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Blog / Beginner's handbook / Best Types of Hoodies to Sell Online

Beginner's handbook

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Blog / Beginner's handbook / Best Types of Hoodies to Sell Online

Beginner's handbook

Best Types of Hoodies to Sell Online

Best Types of Hoodies to Sell Online
Paula Scerbinina

By Paula Scerbinina

8 min read

Growing demand for personalized clothing opens up a major opportunity for those who want to start a custom print-on-demand business online.

But what apparel items should you sell? Comfy, casual, and convenient, hoodies are a great choice. To get started, you’ll need to learn about the different types of hoodies out there for you to choose, customize, and sell.

Apart from what your target audience is looking for, type, style, fabric, and fit are the essential elements to consider when selecting the best hoodies for your store. Let’s get into it.

Pullover hoodies

A pullover hoodie represents the all-time classic casual wear most people imagine when they hear the word “hoodie.”

As no-front-closure hooded sweatshirts, they have a drawstring hood that slips over the head. Usually, these hoodies also have a kangaroo pocket. 

Pullover hoodie style

This hooded sweatshirt is the most traditional of all hoodie types. It has a cozy and relaxed fit, bringing comfort and warmth whenever you need it. 

With its thick, snug fabric, it’s the perfect solution for cold weather on those chilly mornings or cool afternoons. 

Because of its versatility and comfort, this hoodie suits almost anywhere—from the gym to a casual night on the town.

You can pair it with different clothing pieces to create diverse looks. For example, combine a hoodie with jeans and sneakers for a streetwear look or layer it with a blazer for a more dressed-up vibe. 

Pullover hoodies typically reach the hips, allowing a good amount of space for creative design ideas. This fact makes the classic pullover hoodie one of the best hoodies for printing.

Plus, this timeless hoodie style appears to a broad audience. From athleisure enthusiasts to fashion-forward individuals, it’s a popular item for customization and online selling.

Printful pullover hoodies

Printful offers a wide range of premium-quality pullover hooded sweatshirts for your online store. Most of them are unisex fits that accommodate both men and women.

However, they differ in elements like fabric, fit, design, and available fulfillment options for printing. For example, some might be interested in choosing a hoodie based on its fabric composition. 

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Cotton-polyester blend hoodies

The first category of hoodies consists of cotton and polyester blends, which ensure extra softness and breathability for everyday wear.

One example is the top-selling super comfy Unisex Premium Hoodie and lighter option—the Unisex Lightweight Hoodie. Both types of hoodies allow for adding a custom inside label.

Another example is the durable, budget-friendly Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie, which provides various color combinations. 

The last option in this category is the Unisex Pullover Hoodie—a fleece hoodie with cuffed sleeves and white drawstrings.

Eco pullover hoodies 

These hoodies are made of a blend of recycled material and organic cotton that doesn’t sacrifice comfort and style.

One of these eco-friendly pieces is the Unisex Eco Raglan Hoodie which boasts an extra soft brushed inside and a raglan sleeve design.

Other hoodies in this category are the Premium Eco Hoodie, which offers inside and outside label patches for branding, the everyday basic Unisex Essential Eco Hoodie, and the classic Unisex Eco Hoodie.


Best hoodies for unique designs 

This third type of hoodie features various specialty fabric blends to achieve specific design effects.

For example, the All-Over Print Unisex Hoodie is the best option for custom all-over print garment designs.

The Champion Tie-Dye Hoodie offers an original tie-dye pattern, making it a fun canvas to create a one-of-a-kind hoodie.

You can achieve similar standout results with the Unisex Pigment-Dyed Hoodie that has a washed-out, vintage look.

For more classic styles, you can go with the Unisex Midweight Hoodie—a mix of cotton and fleece that’s superb for flawless print and embroidery designs.

Zip-up hoodies

Zip-up hooded sweatshirts have a full-zip front closure down the center, making it a convenient and practical option for layering with a t-shirt, long sleeves, or other types of shirts.

Worn either open or closed, this hoodie provides flexibility for different occasions, weather, and activities. 

Zip-up hoodie style

Apart from the zip closure, this hoodie usually features two front pockets and a drawstring hood for added warmth.

Generally, zip-up hoodies are more lightweight than the classic pullover hoodie.

Still, its full-closure feature allows for adjustment to different temperatures so that you can wear it all year round.

Typically more slim-fitting, zip-up hoodies usually create a more streamlined, sporty look. This hoodie style goes well with denim jeans, casual skirts, or even dresses.

Plus, thanks to its functionality and design, you can tailor this hooded sweatshirt to different customer preferences and tap into a specific niche market. 

One way to do that is with different design placements for a customized hoodie. There is plenty of space on the sleeves and back of the hoodie. You can also come up with unique hoodie design placements that’ll make your product stand out.

Printful zip-up hoodies

Similar to pullover hoodies, Printful offers you a wide variety of unisex full-zipper hoodies. You can customize them to your liking and sell them in your online store. 

Basic Zip Hoodie

The Basic Zip Hoodie contains cotton and polyester, making it a comfortable and durable option for cooler weather. 

