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5 Room Decor Ideas: Guide to Functional Interior Design

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We’re changing things up a bit! We’ve helped you along the ecommerce journey, now let us help you stay on top of your game. Check out our room decor ideas that are sure to boost your productivity, combine function with style, and leave some room for mindful rest.

So, whether you’re searching for room decor to spruce up your own home with or looking for new items to introduce to your store, finding the right products can be harder than you think. With so many room decor ideas around the internet, it’s hard to focus on one specific vision.

To help you navigate the endless streams of suggested Pinterest posts and ad banners trying to market you anything even remotely related to room decor, here’s a list of ideas you can start with:

Before exploring every idea in detail, let’s take a look at what you should keep in mind prior to cramming your shopping cart with items you probably don’t need. 

First and foremost, you need to understand your goal. Perhaps you’re looking to design a room from scratch—from furniture to wallpaper. In that case, start big and concern yourself with smaller details later on. There will always be time to find the right knick-knacks. However, if you’re trying to liven up an already well-loved space, consider small, but impactful changes.

Moreover, be mindful of your expenses. Avoid buying items that look nice on the store shelf, but won’t serve you any purpose. Make a list of products you want. If you see a particular item that exceeds your price range, but is a definite must-have, look for a cheaper version of it, or recreate it yourself. A lot can be achieved with some colors, a set of brushes, and a couple of hours of free time.

Let’s jump into room decor ideas you can use to spruce up your humble abode!

Bring in house plants


“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.”

Okakura Kakuzo, Japanese art critic

Be it a small succulent on the desk or a statement palm in the corner of the room, any plant is sure to bring you joy and bring life to your home. House plants add more character to any room and improve air quality and moisture. Plants are also proven to enhance productivity and cognitive attention.


Terrarium Planting container Terrarium Decorative Rocks Terrarium miniature figurines
Planting containers
Decorative rocks

More and more people are trying their hand at creating terrariums. They allow you to combine multiple plants in one display and generally require less care than a potted plant. Dwarf plants, ferns, air plants, succulents, peperomia, and carnivorous plants all work in terrariums. You can also add moss and lichens as decorations, just make sure that they don’t compromise the habitat for other plants. And be sure to group compatible plants in one container.

Decorate your plant container with decorative rocks or marbles. You can also use pebbles and seashells you’ve collected on your travels. To create a small fantasy world, use miniature figurines.

House plants Artificial plants Planters
House plants
Artificial plants

If you don’t wish to spend time creating a terrarium, delve into simpler ways to display your taste in flora. However, be cautious of what plants you choose. Plants, like any other living thing, require constant care. If you can’t find the time to water, groom and fertilize them, consider buying artificial plants—these are especially great as dorm decor. And be sure to complement your house plants with decorative planters.

Design ideas:

  • Explore your options—the world of flora is vast and immensely beautiful.
  • Have some fun with planters and containers—you can create a terrarium in all sorts of display boxes, fish tanks, small greenhouses, and other reservoirs.
  • Decorate your plant containers with twigs—coat them with color or tie some wool strings around or in-between the branches to jazz them up, or leave them as they are to give a more rustic feel to the composition. The same goes for moss and lichens.

Tips and tricks:

  • Be sure to have everything you need for gardening already prepared—get a planting container, your plants, some gravel or small stones for drainage, and coir brick.
  • Use tongs to place your decorations, moss, and lichens. This way you won’t damage the items or compromise your plant arrangement.
  • Get yourself a small watering can, a mister, and proper gardening scissors.

Take care of your plants:

  • Provide your plants with nutrients, occasional dusting, and trim. Be sure to mist tropical plants, and, most importantly, repot all plants when necessary.
  • Use your fingers or soil moisture meter to check the humidity of the soil. This way you’ll know if it’s time to water your plants.
  • Pay attention to changes—brown leaves indicate a lack of nutrients, but white spots on leaves are most likely scale insects that need to be eliminated.

Use vertical space

Wall art

Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.

Lucy Maud Montgomery, Canadian author

Take advantage of vertical space and create a gallery wall. A truly exciting display is acquired over time, instead of bought in bulk for decorating purposes. It’s a visual representation of your interests, memories, and goals in life. Think of it as a mood board to showcase your favorite moments, greatest ideas, and biggest inspirations. It’s also an elegant upgrade to the quintessential dorm decor element—the photo wall.

For a clean and formal aesthetic, arrange the wall decor in a grid. This layout works nicely in dining rooms or as office wall decor. To make it look extra classy, stick to a single format and frame color. A unified theme for all featured pieces will make the collection more put-together.

