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How to Promote Your Printful Affiliate Link

By Reading Time: 3 minutes

Affiliate marketing is the term used when you (typically bloggers) promote a company’s product or service and receive commission for sales made from your referral. The worldwide affiliate marketing industry is currently worth about $6.5 billion, so it can be lucrative for both the companies and the affiliates. Whether you’re thinking of getting started with affiliate […]

Marketing tips

How to Create Multiple Streams of Income for Under $3

By Reading Time: 14 minutes

This is a guest post by Steve Chou from MyWifeQuitHerJob. In a 5 year study conducted among 233 self-made millionaires, most had multiple streams of income. Not only that, but 65 percent had at least 3 income streams or more! By design, the richest people in the world have many sources of income because it […]

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