bedroom, lobby, or may be in any room of the house.

    Moreover, it can be gifted to anyone be it your friend, family, office co-worker, etc.

    I will surely buy one.

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