If, however, you want a more personal style, go for a salon-style arrangement. This composition allows for more variety in both the content and format of the wall decor. Mix up posters with photographs or canvas, add an odd three-dimensional item or two, play with the colors and shapes of your frames.


Custom posters Custom framed posters Custom canvas

Consider ordering custom pieces—bring your own ideas and designs to life with personalized posters, or canvas.

Display boxes Custom clocks Mirrors
Display boxes

Remember to mix up artwork with functional items. A clock is often a  great design element, while mirrors create the illusion of a bigger and brighter room. Display boxes might not seem like a conventional design element, but they allow to create a three-dimensional look to the wall. They can be used to display all sorts of items, starting from little ornaments that can’t find a place anywhere else to a hefty collection of tickets, postcards and other mementos.

Design ideas:

Start with what you have:

  • Develop your favorite photos with friends and family.
  • Gather the most meaningful concert, flight, and other tickets.
  • Cut out any newspaper mentions of you or your favorite idols, events, and places.
  • Use the paper sleeves of your favorite books or show off your favorite album art.
  • Display beautiful magazine covers or create inspirational collages.
  • Create a mural.
  • Frame your diploma and other certificates.

Delve into your interests:

  • Get yourself a copy of your favorite artwork either as a poster or a canvas.
  • Showcase your favorite places with a print of a scenic landscape or a chic-looking map.
  • Boost your creativity and productiveness with inspirational quotes.
  • Highlight your love for music with a framed page of sheet music, the soundwaves of a meaningful song, or the track listing of your favorite album.

Tips and tricks:

  • Set your biggest pieces in the middle and arrange the smaller pieces around it.
  • Arrange the images so they create a specific focal point. It could be a color combination, an image, a texture, etc. Avoid leading the eye towards windows.
  • Create sets of matching wall decor combining two or more panels.
  • Protect your wall art from direct sunlight, otherwise their colors will get washed out. This especially applies to watercolors.

Personalize your work station

Work Station

Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work.

Gustave Flaubert, French author

More often than not, getting (and staying!) productive during work seems like a task on its own. Although there are some distracting factors that are hard to prevent, your surroundings are well within your control. Studies show that, when done right, a person’s work environment is a great productivity booster. So, whether you’re creating your own home office or looking for office decor ideas to spruce up your study corner, remember that a well-thought-out design will help you in the long run.


Pegboards Whiteboards and Blackboards Bulletin boards
Whiteboards / Blackboards
Bulletin boards

To save up room, take advantage of vertical spaces—use pegboards instead of cabinets, hang up notice boards and whiteboards or blackboards for reminders, to-do lists, and other quick notes.

Custom mugsCustom phone casesCustom stickers

As for your desk area, jazz it up by customizing small everyday items—start with a custom coffee mug. Don’t forget about your phone—give it a unique look to showcase your personality. Use stickers to give your notebooks a personal touch or put them on your computer for all to see.

Design ideas:

  • Separate your working area visually by designing it in a contrasting color scheme. Consider using another wallpaper or, if you prefer office wall decor, adorn this particular area with motivational posters
  • On the other hand, tie it in with the rest of the room—be sure to include some common threads such as similarly colored desk decor or matching textures.
  • Keep it simple and minimalistic—it will make you feel more productive.
  • Decorate your workspace with functional ornaments.

Tips and tricks:

  • Pay attention to the corners of the room—it might be the case that they have just enough space for a desk.
  • Invest in alternative furniture that has double use or at least get something that packs away easily, so, if the need arises, you can pack up your workspace and delegate the are for something else.
  • Install organizational systems that you feel comfortable with—prioritize functionality over design. If you have limited space, consider exchanging the usual cabinet drawers for pegboards.
  • Most importantly, remember to set up proper lighting. If you can manage it, use natural light as much as possible. Studies find that natural light improves productivity and alertness, as well as prevents you from feeling drowsy.
  • Get yourself a standing desk. It is proven to increase productivity and generally helps avoid work-related injuries, for example, back pain and headaches.

Separate work from leisure

Reading nook

A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort.

E.B. White, American author

Amidst all responsibilities and hectic social life, there’s hardly any time for mindful rest, especially when there’s no place where to enjoy some leisure time. A dedicated space for peaceful activities such as reading a novel, catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite show or pampering yourself, serves as a reminder to take a breather.


