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Blog / Ecommerce platform guide / 12 Best Shopify Themes for Conversion

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Blog / Ecommerce platform guide / 12 Best Shopify Themes for Conversion

Ecommerce platform guide

12 Best Shopify Themes for Conversion

12 Best Shopify Themes for Conversion
Paula Scerbinina

By Paula Scerbinina

13 min read

If you’re using Shopify for your dropshipping, print-on-demand, or another type of ecommerce store, choosing your Shopify theme is one of the most important steps. Apart from the theme’s design and layout, it’s crucial to consider its converting power. 

Best Shopify themes for conversion turn your online store visitors into customers, increasing purchase completion and boosting your profits.

Let’s take an in-depth look into the features of 12 premium and best free Shopify themes for high conversions. 

12 Best Shopify themes for conversion

When choosing your Shopify theme for conversion, there are multiple things to keep in mind. Conversion rate is based on two most important factors: user experience and features that trigger psychological persuasion through proven principles like urgency, scarcity, and authority.

Now that we’ve outlined the criteria for a Shopify theme optimized for conversions, it’s time to explore the list of the 12 best Shopify themes for conversions. 

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1. Shoptimized

Let’s start this converting Shopify themes list with Shoptimized—a leading unofficial Shopify theme to boost your conversions. Trusted by 50,000+ users, Shoptimized was built by a community of ecommerce professionals. This theme comes with all the most crucial conversion-oriented features that follow Robert Cialdini’s psychological persuasion principles.

a screenshot of a computer and a laptopSource: Shoptimized

Key features

With this premium, mobile-friendly Shopify theme, you can access a wide range of functionalities without the need to download any additional Shopify apps. Plus, it works for any store—Shopify dropshipping, print-on-demand items, supplements, furniture, and more. 

Optimized for 200+ SEO ranking factors, this theme has a super fast, under-one-second page load time and 30+ conversion boosting features to quickly scale your sales. 

Some of the features of this Shopify theme for conversion include: 

  • Scarcity markers and urgency timers

  • GEO-IP recognition

  • Entry and exit pop-up

  • Internal site search

  • Product badging

  • Product countdown

  • Shipping time estimator

  • Social proof pop-up

  • “Skip the cart” feature

  • Sticky add-to-cart

  • Currency switcher

  • Currency personalizer

  • Cross-sell pop-up

  • Mega menu

  • Shopper and stock remaining counter

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2. Mavon

Once built with fashion stores in mind, Mavon turned into a great solution for any type of store—from fashion and clothing items like custom t-shirts to electronics, tech, and skincare. It’s perfect for high-volume inventory stores and single products stores. 

a woman holding a babySource: Mavon

Mavon Shopify theme is a powerful ecommerce solution that offers dynamic and responsive design, 4 theme presets, rich customization options, and an extensive suite of conversion features.    

Key features

Through efficient coding practices, smart image optimization, and powerful content delivery networks, this Shopify theme ensures optimized page speed regardless of a visitor’s location or shop inventory volume. With an impressive 97% score on Google’s Page Speed test, Mavon is considered to be one of the fastest Shopify themes available. 

Mavon comes with a comprehensive features pack that eliminates the need for any additional Shopify apps. From inventory and stock tools to product discovery to sales-boosting features—Mavon has it all both for single-product store owners and those with large inventories.

To ensure users have the most seamless experience exploring an array of product lines, Mavon offers 20+ customizable sections. These allow you to create any layout you want while ensuring easy, straightforward navigation for your customers.

Additionally, some of Mavon’s most powerful features are the pre-order feature, back-in-stock alert, countdown timer, sticky cart, product reviews, and various pop-ups.

3. Atlantic

This clean theme with beautiful aesthetics and minimal design is created for online shop owners who want to make the shopping experience of their visitors more streamlined and pleasant. Best for medium and large product catalogs, Atlantic is packed with robust features and capabilities to scale your Shopify ecommerce store. 

Key features

Atlantic has 4 visually different theme styles (presets)—Chic, Modern, Light, and Organic. Distinct from one another, these presets make Atlantic suit various businesses and tastes—from minimalistic handcrafted accessories to modern luxury furniture. 

a screenshot of a websiteSource: Shopify

While the visual appearance of each theme style is unique, they all come with a defined set of features: 

1. For checkout:

  • Cart notes

  • In-store pickups

  • Quick buy

  • Slide-out cart

2. For marketing and conversion:

  • Age verifier

  • Blogs

  • Countdown timer

  • FAQ page

  • Product badges

  • Product reviews

  • Promo banners

  • Quick view and buy 

  • Recommended products

  • Store locator

For merchandising and product discovery, Atlantic offers features like slideshow, image gallery and rollover, product tabs and videos, enhanced search, product filtering and sorting, recommended products, and more. 

