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Blog / Style & trends / 11 Trending Etsy Niches to Explore in 2024

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Blog / Style & trends / 11 Trending Etsy Niches to Explore in 2024

Style & trends

11 Trending Etsy Niches to Explore in 2024

11 Trending Etsy Niches to Explore in 2024
Paula Scerbinina

By Paula Scerbinina

11 min read

If you want to start your online Etsy business and open your ecommerce store, Etsy is one of the most popular platforms to choose from, as it’s easy to set up, launch, and maintain. Another advantage of Etsy is that you can sell almost anything there—from handmade home goods and custom clothing to vintage jewelry and personalized stationery.

One of the most difficult tasks for beginners on Etsy is choosing the most profitable Etsy niche for their shop. For this purpose, we’ve compiled a list of 11 Etsy trending niches so you can go through and pick the one closest to your heart.

What’s an Etsy niche? 

With nearly 7.5 million sellers and over 97.3 million buyers, Etsy is a constantly growing online marketplace focused on handcrafted and vintage items. This platform lets you turn your idea into a profitable online business without hassle.

But to start selling and succeed with your online venture, you have to find your niche first. As Etsy is a very crowded platform, hundreds (or thousands) of people are likely selling the same thing as you. So, it’s crucial to stand out, and deciding on your niche will help you tremendously. 

Etsy niche is a category of your product or a specific market segment you’re in. The trick here is to find a trending product category with a high demand and less competition. This way, you’ll cater to shoppers who’d be willing to buy your product, and you’ll have fewer concerns about whether those buyers will choose somebody other than you.

But what sells most on Etsy? Let’s examine the top 11 profitable niches and review how to stake your claim in these product categories.  

1. Jewelry 

With 6.32 million jewelry items on Etsy and ranking second based on gross merchandise sales, jewelry is the second top-selling Etsy niche. It’s also one of the most saturated and competitive ones. In a 2020 survey, 23.4% of Etsy sellers listed jewelry as their primary product line.

While this drawback of having a considerable number of competitors can seem discouraging at first, the great news about this niche is that it’s quite versatile. Jewelry appeals to men and women and can be worn by kids, teenagers, and older adults. 

Apart from that, this category includes a vast number of products—from rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces. You can also tailor your customer jewelry to a specific occasion like marriage, baby shower, or holiday. The advantage of this category is that it’s easy to find your sweet spot and fill a sub-niche with less competition.

As of April 30, 2024, jewelry stores are the two top Etsy sellers. One of them is CaitlynMinimalist—the most successful Etsy shop worldwide. It produces custom handcrafted jewelry and sells approximately 57,000 items monthly.

a woman wearing a necklaceSource: CaitlynMinimalist

The second Etsy shop in this profitable niche is SilverRainSilver. It sells silver jewelry and makes 36,000 monthly sales.

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Hand-made beauty products on Etsy are an emerging niche. For now, it has relatively low competition but a high sales volume, which makes it an excellent opportunity to tap into. With a growing trend for a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, natural cosmetics and other custom-made beauty products become an everyday choice for more people. 

In 2023, Bath & Beauty was the second biggest category experiencing the most substantial sales growth. Under this category, you can currently list bath accessories, makeup, cosmetics, soaps, fragrances, skincare, and spa and relaxation products. 

One of the most successful Etsy sellers in the Bath & Beauty category is ShopAfroCosmetics, which sells African cosmetics like soaps, oils, sea salt, and more. Another Etsy shop example is GlassWingOrganic, a family-owned brand that produces custom-made beauty products for the face, hair, and body.

GlassWingOrganic Etsy shopSource: GlassWingOrganic

Wall art and prints are a popular Etsy sub-niche. As many people use Etsy to search for beautiful decorative pieces to style their homes or office spaces, wall art and prints are an excellent opportunity for artists and photographers to monetize their craft through an online store. Some listings in this niche generate thousands of monthly sales and more than 800,000 in revenue.

For example, suppose you’re working with a print-on-demand provider. In that case, you can easily turn your design into digital art prints, use canvases to display your work, or create all-over print flags to sell on Etsy—the only limit here is your fantasy. One of the top-rated shops in this category is CatiaCreative store. They create meaningful custom art as gifts for many occasions.  