Custom throw pillows Custom bean bags Custom throw blanket

Coziness is of the essence. Fill this space with comfortable furniture, lots and lots of pillows, and a warm blanket to tuck yourself in.

Design ideas:

  • Go nuts with pillows—make it a space of absolute comfort. If it ends up doubling as a quick place for a nap, you’ve done it right.
  • Create an oasis and surround yourself with house plants. Think of it as your safe space away from all the noise of the city, university, work and social life.

Tips and tricks:

  • Think of places around your house that would be perfect for a small getaway—perhaps you can repurpose a broom closet under the stairs or fill up an empty corner.
  • Utilize your windows—get as much natural sunlight as you can.
  • Keep everything related to your leisure time activities nearby—a small collection of books, a pair of knitting needles and yarn, or creative tools for restful doodling, journaling or arts and crafts.

Accessorize in style

Room decor accessories

It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, British author

To finish everything off, sprinkle some smaller decor around the place. Display any memorabilia from your travels or that remind you of your loved ones, customize them to fit your aesthetic.

You can also create ornaments yourself. Perhaps you’re an avid knitter or have dabbled in pottery—use your creations to decorate your living space. Not only will it cost you less than store-bought room decor, it will also give your home a more lived-in feeling and showcase both your style and craftsmanship.

Lastly, add more books! Many bookworms will vouch that there is nothing more beautiful than a full and organized bookshelf. Even a small stack of books creates a more sophisticated atmosphere, so take a look at this list of the best coffee table books and get inspired.


Candles Books Accessories

Trinkets can be both decorative and functional. Get something that allows you to showcase your custom jewelry, bring attention to your already chic stack of books with ornamental bookends, create a statement piece with picturesque candles. 

Design ideas:

  • Follow a color palette. Mixing up gold and rose gold might work out, but adding silver, black, and other colors might end up looking too scattered. The same goes for the fabrics and materials you choose.
  • Set a common theme to match your items—get inspired by elements of art styles (e.g. Art Nouveau florals) and movements (e.g. Art Deco patterns), or specific artists (e.g. Mondrian’s color palette).
  • Scatter your knick-knacks around the room to tie in different areas together.

Tips and tricks:

  • Recycle old items to create truly unique room decor—put some wiring in a camera and turn it into a lovely desk lamp, or apply heat to a vinyl record to create a tray.
  • Repurpose everyday items into decorative pieces. For example, a mason jar is a great starting piece for a custom-made candle or, if filled with fairy lights, a light source.
  • Match your accessories with a specific color palette by giving them a new coat of color. The easiest and most effective way is to spray-paint them—it ensures full and seamless coverage. If you wish to block out a section of the item, use painters’ tape.

Get to decorating

The first step in room decor should always be understanding your goal—wasting money on products you won’t need will only result in more clutter. When that’s settled, think of your budget. Consider repurposing items you already have to save some money, or, if the cost of materials justifies it, give a DIY project a go.

Keep in mind that room decor can be practical and add value to everyday life. For example, house plants make any environment more lively and fresh, artwork motivates and inspires you, comfy furniture and pillows provide a space for rest, while small accessories remind you of your own creative spirit.

So, instead of barging on a quest to recreate a Pinterest-worth interior, give it your own spin, your own personality, and your own designs. In the end, it’s your space and you should feel welcome in it.

Gundega makes sure to know at least a little bit of everything. And to pet any willing cat in close proximity, even though she's allergic.

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  1. Praveen Kumar

    The most clear and on-point interior design blog that I have read so far. Explained with images makes it easier for me to understand the post better. Bookmarking this for future use. Thanks for writing and sharing this.

  2. Angela Waterford

    My sister just got a new house, and she thinks that it needs to be redecorated because its decorations and lighting look outdated. Thanks for the idea that she can create a gallery wall to bring some variety in her room, so I’ll be sure to suggest this to her. I think I’ll help her find an interior designer who can recommend her some other ideas on how to update her living room.

    1. Gundega Vjakse Post author

      Hello, Angela,
      Glad to hear you found this useful! Involving a professional is a great idea, especially if your sister is looking to change such monumental pieces of design as lightning sources and furniture.

  3. Marcus

    Thanks for mentioning how you need to know your options. It is important to do this so you know how to decorate. Having a professional with you would help you be more efficient.

    1. Gundega Vjakse Post author

      Hello, Marcus!
      You’re right, professional advise, no doubt, would lead to the best results. At the same time, it’s great to know there are things you can do on your own, or at least can pitch to an interior designer as something you’d like to see in your home.