4. Debutify

Debutify is an all-in-one ecommerce toolkit for building, launching, and scaling a highly profitable Shopify store. Used by store owners all across the globe, Debutify is considered to be one of the most high-converting Shopify themes available on the market. 

Key features

This code-free, fast-loading, and customization-ready theme is fully mobile-optimized and has 60+ built-in add-ons and integrations. 

Debutify functions as numerous Shopify apps combined together (while you don’t have to install and manage them). 

Debutify’s highest-level conversion technology includes:

  • Cart maximizers to increase your average order value and boost your sales

  • Conversion triggers to make purchasing from your store easier

  • Loyalty builders to encourage repeat purchases

  • Shopping-enhancing addons to improve the overall shopping experience on your store

a screenshot of a laptop and a picture of a woman Source: Debutify

5. Symmetry

Symmetry is a fashionable, versatile Shopify theme that allows extensive customization and offers a vast library of impressive conversion-oriented features. Ideal for both online and physical large inventory stores, Symmetry is built for optimal product presentation, smooth user experience, and boosted conversions. 

Key features

With its focus on a visual-first brand narrative, Symmetry offers multiple features to use high-quality images of your products as a part of your conversion strategy. For example, you can use full-width slideshow options, create galleries, apply an image zoom effect, and more.

a man and woman posing for a pictureSource: Shopify

Regarding conversion-oriented features, Symmetry has a multi-level menu for smooth navigation, product reviews, promo banners, recommended products, and many more.

6. Booster

Booster theme is an extremely customizable, fast-loading premium Shopify theme. It’s made to boost, scale, and turn your Shopify store into a lightning-fast site. Built and optimized for mobile, it has a rich preset library, 40+ conversion-optimized marketing tools, and a 7-day per week all-hands support.

Key features

Used by more than 46,000 stores, the Booster theme is incredibly flexible. Its powerful features and versatile presets are ideal for merchants of any store volume and niche, from large inventory fashion and beauty stores to small handmade jewelry and bookshop boutiques. 

a person sitting on a chair with a laptopSource: Booster

Apart from an unparalleled speed performance indicating a 98% score by Google’s PageSpeed Insights, this theme offers built-in solutions to increase conversions and raise your average order value. 

Here are some of the features offered by the Booster theme: 

  • Shoppable images

  • Countdown timer

  • Cross-selling tool

  • Recently bought notifications

  • Language and currency converter

  • Geo-personalized content

  • Upsell popup

  • Sticky add-to-cart

  • Dynamic checkout 

  • Stock left bar 

7. Dawn

As one of the leading free Shopify themes, Dawn is known for its easily customizable and elegant-looking design, stunning brand visual storytelling, and a few (yet powerful) conversion features. This theme is perfect for online stores of any stock size across multiple industries—from apparel like custom hoodies to furniture and accessories.  

Key features

A smooth, easy navigation logic, fast page loading speed, and rich visual elements (large imagery, a media-forward product page, etc.) ensure extended time on the page and a pleasant user experience for shoppers. 

a woman holding a bag and a bagSource: Shopify

Moreover, Dawn has a quick buy option, a cross-selling tool, promo banners, recommended products, and more. 

8. Studio

Simple yet elegant, Studio is another free Shopify theme great for increasing conversions. Tailored for creatives selling custom-made products with art, jewelry, clothing, and more, this highly visual template displays your products at their best while also ensuring a smooth user experience.

a screenshot of a websiteSource: Shopify

Key features

Besides its visually appealing aesthetics that come from its refined design, smooth color accents, and attention-grabbing illustrations, this theme also offers features for marketing, conversions, and product discovery: 

  • Quick buy

  • Cross-selling

  • Product reviews

  • Promo banners

  • Recommended products

  • Enhanced search

  • Product filtering and sorting

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9. Sense

Considered one of the best free Shopify themes for stores selling health and beauty products, Sense is well-known for its minimalistic, clean design and powerful features that provide a hassle-free shopping experience and help build trust in your brand. 

Key features

With a rich library of features to support your brand’s visual storytelling, Sense allows you to present your brand story through high-quality images, making it aesthetic and attention-grabbing.

a woman applying a cream on her face

Source: Shopify

To help you establish buyers’ trust and market your products to get better conversions, Sense comes with features like product reviews, cross-selling, press coverage, promo banners, recommended products, and more. 

10. Colorblock

Colorblock, a high-contrast, colorful free Shopify theme, is an ideal solution for those starting a clothing brand and building an online store. It instantly grabs a visitor’s attention, making your product stand out. 

Key features

This free Shopify theme has a comprehensive design, rich imagery options to show your products visually, and straightforward, user-friendly navigation for a smooth shopping experience. 

a screenshot of a man wearing a sweaterSource: Shopify

Besides supporting your brand through visual storytelling, Colorblock offers expanded menu navigation and advanced product filters to ensure your buyer isn’t overwhelmed even with the most extensive catalog.

