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Blog / Style & trends / 30 Must-Have Summer Products to Sell Online

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Blog / Style & trends / 30 Must-Have Summer Products to Sell Online

Style & trends

30 Must-Have Summer Products to Sell Online

30 Must-Have Summer Products to Sell Online
Ketlina Sarkisjane 

By Ketlina Sarkisjane 

13 min read

With the summer approaching, people seek to rediscover the joy and adventure this season brings. Whether people are planning vacations, spending more time outside, or revamping their living space, they may need new items to better prepare for it. Which means—it’s the perfect time to renew your online store.

In this post, you’ll find different print-on-demand (POD) trending products that are perfect for summer. Take a look and get inspired to refresh your dropshipping business’ product list.

Summer clothes

A change of seasons requires a wardrobe revision. Which often means saying goodbye to the old stuff. Help your customers to replace the missing pieces by updating your online store with new clothes that go with the summer trends.

1. T-shirts

There is nothing better than a new favorite t-shirt . . . or multiple. They’re a lifesaver in the summer heat—comfortable and easy to style. Choose lightweight and breathable custom t-shirts in fun colors, design them with subtle embroidery, or go all out with a large print.

Check out these t-shirt style options awaiting your designs:

2. Crop tees

Cropped t-shirts are also some of the trending summer products that have to be in every clothing store’s offering. They’re a breezier version of a regular t-shirt, while just as comfy and versatile. Decorating them with an eye-catching design will enhance summer outfits with an effortless and trendy touch. 

Try your designs on:

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3. Tank tops

Another top alternative to include in online stores for the summer season is tank tops. Their sleeveless design makes them lightweight and airy, making them suitable for various occasions. Whether for sports or casual wear paired with denim shorts, a simple tank top with a cool design is a summer staple everyone needs.

Try designing:

4. Long-sleeve shirts

Besides the short-sleeve garments essential for hot summer weather, we can’t forget about cloudy days or breezy evenings. Either a cotton long-sleeve or a cozy sweatshirt—any option with sleeves is a must to include in the list of summer items.

Offer your customers a long-sleeve alternative and decorate them with minimalistic designs or a large text embroidery for added style.

We suggest:

5. Denim Jackets

Another cover-up alternative is denim jackets. A high-quality denim jacket is a timeless staple—necessary in every wardrobe. Even better if designed with vibrant embroidery. They effortlessly complement any aesthetic and serve as an extra layer on cooler summer days.

a woman with her arms upSource: Printful

6. Rash guards

If your store offers specialized garments for sports activities, you might want to add custom rash guards to your catalog. They are fantastic for various water sports activities as they dry fast, prevent skin irritation, and offer sun protection.

Choose between all-over-print rash guards for men, women, youth, and kids that you can customize to your liking. Bright and colorful patterns turn out amazing on these!

7. Kids Clothing

Kids grow out of their clothing too fast. When revising their wardrobes after the long winter months, parents may find that none of their kids’ stuff fits anymore. Whether you’re a boutique specializing in children’s fashion or expanding your product range, offering kids’ summer essentials is always a great idea. It makes the online shopping experience convenient for parents when seeking garments that offer style and comfort.

Come up with stunning designs and try them out on: 

8. Shorts

Shorts are another summer must-have to sell online. They offer comfort on hot summer days and come in various styles catering to different preferences. Whether for enjoying outdoor activities or simply going about day-to-day routines, they’re easy to pair with other clothing, making them a practical choice for any summer wardrobe.

Here are some short options you could offer your customers:

9. Skirts

To switch it up, consider adding skirts to your list of summer products to sell online. Besides looking chic, skirts offer unmatchable breathability during the hot season. You can design them with any print or pattern you imagine, making them suitable for different styles.

For example, if you’re going for an edgy look, try a black-and-white design that can be styled with a leather jacket. But if you’re more into a soft appearance, an All-Over Print Skater Skirt with a floral pattern will look amazing paired with a simple tank and platform sandals.

10. Dresses

A great dress is an essential in every summer wardrobe. It’s an effortlessly chic garment that makes an outfit for different occasions. And who doesn’t want a new dress every summer? For everyday wear or a special summer soirée, adding custom dresses to your online store allows customers to prepare for the warm summer months and all the fun gatherings.

Design tip: According to the print trend forecast, wild growth and vibrant flattened floral patterns are some of the summer fashion trends for 2024.

Try them now on:


Accessories are where the fun begins. Keep reading to discover top-selling summer items that’ll add style to any fit and your online store.

