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How to Set up an Online Store with Wix Stores and Printful

How to Set up an Online Store with Wix Stores and Printful
Una Savcenko

By Una Savcenko

13 min read

Here we are—you, me, Wix, and Printful. 

You have ideas and artwork you want to share with the world. You’re interested to sell online and monetize your designs with print-on-demand products. And to do it all, you want to get going with Printful and Wix Stores.

So that’s you, Wix, and Printful. What about me? The only thing I wish, is to be your sensei. I want to guide you through the Wix Stores + Printful setup so you don’t have to stress about it.

I want to show you how to add products to your storefront, set up payments, and shipping. All the basics to get your business going with confidence.

If you’ve already started the setup without me, use the index below and navigate to the sections you need help with.

How to create an online store with Printful and Wix 

  1. Create your Printful and Wix accounts
  2. Add Wix Stores to your online store
  3. Connect Printful to Wix Stores
  4. Customize your online store on Wix
  5. Design and add your products to Wix Stores
  6. Connect a payment method to your Wix online store
  7. Set up shipping on Wix Stores
  8. Choose a Business Premium plan to sell with Wix Stores
  9. Launch your online store and start marketing

1. Create your Printful and Wix accounts

To start, you must have an account on both Printful and Wix. Let’s start with Printful. Creating your Printful account is free and you can do it on the Printful signup page. Another option is to click the red Start selling button on Printful’s homepage.

Here’s what Printful’s signup page looks like.

When you log into your new Printful account, you’ll see a short onboarding checklist. The important step is to add a payment method. That way, when a customer buys from you, we charge you for the order fulfillment straight away. And your customer doesn’t experience any delays with their order being processed.

Create and sell custom products online
Turn your ideas into premium products that leave a lasting impression

Now let’s create a Wix account. You can register for free by entering the Wix signup page. Or click the blue Get Started button on Wix’s homepage. During signup, you’ll be guided through an onboarding survey. Choose to create an online store and you’ll get a professional template with the Wix Stores app built-in. You need the app in order to sell your products and online accept payments.

You can add the Wix Stores app after onboarding as well. I’ll tell you more about the app in the next chapter of this blog. 

Here’s what Wix’s onboarding survey looks like.

The last registration step on Wix’s end is choosing which website editor to build your online store. If you have limited web design experience and want your store created for you, choose Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). If you want to create a store on your own, go for the Wix Editor. You’ll be able to pick from 500+ designer-made templates or start from scratch.

Whether you choose Wix ADI or the Wix Editor, you get full creative freedom when it comes to storefront design!

As your sensei, I created a storefront using both Wix ADI and the Wix Editor to help you make the right decision.

Wix ADI created a website for me after I answered a couple of questions about my store and design wishes. Wix ADI used the data I provided to auto-populate texts on my new storefront. The whole process with Wix ADI saved me the time I’d spend browsing storefront designs to find the one.

The Wix Editor, on the other hand, provided me with the browsing experience of my dreams. I could go over the 500+ pre-designed templates and pick the one I love.

If you like to choose between options like I do, then create your store with the Wix Editor. If you’re in a hurry or just want to try out a quick site creation, go with Wix ADI.

2. Add Wix Stores to your online store

Wix Stores is a complete ecommerce platform that lets you sell your products online. You can manage your store orders, payment status, inventory, and more from Wix. Plus, you’ll get industry-leading marketing integrations and advanced SEO tools to boost traffic and make sure your store gets found on search engines like Google.

Wix Stores doesn’t cost a thing to add to your site, so you can easily create a free online store on Wix. However, to accept on-site purchases, you’ll need to upgrade your Wix account to one of their Business & eCommerce plans. I’ll cover Wix’s subscription plans later in the article.

If you designed your store with Wix ADI, then add Wix Stores like so:

  1. Log into your Wix account.
  2. From your Wix Dashboard, click Edit Site at the bottom left of the side menu.
  3. In the header menu, click Add, then Apps. Find Online Stores and click Add. You’re done!

And here’s how to add Wix Stores through the Wix Editor:

  1. Log into your Wix account.
  2. From your Wix Dashboard, click Edit Site at the bottom left of the side menu.
  3. Click Add Apps, search for Wix Stores in the Wix App Market and click + Add to Site. You’re done!
Add Wix Stores to your site in three clicks from the Wix Editor view.

After you’ve added Wix Stores to your Wix site, it’s time to add the Printful app.

3. Connect Wix Stores to Printful

The Printful app is the link between your Wix online store and the Printful account you set up. The integration will import Printful products and fulfill all incoming orders automatically. Here’s how you connect Wix Stores to Printful.

