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Blog / Style & trends / 15 Trending Hat Embroidery Ideas to Wow Your Customers

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Blog / Style & trends / 15 Trending Hat Embroidery Ideas to Wow Your Customers

Style & trends

15 Trending Hat Embroidery Ideas to Wow Your Customers

15 Trending Hat Embroidery Ideas to Wow Your Customers
Agnese Zimele

By Agnese Zimele

6 min read

Whether it’s a cap, beanie, beret, or snapback, every person has at least one hat in their arsenal. And for many, it’s not just a piece of clothing to cover the head. It’s a design element and a possibility to express their personality.

This is where custom embroidery comes in. Embroidered hats have taken the industry by storm, combining the old and the new and adding a personal touch to the familiar headwear. And with the convenience of machine embroidery and print-on-demand services like Printful, you too can add a variety of hat embroidery designs to your product portfolio.

Let’s dive into 15 stylish hat embroidery ideas to help you get off to a good start and create trending products that turn heads.

1. Logos

Besides its name, a distinctive logo serves as an immediate symbol of recognition for any company, club, band, or organization.

Embroidering logos on hats lets wearers showcase their support or allegiance to the group the logo represents. It’s one of the most popular custom hat embroidery designs that will find its use among proud college students, company employees, and particular brand advocates.

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2. Monograms and initials

Nothing adds a more personal touch to a hat than initials or monograms. You could embroider a large letter on the front of a cap or small, more elegant initials on the brim of a bucket hat.

This hat embroidery design will be popular among gift-givers who prefer original, one-of-a-kind gifts and people who love exclusive accessories. Plus, monogrammed hats will be in demand all year, given their timeless style.

3. Phrases and quotes

Is there a saying or mantra you live by and would love to share with the world? Or perhaps there’s a famous quote that could inspire others and also look good on a hat? Don’t shy away and use them for embroidery designs to add extra value to your products.

You could test out personal favorites or well-known phrases, like “Go with the flow” or “The mountains are calling,” on a vintage dad cap to appeal to hikers and adventure lovers. Just remember to keep it short—you don’t want to make the text too small and illegible or leave no space for your design to breathe.

4. Nature-inspired designs

You can never go wrong with nature-infused embroidery patterns. It can be something as simple as a mountain range line or a flower bouquet on the side of a hat.

Nature can calm and inspire us; therefore, embroidering elements of flora and fauna will speak to anyone who wants to bring the power of nature into their everyday life. Floral embroidery adds feminine energy and is a great gift for women.

5. Foodie designs

Who doesn’t love to eat? Every person has their favorite dish, and seasoned foodies may even want to showcase their beloved foods on a hat.

Food-inspired embroidery certainly falls under fun and quirky hat embroidery designs and might appeal to a limited audience. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from putting a slice of pizza or guacamole jokes on a hat.

6. Pet-inspired designs

For many pet owners, their dog or cat is more than just an animal; it’s their best friend, and they would love to bring them wherever they go. Yet, it’s not always possible. Pet-inspired hat embroidery offers a charming solution, allowing pet parents to carry a piece of their furry companion with them, whether running errands or attending social events. 

By replicating their pet’s image or paw print on a hat, they can always keep their beloved pet close. This kind of hat not only serves as a way to show affection but also acts as treasured memorabilia to commemorate a dear pet that has passed away. Moreover, pet-inspired hat embroidery has a universal appeal that attracts many, even those without pets of their own.

7. Locations

Whether it’s your hometown, the address where you first met your soulmate, or an unforgettable travel destination, everyone has that one special place that brings up fond memories and is engraved deep in their hearts.

Embroidering the coordinates or names of these places on a hat makes it a wearable souvenir and a unique, sentimental gift for a loved one. It will also be a desired accessory for globe-trotters and local patriots.

8. Constellations and sky objects

There’s something about gazing at the night sky that makes us dream and get lost in our thoughts. The stars and the moon seem so bright and within reach, yet are so far, distant, and mysterious.

You can portray the alluring aspect of constellations and other sky objects in hat embroidery. Space movie buffs, astronomy lovers, and dreamers will often enjoy expressing their attraction to the night sky. And while it may be one of the more niche embroidery designs, it’s worth diversifying your product portfolio.

9. Dates

From birthdays to weddings and other special occasions, many people love to honor dates with a significant personal meaning. They bring back pleasant memories and may also remind us of important milestones.

Therefore, dates are excellent elements to embroider on custom hats, making them a highly personalized gift. It’s also possible to create embroidery that marks historic world or national events that will be especially popular among history lovers.

10. Love and friendship-inspired designs

Love, family, and friendship are custom hat embroidery industry segments that will never lose relevance. People are always drawn to pampering their loved ones with sweet and useful gifts.

You could create hat embroidery patterns around roles like mom, bride, best friend, and others. Hats with matching designs for couples, families, or members of a friend gang will also find their audience.

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11. Sketch/outline drawing

Thanks to advanced technologies and machine embroidery, we can now put intricate drawings on clothing, hats included. Think of monochromic embroidery depicting a blooming flower or replicating a more detailed picture in an abstract form.

Sketches and basic but cute outline drawings will speak to artistic souls and people who prefer minimalistic designs. They may also work great with other design elements, like dates or phrases, forming a complete embroidery design.

12. Hobby-inspired designs

Hobbies are part of our personality and lifestyle, and it’s only natural that many people love to show their favorite pastime activities on clothing and headwear. 

Sports, music, cinema, or gardening—whatever the hobby or interest, there’s certainly a way to create an embroidery design around it, show your true passion to the world, and help connect with like-minded individuals.

13. Symbols

A symbol or icon can communicate a message without words. Embroider it on a hat, and you can express your values, beliefs, preferences, or way of life to a broader audience.

Ying and yang, a peace sign, the infinity sign, Olympic rings, or a smiley face are just some symbols you can include in your embroidery patterns. You can start with a few and use the Printful Design Maker for more inspiration and ideas.

14. TV and movie-inspired designs

Pop culture has always been a popular theme in clothing design. Some TV show and movie characters and quotes have become so iconic that they live their own lives outside the TV screen and are replicated in multiple ways.

Therefore, playing around with this theme in your hat embroidery can attract a lot of attention. You can start with movies and TV series with the largest fandoms, like Friends or the Star Wars franchise, or jump on newer trends. Remember not to copy the original visual design elements, as that may lead to copyright infringement.

15. Folk designs

There’s no better way to show you belong to a particular culture and honor its traditions than by embroidering a piece of clothing with folk signs and patterns. They can be turned into a beautiful design with a modern twist for hats as well.

Many cultures, including Mexicans and various countries within the Arab world, are renowned for their colorful geometric ornaments, patterns, and figures in traditional textiles. Think about where your main customers may be located and appeal to the cultural heritage-oriented part of them.


Hat embroidery is no longer an emerging market segment but rather an industry that’s here to stay. People are increasingly attracted to the handicraft vibe and prefer custom-made to store-bought clothing.

If you’re hooked on the idea of selling hat embroidery designs but don’t know how to make it happen, partner with Printful, which will take care of the production, storage, and delivery side of the business. All you have to do is use this list of ideas for inspiration, let your creative juices flow, and start designing. You’re just a few steps away from launching your hat embroidery business.

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By Agnese Zimele on Jul 3, 2024

Agnese Zimele

Guest author

Agnese is a seasoned content specialist with a passion for running and traveling. She discovered her love for writing in high school and has helped multiple brands and individuals craft their stories ever since.

Agnese is a seasoned content specialist with a passion for running and traveling. She discovered her love for writing in high school and has helped multiple brands and individuals craft their stories ever since.