11. Dad caps

A dad cap (aka a baseball hat) is a must-have summer accessory that’s useful for several reasons. Besides being a practical item that protects the head and eyes from the sun, it’s a spring/summer fashion trend that can be styled in multiple ways. Whether worn casually on a camping trip or dressed up with a blazer, a cool cap will benefit everyone during the summer season.

Choose a cool icon embroidery or follow the latest trends and customize a dad cap with the names of popular locations.

Bring your design ideas to life with:

12. Bucket hats

It’s good to have options to choose from. Another hat alternative that’ll add style to any look is bucket hats. They’re the perfect summer product for pool parties, festivals, or any other day spent outdoors. Design them with dainty embroidery and offer this summer must-have in your dropshipping store.

Choose from:

Read also:

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13. Bandanas

Bandanas have to be the most multi-functional accessory out there. They stand out with the multitude of ways to use them, which explains why people shop for them so much. For example, someone might need two identical bandanas to style as a matching headwear and top combo. While others are looking for a chic bag accessory or a cute scarf for their pet.

Adding a bandana to the list of summer products to sell is a way to cater to versatile customer preferences and styles. Design this adaptable accessory with a classic dual-tone paisley pattern, or choose vibrant patterns that’ll add a flair to any summer fit.

14. Scrunchies

Besides providing the practical utility of a regular hair tie, scrunchies can serve as accessories and fashionable summer dropshipping products for your online store. With our all-over print scrunchie, you can choose from vibrant single-tone to entrancing all-over print pattern designs. 

Such summer accessories will add a pop of color to a simple outfit or bring it all together when matched with a coordinated palette. What’s best—our scrunchies are made out of leftover materials from manufacturing other items, ensuring it’s a resource-friendly summer product to offer your customers.

15. Custom Patches

Custom iron-on patches are a great way to personalize and add a unique touch to various summer garments, like jeans, hats, bags, and more. They’re must-have summer products to sell as they not only serve as decorative touches but also practical solutions to refresh last season’s clothes.

To ensure clothing longevity, custom patches can be used to cover stains or holes, therefore maximizing the use of clothing and reducing waste. Win-win!


Bags are another category of top-selling summer products to include in your store. They’re both stylish and practical for a range of occasions. And if one bag isn’t enough—we’ve got options!

16. Fanny packs

If you’re looking for a convenient bag option, a fanny pack is the perfect choice. They’re practical to wear around the waist during different activities, such as walking a dog, jogging, or riding a bike.

The All-over-print Fanny Pack has two zip-up compartments ideal for carrying keys, phone, or other small items. When customized with vibrant prints or fun clipart, a bag like this will be a go-to choice to bring along all the fun summer adventures. 

17. Crossbody Bags

A crossbody bag is another alternative worth including in the list of summer products to sell. Whether worn casually while running errands or dressed elegantly with a white blouse for a summer date, this bag adapts to any style and occasion. With the zip-up compartment and removable strap, it’s a practical yet stylish choice for the summer season.

18. Tote bags

Tote bags are among our summer best-selling products for a reason. Whether going to the beach, picnic, or coming home from a farmer’s market, tote bags are spacious enough to carry all the summer essentials. Besides their practical side, they’re trendy accessories that can elevate any look when decorated with a cool embroidery typography or an all-over print. 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, design our Eco Tote Bag (which also comes in a large version) that’s made out of lightweight organic cotton twill. But if you’re in search of a tote that’s sturdy and durable, choose the All-Over Print Tote that can carry up to 20 kg. 


19. Backpacks

A backpack is another essential to include in the list of summer products to sell online. Made out of water-resistant material, our backpacks are convenient to bring along on summer camping or boating trips to keep the contents dry from splashes or rainstorms. Additionally, they provide a comfortable way to carry weight up to 20 kg, thanks to their padded straps and soft mesh back. 

Create eye-catching patterns for the:

20. Drawstring Bags

Another summer dropshipping product to consider is the all-over-print drawstring bag. Made from a lightweight material, it’s easily portable during summer activities, like going on a hike or an outdoor yoga class. When it’s empty, a drawstring bag can be compactly folded, making it convenient to store away or pack along for travel. 

Swim Gear

No summer can be imagined without swimming or lying around in the sun. And no beach day can be imagined without swim essentials—must-have summer dropshipping products you want to explore.

21. Swimsuits

A stylish swimsuit is a must to include in your catalog. When hot days come more frequently, people are excited to spend time by the water. Whether on beach days or pool parties, a swimsuit that’s comfortable and trendy is a necessity. 

Hop on this seasonal demand and offer your customers different swimsuit styles and designs. A wider range of choices ensures everyone finds a swimsuit they love and feel confident in while engaging in water activities. 