  1. Go to your Printful account and log in.
  2. In the Printful Dashboard side menu, click Stores > Choose platform.
  3. Find Wix and click Connect.
  4. Follow the on-site steps to complete the connection—and that’s it!

Now you’ve added Wix Stores and the Printful app to your site. Well done, and it’s time for the fun stuff. That’s customizing your online store layout, branding, and color schemes.

4. Customize your Wix online store

How far can you go with tweaking your online store? With Wix, you can go all the way.

If you’re designing your storefront with Wix ADI, you can modify and add sections from their pre-designed blocks. If you’re working with the Wix Editor, you have complete design freedom. You can add and remove any site element you want.

With design freedom, comes great responsibility. And I don’t want you to get lost in the many design features Wix offers. So as your sensei, I’ll guide you through the possibilities you get using the Wix Editor.

Choose from 500+ designer-made storefront templates

Each template has its own concept, layout, and features. To see the templates we suggest, visit our blog about Wix ecommerce templates and spot your favorites!

over 500 templates
Wix merchant example: HELLIER storefront design.

Quick tip! You can create as many sites as you want on Wix, but you won’t be able to change your site template. Check out all your options before you commit!

Wix has a collection of online store templates. Each template comes with a built-in Home, Shop, About, FAQ, and Contact page. Some templates also have a Shipping & Returns and Privacy Policy pages. In any case—you can add and remove pages to your liking.

Wix merchant example: Bad Bitch Book Club minimalist storefront design.

Aside from online store templates, Wix also features templates built to showcase photography, music, events, travel adventures, communities, and more. You can choose whichever template you like and add Wix Stores to any of them.

Play around with advanced design features

Even though you’ll work with a template, you can still customize every single thing on the page. Seriously. You can:

  • Add countless shapes, lists, and grids to define the look of your online store. Change the color of the shapes, add links, or text to them.
  • Animate your store. Add video backgrounds, scroll effects, and moving images with transparent background.
Wix merchant example: PMPV storefront with banners and animation effects.
  • Have fun with hover boxes. Surprise your customers by revealing a promo deal that appears on hover.
  • Pin buttons to your site. With Wix’s drag and drop builder, you can place them anywhere you want.
  • Add a lightbox—a seamless pop-up that asks visitors to sign up to your mailing list or promotes a special offer. You can set a time for it to appear and even customize it so the rest of the website gets dimmed and the focus is directly on the lightbox.
Wix merchant example: E Vaughan D storefront with a collections block.

You can find all of those elements I mentioned (and more!) in the Wix Editor. To add these design elements, click Add from the left side menu.

Showcase your brand with a custom domain

Store customization isn’t just design. It’s also branding. It’s making sure your customers remember your store name so they can come back and shop.

Pick a simple yet bold name for the domain. Wix offers free web hosting and a free domain to use— If you want your own custom solution, like, you can get the domain name with Wix too.

Speaking of customization… it’s time to add your custom designs to your favorite Printful products.

5. Design and add Printful products to Wix Stores

Printful offers a wide selection of products. You can choose to sell products from different customization techniques like embroidery or print.

Quick tip! Start by checking out the design file guidelines for each product you want to sell. You’ll find these on each respective product page. Follow the guidelines to achieve the best results.

After you’ve decided on the products you’ll want to sell, here’s how to push them to your Wix online store:

  1. Go to your Printful Dashboard > Stores > click Add next to your Wix online store.
  2. Choose a product and either create or upload a design. When you’re done, click Proceed to mockups.
  3. Pick the product mockups you want for your store and click Proceed to description.
  4. Add your product title and description and click Proceed to pricing.
  5. Set your pricing and hit Submit to store. Your product is now live on your store and you’re all set to start selling on Wix!

As any sensei would, I also followed the guidance I gave you. I added three t-shirts to my Wix online store. For my product designs, I used Printful’s sample designs to save time. This is how my newly added products look on Printful’s side:

Three Printful t-shirts pushed to Wix Stores.

And below is a view of my Wix online store when I’ve added products. Neat.

Sensei Una Merch store created on Wix Stores.

When it comes to showcasing products on your Wix online store, you can customize that too. Go to your Product Page.

The Wix Editor view when switching to Product Pages.

Once you’re on your Product Page, click anywhere on the products for the Settings button to appear. Click that button and customize away! See examples below of how you can customize a single product’s page.

Check out these stores created on Wix, from the left: OWLKITTY, White Knuckle Syndicate, and TrustFund Clothing Brand.

Playing around with designs and color schemes was fun. But as your sensei, I must guide you through the less-fun parts of store setup too. Our next training is connecting a payment method for your Wix online store.

