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Blog / Style & trends / 25 Tumbler Design Ideas to Get You Inspired

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Blog / Style & trends / 25 Tumbler Design Ideas to Get You Inspired

Style & trends

25 Tumbler Design Ideas to Get You Inspired

25 Tumbler Design Ideas to Get You Inspired
Ketlina Sarkisjane 

By Ketlina Sarkisjane 

8 min read

Did you know that reusable drinkware is among the most trending products for dropshipping in 2024? In this category, a variety of tumblers stand out, each offering different functionalities. Whether standard tumblers equipped with secure lids and straws or wine tumblers, these practical items have become some of the best-selling print-on-demand products popular on Etsy and other ecommerce platforms. 

Why? Tumblers represent the perfect blend of functionality and creativity. These stainless steel beverage containers are practical for taking a drink on the go while maintaining its temperature for a long time. Besides the functionality, custom tumblers offer an aesthetic allure, serving as an accessory with stunning designs.

Whether you’re trying to step up your drinkware game, seeking a customized gift, or starting your own tumbler business—in this post, you’ll find fantastic tumbler design ideas to inspire you.

1. Personalized name or initials 

Let’s start with a tumbler design that’s simple yet practical—personalization with a name or a monogram of initials. It’s a creative way to ensure your tumbler never gets lost or mixed up, or to simply add a personal, aesthetic touch.

What’s best, personalized tumblers can be embellished with every possible design you can imagine, catering to various preferences. 

a metal straw with a blue and white floral design

2. Personalized zodiac signs

For all astrology enthusiasts, explore personalized tumblers with zodiac signs. Zodiac signs can represent personality traits, symbolizing individuality and personal expression. A tumbler like this can make an ideal gift for people who hold deep significance to their sign and want to showcase it proudly. 

a white cup with purple lid next to fruit

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3. Personalized pet designs

If you’re a pet owner, your camera roll must be full of adorable photos you can’t stop looking at. We don’t judge! Bring these moments into your daily life by printing them on a personalized tumbler. Customize it with your favorite pet picture, make a collage, or find an illustration that best resembles your furry friend.

a hand holding a can of muffin

4. Wildlife

Don’t limit your designs to pets only when there are such spectacular and majestic animals in the wild. Their beautiful coats are often printed on clothing, accessories, and other lifestyle items, including tumblers. If you love animal prints or have a spirit animal, incorporating them in your design will make a colorful and stunning custom tumbler.

a straw with a pink flamingo design on it

5. Abstract art designs

Designs don’t necessarily have to be meaningful or familiar. An abstract design is a creative way to portray various aesthetics without relying on real-life objects. Combining different colors, shapes, and lines makes it possible to create boundless compositions—perfect for customizing a unique tumbler. 

a stainless steel straw with a colorful design on it

6. Patterns

Similar to abstract designs, patterns are another versatile choice for tumbler designs that fit different tastes. They are timeless design solutions, as there are no rules or restrictions when designing an original pattern. From detailed motifs to simple repetitive arrangements of elements—all patterns can become mesmerizing tumbler designs. 

a hand holding a yellow and green cylindrical container with lemons

7. Minimalistic designs

To cater to diverse preferences, it’s worth remembering those who prefer simplicity. If you’re one of them, choose a minimalistic design. Choose 1 or 2 colors combined with simple shapes or a modest graphic to design a minimalistic tumbler that will look sleek and sophisticated.

a black and white cup with a bee on it 
8. Illustrations

You can also include visual artwork like paintings, drawings, illustrations, or graphics in your tumbler designs. So, if you’re an artist or know one who would like to collaborate, tumblers with artwork prints will create an outstanding product with added value. 

a white cup with a butterfly on it



You can never go wrong with a quote on a custom item like a tumbler. Whether it’s funny puns, motivational phrases, or inside jokes you share with your best friend—they can all bring joy and inspiration into everyday moments. 

two hands holding cups with words on them

10. Typography

You can also craft an artistic design using only words or letters. With the right font and placement, you can design a pattern from any word and create beautiful tumblers that convey a message. 

a straw with a red and black design on it

11. Photography

Never let a good photo go to waste. Photography-themed tumbler designs are wonderful for reliving a cherished moment. Such a design choice makes it the perfect gift for those with whom you share these memories. 

Note that for the best results, photography designs require high-quality pictures. 

a stainless steel straw with a picture of a woman and a snowman

12. Botanical designs

What better inspiration for designs than nature itself? Botanical designs have always been popular in various design contexts—wallpapers, textiles, wall art, and tumblers. 

They create harmonious and vibrant patterns from plant-related elements, such as flowers, plants, leaves, and even fruits. What’s great about botanical designs—you’ll rarely find two identical designs. Because, much like everything in nature, each design is unique. So choose your favorite flowers, plants, or other nature-inspired elements and create a botanical design for your tumbler. 

 a fruit next to a drink container

13. Hobbies

Stay hydrated while engaging in your hobbies. Whether sports, dancing, gaming, or reading, hobbies require time and effort, and taking some sips in between is essential. A tumbler featuring a specific hobby will maintain the temperature of your drink while also showcasing your passions and interests. 

