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The Printful Guide to Choosing a Christmas Gift

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Confession time.

I have a bad habit of doing my gift shopping at the very last minute. As a result, I often don’t have the time to come up with a great gift idea. Time pressure isn’t your friend when you want to think of a truly thoughtful gift.

I know there are people like me—that’s why this year, I and the Printful elves have prepared a gift guide with dozens of fun gift ideas for friends, family members, and colleagues. Keep it close to you when shopping for people on your nice list, and the nerve-racking question What to get for Christmas? will never pop up again!

1. What to get a friend

Did you know Christmas gifts for friends is one of the most common search keywords on Google around Christmas? It makes sense—coming up with a meaningful gift idea can be tricky. So have a look at this list of gifts for friends—we’re sure it will be a source of inspiration for you!

Printful infographic: a guide to choosing a gift for a friend

2. What to get a family member

Running out of ideas for a great gift to your dad, sister, or aunt? Then have a look down below for the best Christmas picks this year (but let’s be honest, cozy socks are an awesome gift for any time of the year).

Printful infographic: a guide to choosing gifts for family members

3. What to get a colleague

When you spend 8 hours a day, five days a week with someone, you get to know that person pretty well. Why not get a fun holiday gift for your office buddy? We’re sure they’ll love our gift suggestions, especially when you add your custom design to the gift!

Printful infographic: a guide to choosing a gift for a colleague

4.  Gifts for anyone

Running short on time and ideas for winter holiday gifts? How about a gift card? Surprise someone with a Printful Gift Card and let them choose from more than 250 awesome customizable products!

We hope that the right gift idea has found you. Now there are only two more things to think about. Make sure to order the gift on time so you receive it by December 25 (after all, nobody wants a Christmas gift after Christmas).

When it’s time to wrap the gift, have a look at some beautiful and eco-friendly wrapping ideas. It will be more affordable, sustainable, and will show the recipient that you really made an effort. And isn’t it the Christmas spirit—going the extra mile for those we care about?

Marta is a Content Marketing Specialist at Printful with a background in Social Anthropology. She's passionate about marketing, UX research, and the Oxford comma.


  1. Textile Printer

    Love this infographic! It hilarious. I will certinaly be taking advantage of the colleague secret santa wireframe! thanks for sharing guys, perfect for a man who has left it a bit late and has zero ideas!

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