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6 Ways to Make

6 Ways to Make "Made in America" Part of Your Brand

The words “Made in America” are typically associated with durability, great quality, and good for the economy. If you’re selling US-made products, you’re also ensuring that they’re produced under United States manufacturing regulations. That assurance is good for business, and you want to make the best of the marketing opportunities.  We're in favor of producing closer to the end customer. Aside from benefitting local economies, shorter distances between production and the end customer means less emissions. That’s why we ship products to US-based customers from our fulfillment centers within the US. We also offer a wide selection of products that are made partly or exclusively in America. We’re proud of our lineup and think you should be too, especially when you choose products that are both manufactured and printed close to your customers. To make your shoppers see the benefits of investing in domestically-manufactured products, you want to weave these selling points into your content and marketing campaigns.

Dec 1, 2022


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