CatiaCreative store Etsy shopSource: CatiaCreative

Another profitable niche area to tap into is personalized notebooks and journals. These items make a perfect gift for those in writing or those who want to record their personal experiences. This makes notebooks and journals a high-demand product on Etsy, too.

Another advantage of this niche is offering a wide range of products—from custom niche trackers and journals to regular planners and notebooks. You can also sell digital products.

An example brand here is OakdeneDesigns. They sell many personalized gifts for special occasions, including custom-tailored notebooks. Another very successful business in this niche that sells digital products is the PlannerKate1 store. Unlike OakdeneDesigns, PlannerKate1 sells digital trackers, planners, and kits.

a screenshot of a websiteSource: OakdeneDesigns

Home goods and home decor is considered to be a top-selling Etsy niche. According to Etsy, in 2020, this category generated $3.2 billion in gross merchandise sales. It’s no wonder this niche is so popular on Etsy—aside from work, we spend most of our time at home, making people want to personalize and refresh their home surroundings.

A quick look at the best-selling products in this niche makes it evident that it’s a super versatile category:

  • Personalized wine cork keeper

  • Green leaves macrame wall hanging

  • Tabletop glass fireplace

  • Custom wood coasters

  • Jumbo clothespin bathroom towel holder

You can also sell personalized blankets, candles, lamps, pillow covers, bowls, and more.  One of the top sellers in this category is a wunderwunsch store. They sell personalized wooden boards, lunch boxes, spoons, and other wooden products.

a screenshot of a websiteSource: wunderwunsch

Who would’ve thought that such a niche product like personalized drinkware or digital tumbler designs could make as much as $340,000 in revenue per year? This is the true story of Bailey, the founder of BaileyDesignedCo, who sells custom tumbler designs on Etsy. With more than 361,407 sales and 31,967 reviews since 2020, Bailey is a true example of winning it even in a saturated niche.

BaileyDesignedCo Etsy shopSource: BaileyDesignedCo

But apart from digital design, custom physical drinkware is popular on Etsy, too. You can sell tumblers, beer cups, whiskey glasses, coffee and tea mugs, and coasters. For example, if you choose to sell personalized mugs and have a glance at the options available, you’ll see quite a lot of listings. 

But if you optimize your product titles and descriptions, develop reasonable (yet competitive) pricing, and provide outstanding customer service, you can beat the competition in no time.

Clothing is another niche that accounts for most of the sales on Etsy. If you go with this niche, you can produce clothing yourself, partner with a trusted print-on-demand service or choose Etsy dropshipping

There are many sub-niches to explore in this category—from custom hoodies to personalized caps and dresses. Because there are multiple clothing styles in various colors and patterns that appeal to different target audiences, the possibilities of finding the sweet spot and standing out in this category are almost endless. 

One of the most trending sub-niches in this category are stores that sell custom t-shirts. With more than 15,000 sales made in a month, such an example is the PintSizedPremium store. Among other products for kids, they sell handmade toddler tees.

a white baby clothes and shoesSource: PintSizedPremium

Worldwide, 33% of households own pets, but in the US this percentage is even higher. According to recent data, 66% of US households have a pet, making pet supplies a huge, growing niche. So, if you want to start a pet shop, Etsy might be a good place for you.

There are a variety of things you can sell:

  • Personalized collars and leashes

  • Bowls and treat jars

  • Clothing, ID tags, and toys

  • Beds, houses, and carriers

AmyEngravedGifts is one of the top sellers in this niche. This store sells personalized velvet pet collars in various colors and styles.

AmyEngravedGifts Etsy shopSource: AmyEngravedGifts

Small items like stickers can also make their own niche on Etsy. This tiny yet meaningful product can be produced without significant financial and time investments. Because they’re so versatile and easy to create and produce, stickers make one of Etsy’s top-selling categories. For example, one of the top sellers in this category, the AcornandCrowStudio shop, has already made 500,246 sales, mainly selling stickers.

AcornandCrowStudio Etsy shopSource: AcornandCrowStudio

Because this niche is growing (and thus, the number of shops selling stickers), finding a sub-niche for your stickers is crucial. While inspirational quotes and cute animal drawings are still considered the kind of stickers that sell the best on Etsy, narrowing your list makes it easier to stand out and positively increases your profits. You can play around with shapes, styles, and use cases of your stickers to differentiate yourself from competitors. 