6. Connect a payment method to your Wix online store

Wix displays payment providers available to your business’s location. Here’s how you set up a payment method on Wix Stores:

  1. Go to your Wix Dashboard.
  2. In the left side menu, click the Settings tab, Accept Payments.
  3. Tick off the payment methods you want to use and hit Connect Me.
Wix payment providers that operate in the US.

Finish the setup by clicking Complete Setup to connect the payment method you chose to work with. Then you’re all done! And we can move on to the next step, which is setting up shipping for your Wix online store.

7. Set up shipping on Wix Stores

When configuring your shipping settings for Wix Stores, you’ll work with these two variables:

  • Shipping calculation methods, like free shipping, flat rate shipping, shipping by weight, and more.
  • Shipping regions, like the US, Europe, etc.

Go to your Wix Dashboard and in the side menu, click Settings, then Store Shipping. Domestic and international shipping regions will be preset based on your location. You’ll see that each region has specific countries assigned to them. You can change those by clicking Edit next to the toggle.

Here’s what Wix’s default shipping settings look like for US residents.

You can add a new Region by clicking on the blue + New Region button and then assign countries to it. Since you’ll be using Printful’s shipping rates, I suggest setting up your shipping regions similarly. That means setting up a separate region for the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and worldwide.

To figure out which shipping calculation method you’ll use for which region, click Edit next to the toggle. See the Shipping Calculation block below the Regions block. Keep in mind you’ll have to configure the calculations block for each shipping region you have.

Here’s what the shipping calculation block looks like on Wix.

You can choose between 6 shipping rate calculations from the dropdown:

  • Free Shipping—no shipping charges
  • Flat Rate—same rate for all purchases
  • Rate by Weight—different rates for purchases of various order weights
  • Rate by Price—different rates based on order values
  • Calculate with USPS/Correios—real-time shipping rates (available for select locations)
  • Store Pickup Only—no shipping options

The USPS/Correios and Store Pickup Only options don’t work with Printful products. The Wix and Printful integration support Flat Rate shipping only. You may end up covering the shipping cost difference, because rates on Wix’s end may not match Printful’s shipping rates.

I recommend you choose the Free Shipping setting. Why?

The Free Shipping setting is the easiest to set up. Plus, free shipping is a major selling point! To set up free shipping, select Free Shipping from the dropdown in the Shipping Calculation block and save your settings.

Wix merchant example: how free shipping looks during checkout on Bad Bitch Book Club store.

Even though your customers won’t be charged for shipping, you still have to make up for the costs because Printful will charge you. Figure out how to work the shipping costs into your product pricing so you don’t lose money. You can calculate the average shipping rate from all the Printful shipping regions or just the regions where most of your orders ship out (the US and Australia, for example). Then include that average shipping cost in your product’s price and you’re done!

If you want to set up shipping rates for your products, go with the Rate by Weight setting. Read more about the setup from this article about matching Printful shipping rates to Wix Stores.

Next, our training journey continues to Wix Premium plans. Specifically, which plan do you need to sell with Wix Stores.

8. Choose a Business Premium plan to sell with Wix Stores

You can spend as much time as you need to for setting up your product line, payments, and shipping. The only thing you won’t be able to do without an ecommerce Premium Plan from Wix is accept payments. You can’t really run an online store without that, right?

To start selling on Wix with Printful, choose from the Business Basic, Business Unlimited or Business VIP plans from the Wix Business & eCommerce plans. These are the only plans that support on-site purchases.

Wix Business & eCommerce plans.

The base price is $23 / €17 / £13 for the Business Basic plan. Go over what each plan has to offer and choose whichever one matches your online store’s needs.

What else do you need? Well, I’ve guided you through the store setup on Wix’s end. The last step for me as your sensei is letting you free. But how can I let you go without sharing some hot marketing tips? I can’t.

9. Launch your online store and start marketing

Wix and Printful have plenty of marketing related apps, features, and blogs to help your store flourish. Here’s what you can do:

I trust your store will turn out great, so don’t hesitate to share your experience with Wix in the comments below. And if you ever feel stuck at some point during the setup, just let our support team know or contact someone from the Wix team.

See you on the flipside!


By Una Savcenko on Mar 10, 2020

Una Savcenko

Una specializes in third-party logistics and knows Printful's Warehousing & Fulfillment services from A to Z. She enjoys digging deep into marketing psychology and developing her creative writing skills.

Una specializes in third-party logistics and knows Printful's Warehousing & Fulfillment services from A to Z. She enjoys digging deep into marketing psychology and developing her creative writing skills.