It has a regular fit and a laid-back hoodie style, with kangaroo pockets and a matching drawstring hood. 

As for fabric weight, the constitution of the Basic Zip Hoodie differs from the fabric of other types of hoodies in this category. It’s lighter than the Unisex Fleece Zip Up Hoodie but heavier than the Unisex Lightweight Zip Hoodie.

This hoodie is an ideal choice for embroidery designs.

Basic Zip Hoodie

 Lightweight Zip Hoodie

The Unisex Lightweight Zip Hoodie combines cotton, polyester, and rayon—a lightweight blend of breathable materials perfect for layering and warmer weather.

Its design offers a slim, not bulky fit with no drawstrings for a sleeker look.

When it comes to customization, the Lightweight Zip Hoodie allows you to remove a tear-away tag and customize the area underneath.

Lightwear Zip Hoodie

Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie

The Unisex Fleece Zip Up Hoodie is a regular fit fleece hoodie that comes with kangaroo pockets and a matching drawstring hood. 

Ideal for cooler weather, this fleece hoodie has a regular fit and ensures added warmth and softness.

What’s more, the smooth surface of the Fleece Zip Up Hoodie guarantees outstanding print quality.

Fleece Zip Up Hoodie

Cropped hoodies

The concept of a cropped hoodie, or a hoodie of a shorter length, emerged from combining the crop top with a hoodie in the early 2000s.

Streetwear-inspired, this hoodie style quickly gained popularity with the rise of athleisure—a fashion trend highlighting the importance of comfort and cool all at once.

And just like that, cropped hoodies became a staple of contemporary fashion that remains in style today.

Cropped hoodie style

This fitted hoodie features a hood with drawstrings, thick, long sleeves, and a cropped bottom that exposes the waistline. Cropped hoodies can also come with zippers.

A cropped hoodie is perfect for layering, warmer weather, or sporty styles. 

Because it’s versatile and not bulky, these hoodies are popular for athletic fits.

Plus, it looks as good with high-waisted jeans and boots as it does with athleisure wear. 

But is this style great for customization and online selling?

On the one hand, its shorter length limits your design area. But this also enables creative design placements that will better highlight your design.

Printful cropped hoodie

When you think about every aspect of a perfect custom-cropped hoodie, Printful’s Women’s Cropped Hoodie checks all the boxes. And the combination of cotton and polyester fabric gives an extra soft feel to the skin. 

Women’s Cropped Hoodie

Thanks to its lightweight fabric, the Women’s Cropped Hoodie ensures a balance between warmth and breathability.

With its relaxed fit and cropped length, this hoodie allows for unrestricted movement, which makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day.

It features an adjustable drawstring hood and a shortened length with a raw hem, giving a more casual streetwear vibe. 

Women s Cropped Hoodie

Hoodie dress

Last but not least on our hoodies list is a unique one—the hoodie dress.

A hooded sweatshirt with an extended length, this piece creates a loose-fit stylish dress (and stands out from other hoodie types).

Hoodie dress style

This clothing item presents a one-of-a-kind fusion of different fashion elements—a more dressed-up aesthetic combined with a casual, athletic style.

The hoodie dress is a warm, no-closure, relaxed-fit item that mixes comfort and style. 

This novel apparel suits diverse climates and seasons, depending on the material, layering, and styling. It pairs well with jeans, fitted athletic pants like leggings or joggers, and even with sheer tights.

Thanks to its versatile functionality and uniqueness, this fashion-forward hoodie appeals to individuals with all different style preferences, including fashion, athleisure, and even streetwear style enthusiasts.

In terms of customization, the hoodie dress provides almost double the space as the classic pullover hoodie. Because of its length, it offers a larger area for creative designs.

Printful’s hoodie dress

Printful’s Hoodie Dress is a versatile option for your online store. It’s available in black and made from premium, high-quality materials. 

Hoodie Dress | Stanley/Stella

A blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester makes this eco-conscious dress soft and comfortable without experiencing heaviness or restrictions.

Designed with a medium-weight fabric, it gives the necessary warmth while ensuring optimal airflow. 

The Hoodie Dress has a loose fit and is accompanied by a front pocket and a drawstring hood with metal embellishments.

Hoodie Dress

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What are the best types of hoodies for your online business?

To summarize, there are many different types of hoodies to sell online. 

While the final choice depends on you and only you, all 4 types of hoodies discussed above are a great canvas for your creative hoodie design ideas to sell online. 

Our last piece of advice: it’s essential to understand your customers’ specific needs, interests, and tastes when picking types of hoodies for your online store.

Whenever you’re ready to start, you can easily design your own custom hoodies with Printful. Let us know if you have any questions about different hoodie styles in the comments! 


By Paula Scerbinina on Aug 9, 2023

Paula Scerbinina

Guest author

A free-spirited creative with a psychology and marketing background, Paula spends her days creating stories for brands and individuals. Her heart belongs to writing, mental health advocacy, and beach volleyball.

A free-spirited creative with a psychology and marketing background, Paula spends her days creating stories for brands and individuals. Her heart belongs to writing, mental health advocacy, and beach volleyball.