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Custom stationery is another trending Etsy niche. It includes paper-related goods such as greeting cards, thank-you notes, invitations, calendars, and items like paper, envelopes, and more. Although this is a very competitive niche market, outsourcing your printing services can result in low starting costs, a huge advantage of this niche.

To choose your sub-niche here, pick a theme that resonates most with you. You can start selling wedding, commercial, or other stationary based on your own preferences, skills, and deep research of your ideal customers and competitors.

Whatever you choose, defining your steps to outrun the competition is crucial. One of the best examples in this niche is a DesigningMoments store. They produce personalized stationery for multiple occasions—from the New Year to Hannukah.

DesigningMoments Etsy shopSource: DesigningMoments

Tote bags are also on this list of trending Etsy niches. The demand for these easy-to-personalize custom bags continues to grow. For example, the whole Luggage & Bags market worldwide is estimated to be $187,60 billion, with 68% of the Luggage & Bags market being attributed to the Non-Luxury segment. Plus, 73 percent of consumers say they own custom reusable bags.

Because of the versatility of tote bags, there are multiple ways how you can sub-niche in this category:

  • A tote bag for groceries

  • A tote for everyday use

  • A beach tote and more

One of the top sellers in this trendy niche is the SoGoodSoWood shop. They specialize in handcrafted leather items, including tote bags. 

SoGoodSoWood Etsy shopSource: SoGoodSoWood

Identifying your niche might be daunting if you don’t know where to begin. Below are some tips to help you find your own Etsy niche that trends so you can take your online shop to the next level.

Get to know yourself

Start by analyzing what you like and are best at. List all the things that come to your mind; that way, it’ll be easier to find what is aligned with consumers’ needs. 

Playing to your strengths, skills, and passions makes everything a bit easier—if your heart lights up from what you do and you excel at, you become more confident, helping you not to give up when things get tough.

Find your uniqueness 

However, knowing your strengths isn’t enough to find the niche that trends. 

Think about your unique advantage or differentiator. How can you stand out from the rest of the crowd that does what you do? Is this the style of your product, the technique you use to make it, or the story behind your brand?

Finding your uniqueness and showing it to potential customers guarantees better business results. It makes people more likely to remember your brand, choose you over the competition, and come back to you for a repeat purchase. 

Check indicators of high-demand niches

You can browse Etsy’s popular categories, featured shops, and bestsellers to gather inspiration for your potential niche. There are 2 ways to do it—through Etsy itself or using one of many Etsy research tools. 

Here are things to look for when assessing the niche and its capacity: 

  • Number of listings and successful sellers with a high number of sales and reviews

  • Quality of the best-selling listings (bestseller’ and popular now badges) 

  • Etsy’s search bar autocomplete featuring the niche keyword

In addition, it’s essential to analyze the profitability of the niche by reviewing factors like materials’ cost, required production time, the average price on the market, and more.

Analyze competitors 

When deciding on your niche, a competitor analysis is a step you absolutely can’t skip. 

Competitor analysis helps you understand how many sellers are making money selling a particular type of product, develop your pricing policy, and find a sweet spot where you can stand out. 

Apart from checking the products, you can review competitors’ products to find potential market gaps. Here’s the list of the questions that might help you perform a competitor analysis:

  • What are the competitor’s product features?

  • What do customers like and dislike about the product?

  • What are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses? What do you love about them, and where do they fall short? 

  • Are there any customer’s needs that aren’t covered enough?

  • How can you make your brand different from theirs?  

What are the most profitable niches on Etsy?

While niches like personalized jewelry, home decor, and handmade clothing might be some of the most profitable niches for your online business, the final choice depends on your skill set, passions, your unique differentiator, and your business goals.  So, do your research and pick a niche that isn’t only profitable but also close to your heart.


By Paula Scerbinina on Jun 10, 2024

Paula Scerbinina

Guest author

A free-spirited creative with a psychology and marketing background, Paula spends her days creating stories for brands and individuals. Her heart belongs to writing, mental health advocacy, and beach volleyball.

A free-spirited creative with a psychology and marketing background, Paula spends her days creating stories for brands and individuals. Her heart belongs to writing, mental health advocacy, and beach volleyball.