For example, if you love playing basketball, create a basketball-themed design and add a motivational quote to motivate you to practice. Or, if your hobby is ballet, create a tumbler design with ballet shoes—perfect for your dancing classes. 

a hand holding a can of basketballs

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14. Fandom

Fandom merchandise often ranks among the dropshipping products with a high profit margin. Fans from various fandoms are drawn to merchandise featuring their favorite characters, not only for the personal connection but also for their value as collectibles. Due to the high demand, such items can be sold for a higher price. 

Fandom tumblers are popular, but remember that merchandise items featuring movie characters, celebrities, etc., are the subject of copyright laws that require the purchase of proper licensing or authorization from the rights holder. 

a metal straw with a picture of characters on it

15. Travel

The emotions and impressions from travels are hard to forget. So why not capture them on a tumbler design to reflect on these memories daily? Create designs with pictures from unforgettable travels, or create a collage with places you want to visit and let it inspire you for your next trip. 

a straw with a picture of a couple of people on top of a rock

16. Patriotic

Having a strong sense of pride and belonging to one’s country is admirable. Patriotism can look different for everyone, from contributing to national celebrations, voting, and advocating for a cause to displaying flags, crests, and national symbols. A tumbler is ideal for showcasing patriotism and belonging, serving as a blank canvas for patriotic displays.

a white cup with a red heart and a metal straw

17. Seasonal

Every season has its charm. People switch up their wardrobe, decorations, and even playlists when seasons change, so why not have a separate tumbler for each season? You can create tumbler designs inspired by different seasons, capturing the unique essence and mood each brings.

For example, create a seasonal wine tumbler design with snowflakes and a wintery quote that keeps the mulled wine warm while going on a Christmas tree hunt.

two hands holding cups with text

18. Festive 

Holidays are the time for gift-giving, but have you ever had a problem choosing one? Holiday-themed tumblers make practical and meaningful gifts for your loved ones on holidays.  Create tumbler designs for Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, or other celebrations to convey joyful holiday wishes. Or choose a romantic design and personalize a tumbler with your lover’s name for a Valentine’s Day gift.

a hand holding a red cylindrical container

19. Celebratory designs

You can always find a reason to celebrate. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, or any other special occasion—commemorating them with customized items is the way to go. Custom wine tumblers are exceptional celebratory items, creating memorable moments and later becoming cherished keepsakes to reminisce about those joyful occasions.

20. Relationship-specific designs

Gifting relationship-specific personalized tumblers to people in your life is a small but meaningful gesture to show love and appreciation. For example, you can create personalized sibling tumblers, design a sentimental gift for Mother’s Day, or create a wedding day tumbler for your significant other to keep a drink cold while getting ready for the special occasion.

21. Profession-specific designs

Some types of drinkware are necessary for every profession and workspace. Profession-specific tumblers, personalized with the title of a profession, are fantastic to replace the boring white mug or basic glass. A tumbler like this will look eye-catching on the table while fostering a sense of pride in one’s career. 

a black tumbler with a silver straw

22. Logo-branded designs

Business merchandise is a common promotional strategy that impacts the brand’s reputation. The merchandised items make practical gifts for employees and customers, boost brand exposure, and build customer loyalty.

Various print-on-demand products are suitable for logo-branded merchandizing, a tumbler being one of them. Customizing them is easy—use your company’s colors with a logo and name. 

a white tumbler with a metal straw

23. Kids’ designs

Kids love all things bright and colorful. Appealing drinkware is key to encouraging them to drink more water throughout the day. Create tumbler designs for kids by including their interests and favorite themes, such as dinosaurs, princesses, fairies, or superheroes. a yellow and blue tumbler with a metal straw

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24. Back-to-school

Did you know that back-to-school shopping is one of the biggest retail events after the Christmas holidays? While making a list of necessary school supplies, don’t forget to include reusable drinkware. A new custom tumbler decorated with cool designs is a convenient choice, ensuring hydration and easy refill during school days. 

a hand holding a white can

25. Activist designs

Various activist groups advocate and raise awareness for environmental and societal concerns. It benefits the society and the environment we live in. However, such groups require financial funding to sustain their efforts. The necessary funds can be raised by selling cause-related merchandise and collecting donations with each purchase. If you have an idea, consider creating designs for tumblers, suitable for such purposes. 

two hands holding up two cups

Bring your designs to life

Whichever design idea appeals to you the most, you can try out the design process with our Design Maker. There, you’ll be able to find various fonts, clipart, high-quality patterns, and more to create a tumbler design of your own. 

Now, get creative and customize your perfect tumbler!


By Ketlina Sarkisjane  on Feb 20, 2024

Ketlina Sarkisjane 

Guest author

Ketlina is a freelance content writer. She's passionate about digital marketing and has experience working as a social media manager. In her free time, she enjoys going on long walks with her dog while listening to her favorite podcasts. 

Ketlina is a freelance content writer. She's passionate about digital marketing and has experience working as a social media manager. In her free time, she enjoys going on long walks with her dog while listening to her favorite podcasts.