  4. Tammie Houston

    My sister is getting bored at home because she still has a month before the school year starts. She is planning to do some remodeling and redesigning projects on our walls. I like your ideas about adding flowers to make it immensely beautiful, but I guess it would be great if she can speak up with an interior designer who has an update learnings regarding the current styles, color, and sizes that would be matched to the whole house.

    1. Gundega Vjakse Post author

      Hi, Tammie!
      Getting a professionals’ opinion would definitely be for the best. I especially advise contacting someone who’s well versed in horticulture and could recommend the best plants for your specific light and moisture levels.

  5. My Bath

    Your all ideas in this post are amazing but the ideas which i liked the most is bring in house planting.For freshness in our house the plants are very imporatant.

  6. Luke Smith

    It’s great that you mentioned how home decor should be practical and value-adding to one’s life. The holidays are fast approaching, and my mom wants to redecorate our house with Christmas Santas and wreaths. During the weekend, I’ll make sure to share this article with my mom, so we can decide which type of decorations are affordable and appropriate for our theme this year.

  7. Sakshi

    Very interesting,good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog.your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it.You’re doing a great job.Keep it up.

  8. Oscar Morrison

    I like the idea of utilizing vertical space with things that are important to you, like pictures and display boxes. My wife and I recently moved into our first home and have more space to decorate than we’ve had before. Making part of our living room into decorations that give the wall personality would make us excited to invite guests over.

  9. Traditional Turnings

    Thankyou for sharing the brilliant ideas. With that also in home decoration the wood items also play a important role.Wood decor can provide a classical accent for home decoration or the theme for an entire room. Accent pieces or full wood floors tend to never go out of fashion.

    1. Gundega Vjakse Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. And I definitely agree with you!
      In my opinion, wooden room decor tends to make the space more homely, and lived-in. It’s definitely a great choice of aesthetic if you prefer a more natural look.

  10. Anna Smith

    Love those planters, They can be decorated on window sills in the kitchen or can be decorated outside, at the patio entrance. love your products, they are really creative and more importantly functional

  11. Hannah

    Hello Gundega, Thanks for this information. it is actually helping the designers like me and makes our work very easy. Your blog is my favourite. I got enough information from it.

  12. Shaylee Packer

    You mentioned that creating a gallery wall would take advantage of vertical space. We have a nice long hallway that would be great for this. We have low ceilings, so would focusing on vertical just make them appear even lower? I like the style that this would bring to the home though.

    1. Gundega Vjakse Post author

      Hi, Shaylee!

      Your first step should be understanding what you’re aiming for. If you want to make an illusion that your ceiling is higher than it actually is, go for long, vertical frames, and don’t be afraid of large prints.

      If, however, you want the hallway to look longer, opt for smaller prints—preferably in 1:1 ratio—and use them to create a straight line in the middle of the wall. Leave a little breathing space—have the top and bottom of the wall bare.

  13. Jessica

    I love to grow succulent planters in door. My husband buys me some acrylic and concrete planter pots from time to time; i grow basil and thyme on my kitchen sill and I enjoy to have a way to feel reconnected with city life.
    love your writing style. I had to stop and write a comment because you mentioned planters here. thank you for your ideas.

    1. Gundega Vjakse Post author

      Hi, Jessica!

      Thanks for the kind words!

      I’m especially glad you noticed the planters—they hold such great decor potential, and yet are often wrongfully excluded from interior design. I’m glad to hear your family incorporates them into home decor!

  14. Lucas

    I found your post interesting to read. I cant wait to see your post soon. Good Luck with the upcoming update. This article is really very interesting and effective.

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  16. Ranjana Kaur

    Hey Gundega, thanks for sharing such a great post with the readers. I am very fond of plants so I liked your idea of decorating the table with green plants. Now trending is the Moss plants that can be used to decorate the house and office spaces. Keep sharing such great ideas with the readers.

  17. Rink Agarwal

    Thanks for sharing such incredible design ideas. They are just amazing and very inspiring as well. I am glad that I found your blog while surfing the net for decor ideas as I am planning to renovate my house. I have always been passionate about interior design and you are such an inspiration! Special thanks for sharing the useful information or great ideas.

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Thanks a lot for the kind feedback. We always try to provide our blog audience with useful and inspiring information, so we really appreciate your feedback. 🙂

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey, thank you for the kind feedback! We’re really glad to hear that you found it useful and inspiring. 🙂

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