11. Ride

Ride is a dynamic theme made for stores selling sports products. With its colorful accents, asymmetrical layouts, unique page templates, and conversion features, this distinct and original theme allows you to display your goods in the most captivating way while also keeping a visitor on the page for as long as possible.

Key features

This theme supports your brand storytelling through visual and written narratives, ensures smooth checkout with quick buy options, improves product discovery with enhanced search and recommended products, and boosts conversions with cross-selling, press coverage, product reviews, and promo banners. 

a man surfing on a waveSource: Shopify

12. Origin

Best for single-product stores, Origin is a free minimalist Shopify theme. It’s a perfect fit for handicraft brands that want to highlight their product through rich visuals and a distinctive look and feel of the site. 

Key features

Origin’s design and features encourage visitors’ trust and raise interest in your brand. 

You can add large, full-width imagery sets to tell your brand story, share buyers’ testimonials, and product reviews, as well as boost your sales with features like enhanced search, stock counter, quick buy, size charts, related products, and more.  

a brown leather bag with a strapSource: Shopify

How to choose the best-converting theme

To maximize your online store conversions, let’s discover what makes a high-converting Shopify theme. 

The best converting Shopify theme makes it smooth for shoppers to get from one page to another, allows access to testimonials and detailed product reviews, and offers an easy way to explore catalogs, make changes to customers’ profiles, and save payment information.

To understand whether a theme is built for conversions, search for the following features.  

1. Simple user experience and design

The easier to navigate your ecommerce Shopify store, the better. Smooth navigation ensures visitors enjoy their shopping experience and will be more likely to return. 

Look for a functional, weightless aesthetic and hassle-free, short checkout process that makes it easy for people to complete the most important step of their customer journey—to buy your product. 

Consider whether the theme has visible checkout buttons, an option to complete checkout as a guest, a checkout progress bar, an option to save personal information, and a possibility to review items before checkout. 

2. Fast loading time and flexibility 

Now, fast loading times for an ecommerce site are a must—it’s important not to overlook your website speed. Research states that for 70% of online consumers, page speed is a critical factor that influences their willingness to buy. 

To ensure your Shopify theme loads fast (ideally—in 2-3 seconds), choose a lightweight theme that scores 90+ on PageSpeed Insights. Avoid using complex navigation, multiple scrolls, heavy carousels, and too many videos—all this can significantly lower your page load speed. 

In addition, a high-converting Shopify theme doesn’t only load fast. It also allows you to add various blocks and sections so you can test multiple choices (run A/B tests) and find out what converts best.

Another feature of the best Shopify themes for conversion is presets. Presets are defined theme styles offering different color schemes that can be adapted to different niches. A rich choice of presets allows you to skip the process of designing and focus on selling (you’ll still need to adjust your chosen preset to your branding). 

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3. Built-in internalization, SEO, and marketing features 

Built-in language and translation support is a great thing to have if you sell your products globally and want to make them available to customers all around the world. 

In that case, look for a theme that comes with internationalization features like multi-language support and an option to add different currencies. 

Another significant factor is integrated SEO features. While the main task of these features is to help a visitor land on your store in the first place, SEO has to do a lot with conversions. If your site doesn’t rank well on Google, your conversion won’t be the best. 

When choosing your premium or free Shopify theme, look for at least basic SEO features like customizable metadata and support for rich snippets. 

Another important thing to have in your store is in-built marketing tools that generate trust and trigger urgency. It’ll be easier to generate conversion if your theme has tools like popups, trust badges, customer reviews, testimonials, countdown timers, stock counters, and more. 

Some themes also come with a recommendation engine that supports cross-selling by recommending products based on customer preferences and behaviors. 

4. Mobile-responsive design and support 

A study shows that over 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, while 61% of mobile users will never return to a website if it isn’t mobile-adaptive. 

That’s why one of the criteria for a converting Shopify theme is its mobile responsiveness. Ensure your theme looks as good on mobile devices as on desktops. Check things like navigation, image filtering, the sizes of your call-to-action buttons, and more.

Last, ensure your theme provides hands-on support whenever needed. This will ease your life if you ever face any issues or challenges.


A high-converting Shopify theme will do most of the work for you, encouraging users to take action and increasing your profits. 

Choose a theme that offers users a pleasant overall user experience and comes with features that help online stores with conversions, such as pop-ups, trust badges, customer reviews, testimonials, countdown timers, presets, and more. 

What’s your favorite high-converting Shopify theme? Let us know in the comments. 

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By Paula Scerbinina on Apr 12, 2024

Paula Scerbinina

Guest author

A free-spirited creative with a psychology and marketing background, Paula spends her days creating stories for brands and individuals. Her heart belongs to writing, mental health advocacy, and beach volleyball.

A free-spirited creative with a psychology and marketing background, Paula spends her days creating stories for brands and individuals. Her heart belongs to writing, mental health advocacy, and beach volleyball.