Turn your ideas into stunning designs with our: 

22. Beach Towels

A beach towel is undoubtedly among the top summer products to sell this season. It’s another swim essential used for comfortably lounging in the sand or drying off after swimming. Although mainly serving a practical purpose, a beach towel shouldn’t compromise the aesthetics of an Instagram-worthy beach setup.

Offer your customers the Sublimated Towel with summer-inspired tones or patterns that’ll go with the carefree beach/pool vibe. For an extra touch, offer a choice to personalize a beach towel with the customer’s name.


The summer season requires lighter and more breathable footwear. Here are some summer items to add to your seasonal footwear collection. 

23. Slides and flip flops

Open-toe footwear that’s easy to throw on is in high demand during the summer months. They are ideal for a fun pool party and beach day, but just as convenient for running weekend errands or enjoying summer fun in the backyard. Design them in vibrant colors or tropical patterns to infuse a laid-back vacation mode into any summer look. 

24. Sneakers

A perfect summer shoe alternative suitable for a wide range of summer activities is sneakers. When compared to flip-flops, sneakers offer a more put-together look without compromising comfort.

Made out of breathable materials, there are different sneaker styles available catering to diverse preferences. Either bright neon high-tops or subtle polka-dot slip-ons, include sneakers in the list of summer products to ensure a complete summer look for your customers. 

Here are some shoe options awaiting your alluring designs: 

(all shoe options are available for both men and women)

Here are 10+ custom shoe design ideas for inspiration to get you going.

Home & lifestyle items

During the seasonal shift, it’s just as important to refresh one’s wardrobe as it is to revamp living spaces and lifestyle items. Although the festive flannel patterns were charming for the wintertime, it’s time to infuse some fresh energy into the daily environment with the help of these top-selling summer products. 

25. Pillows & pillowcases

Switching up decorative pillows is an effective way to change the atmosphere in the living space. It’s a quick and affordable change that doesn’t require a lot of effort, however, it brings joy and refreshing energy. To welcome summer vibes, offer pillows or pillowcases with soft florals, or go for abstract designs featuring summer tones. 

Choose from:

26. Table linens

Another way to invite new energy into interiors is by switching up table linens. For example, replacing a Table Runner or Cloth Napkin Set each season is a personal expression tool that creates a feeling of happiness.

Whether for everyday table decor or hosting a special party, summer-themed table linens are an affordable way to set the perfect mood. Design these summer products with geometrical patterns, vibrant fruits, or monochrome florals to cater to different home decor styles. 

27. Mugs

Although drinking coffee or tea is an all-year-round experience, switching up your seasonal mug is a way to embrace the aesthetics each season brings. The White Glossy Mug is one of our bestsellers with a 5-star rating from over 1.5k customers, amazed by the print quality of this item.

If your store has a category of lifestyle items, consider adding various summer-themed mugs to infuse every sip with summer spirit. 

a person holding a mugSource: Lauren Ullrich Art

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28. Glassware

Sometimes, all you miss about summer is an outdoor party with refreshing drinks. To help your customers prepare for the fun summer gatherings, offer custom glassware that’ll enhance any table setting. Design them with bright floral patterns, or go for an uplifting quote. 

Stand out with your designs on the:

29. Water bottles

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially in hot temperatures. Which makes water bottles one of the top summer items to sell during this time. Even better, if they’re made out of stainless steel which helps the water stay cool for a long time. Design different insulated water bottle options with colorful patterns for refreshing hydration on the go. 

Try your designs on: 

30. Phone cases

A phone case for every season. Why not? Besides protecting the phone against cracks and scratches, it can also serve as an accessory that expresses personal style. It’s a great summer product that perfectly blends functionality and style with customizable designs that can adapt to seasonal trends. 

Add to your catalog:

(also available for Samsung® models)

Embrace the summer must-haves!

Hopefully, this list of trending summer dropshipping products gave you some product inspiration you wish to decorate with your stunning designs.

Remember that designing items and adding them to your virtual stock doesn’t cost much. However, offering a wider range of products is a clever way to cater to diverse preferences, ultimately leading to high sales. When choosing between top-selling summer products to add to your store, always consider your target audience and their preferences both in products and designs.

Have fun designing these summer products and preparing your online stores!

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By Ketlina Sarkisjane  on May 20, 2024

Ketlina Sarkisjane 

Guest author

Ketlina is a freelance content writer. She's passionate about digital marketing and has experience working as a social media manager. In her free time, she enjoys going on long walks with her dog while listening to her favorite podcasts. 

Ketlina is a freelance content writer. She's passionate about digital marketing and has experience working as a social media manager. In her free time, she enjoys going on long walks with her dog while listening to her favorite podcasts.